BOOK: For children on a special life Astrid Lindgrenov

Leave the children alone, but stay close in case they need it.
Astrid Lindgrenov in an interview in the spring of 1949

I do not work in Albatros and you see, I am still speculating here about beer, how many children will be born in this country today (Pilaem illustrated) biography Vclava tvrtka.

It occurred to me because the joint-stock company Presco Group Astrid Lindgrenov of the publisher Agnès-Margrethe Bjorvandov launched an esk translation of the biography strings that day, the book is not intended for adults. At least the first pat dtem.

For adults, the biography of Astrid Lindgrenov by Margareta Strmstedt (Albatros 2006) has been published, as has the book Agnès; but everything from various lines, interviews, book prefaces, and even TV shows and movies. Last but not least, Astridina’s notes, articles, diaries, letters, manuscripts and discussion papers. And so of the book Astrid Lindgrenov said (Stockholm, 1972).

The result is seventy chapters of metallurgical biography, in which the positive as well as positive properties of a single genil have emerged; And then it occurred to me: Is this any way to build Astrid Lindgren shaved like that on the woods and corner in front of the innocent recipients of her great books? And I don’t think so. Work is a thing and the doer is a person, and this creature has often sacrificed even the principles which the first children should not despise because of need. But yes, yes; Lindgren’s life lived – quite a bit – a basic life, however, lots of consistent tracking and don’t sell such a life as a tearful syllable and timeline, I don’t like that.

It’s just that the text doesn’t warrant special illustrations by Lisa Aisato Njie Solbergov, which are really only from photos by Bjorn Berg, Ilon Wiklandov and Ingrid Vang Nymanov.

The mother of the future writer fascinated her future husband Samuel in 1888, when he was only a tinct; I was only nine years old. Sam Ericsson fell in love with them – and they married in 1905. A year later their son was born in the apple trees of Ns Farm (on the outskirts of Vimmerby) and was named Gunnar. The good guy didn’t know he would one day become a foreshadowing of Lasse Dt of Bullerbyn.

A year later (1907) Astrid drank to the world and later two of her sisters left. The children also represented the wheels and the work, but otherwise the only game full of baptism and love of the peoples. At the same time, the specific Astrid usually remembers the perfect mass production farm.

A thick but hollow tree which they climbed climbed around the house, and it was the model for the later Pippin tree loam. Or the elder Gunnar brought his siblings to the so-called pdn se. We also know that from one chapter Pee. Where the kids played inside the house (including Pippin) Not even on the ground Astrid Obas was balancing on a stee. Even maybe just a dream of a house with a squirting horse is written by the writer of an American comedy film, as well as figure skating scrubbing the floor through cards on the bleachers.

Astrid had a bike riding around the stupid house, and lo and behold, she was inside. kali j Madynka, her real name was Anna-Marie and the two were friends. Immortal… and for life. Madynka first carefully taught Astrid how to defend herself and how to play.

It wasn’t until her childhood died that Astrid also found in her twelve that she couldn’t be played; and she filled the void with a searing burn. Somewhat similar to ours, Jaroslav Foglar (he had a peer born in the same year) did not want to grow up and, like him, did not grow much (he remained only 167 centimeters).

As early as 1921, Astrid published the first short story, in which two rats are buried, and since then she has worked for the local day Wimmerby Tidning. With the editor Reinhold Blomberg, also surrounded by a family and aged thirty, he soon married a son and was named Lars. He was born here in secret, and the boy was born (in 1926) and in Copenhagen, where he stayed. U pstounky. As a result, he spoke only in Danish.

Astrid Lindgrenov wrote a dal and dal report and at the age of seventeen she visited the famous writer Ellen Key (1849-1936). The first thing about his house was that my idea had stood still, that we should try to remake ourselves again and again as a life.

In 1928 she started working at the Stockholm Krlovsk Automobile Club and her wife was Sture Lindgren. And she did not love him, as she later admitted, after these years they got married, and in 1934 Karin was born. Come here so I can kick the duo out, Astrid congratulated me and Lars when she wanted to hug them.

For wolves, she worked as a censor for the military intelligence service, and in 1941, in Stockholm’s Vasala Park at 46 Dalagatan Street, from where she did not move to death (and therefore not for more than a year). year).

And the first year in 1941, when it looked like Europe would be rotten forever under the Astronomical Clock, became Astrid Lindgren’s snap. Karin dreamed of the name Pipi Dlouho punocha, and her mother had to tell about the girl of the same name and the beloved daughter of her friend. The stories were written, Karin brought them to their destination, and the reworked 1945 version won the Rabn and Sjgren publishing house.

Probably not to anger his son, the first book on Kalle Blomkvist (1946) followed, and the first Dt of Bullerbyn (1947). It was a little late, but the dark rocket was carrying large letters. I was thirty years old.

Astrida’s husband died in 1952 – at the age of just 53, and I don’t know if the following information would make you feel unworthy of Pipi, but in 1952 the article was also published. My best day. It’s black, you astride. There is silence in the house. Telephone Jr. I take a sip of milk, drink a newspaper, then go back to bed, get a shorthand pad, etc.

She wrote a screenplay to capture my thoughts at full speed, with a slower pace, and her biography, aimed at children, also had the problems of 1954-1955, when she tried unsuccessfully to drive a car. She resigned after the demolition. They probably looked like the one in Rudolf Hrunski’s movie Village centers m and like Brabury (actually plenty) she preferred to cycle.

She didn’t even ski. On the other hand, even as a dma star she climbed in vtv and not so long before the end of her life soared above Stockholm in koi balnu.

But life didn’t just increase. In 1961, she lost her mother and began to return to her childhood in reverie. In 1965, accordingly, she entered the upstairs of her native country house as much as she had done in 1910, and when she drank there, she slept in the bed of her old town. Even as a daughter, she fell asleep next to her father every other day and always considered it the safest position. He was born in 1969 in a retirement home, he was 94 years old.

He let the dead follow and in 1973 she freed Heart Lv Brothers. This book, which to some extent endorses suicide, was inspired by the ancient grave of two brothers in the Vimmerby cemetery (Lingrenov demolished the cemeteries), but in one of the pbhu brothers saw the writing of his beloved Gunnar. He fell ill and died a year later. He was 67 years old.

In 1976, Astrid Lindgren published an article on tax evasion and, as a result, lost this social democracy for the first time in 44 years of elections.

In addition, thanks to the Lindgrens, the village became the first country in 1979 to take action against children.

In 1986, his son died at the age of fifty-nine. After her death in 2002, the widow’s entire royal family attended the Storkyrkan Funeral Church in Stockholm. At the time this was happening, there were maybe a hundred thousand people on the streets.

Astrid is next to her brother in Vimmerby and a few steps from her lifelong friend Madynka. Plus, they agreed to strait between the graves after death!

In 1958, she won Hans Christian Andersen Awardthe best known at the time in the field of children’s literature, and in 1967 it was introduced by the publishing house Astrid Lindgrenov Prize. In 1988, she also received an award for her childhood photography, and when she was in her nineteenth year, the Crown Princess named her Person of the Year (1997).

In the areas of children’s literature, it is the most important Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Also, in 1981, the first of the changes to the buildings in Astrid’s books was built in Vimmerby, and the foundations of the day park were laid unfinished. Svt Astrid Lindgrenov.

In his birthplace you will find a museum and he built in his apartment in Stockholm (2015).

The Astrid Lindgrenov Archive when visiting Stockholm, go to the Krlovsk Library and you will not forget that in 1996 another museum called was also opened. summer wreckshe wrote a genil for the train for her train, then loaded it herself.

She’s written a hundred books, not movies and games. She also texted the songs and gradually received some five thousand fan letters. His books are peloeny with nearly a hundred languages ​​in stock from several hundred million impressions…

At work on the book Astrid Lindgrenov the author also spoke with Astrida’s daughter, Karin Nymanová, and with her grandchildren Annice Lindgren and Mallin Billing.

Agnes-Margrethe Bjorvandov: Astrid Lindgrenov. Illustration by Lisa Aisato. Original translation (2015) by Kateina Kritfkov. Published by Presco Group under the logo of Ella and Max. Prague 2018. 108 pages. ISBN 978-80-88276-14-2

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