Why are young people absent? Did covid, laziness and the desire to sit in front of the computer beat her?

Volleyball TJ Bižuterie – Jaroslav Novák:

“It’s more complicated, the youth is missing, the girls are pretty cool, but because of the non-conceptual work of the city, they dissolve in many sports in Jbc, and the “quality” lags behind. The city should identify priority sports, where sports also take place at city-owned sports venues And the city should support that, not less subsidies, but more discount on rents For boys, about 75% of girls and 25% of the boys come to a recruitment.It is also not fair that the children of the Jablonec club and, for example, a football group of adults from another city or, for example, a boarding house , play sports for the same price in MH. In the friendly Bautzen, the children train for free on the city’s sports grounds. Now I play in Nymburk and there they have designated priority sports and local children train for less rent than the au very.

Ski TJ Bižuterie – Aleš Cholenský:

There is a lack of youth in skiing and especially in ski cross. I see several reasons for this:

1) the financial demands of this sport, but not as much as alpine skiing

2) The great rivalry of alpine skiing, they built it for skicross to ride the apostates of alpine. And skicross is a much bigger adrenaline rush and it’s a more appealing sport.

3) Parents and the investment of time in their children. The vast majority of parents do this by enrolling their children in sports clubs and doing nothing more. At the same time, supporting parents and families is the basis of all success.

4) Last but not least, the devastation lies in phones, computers and tablets

5) coaches and access to loads, sports under the age of about 13-15 should be fun and not the need to perform above the standard of top athletes.

Gymnasium unit Sokol Jablonec – Sports center: gymnastics

Jitka Šťovíčkova

“After the covid period, our membership base has shrunk considerably and many children have not returned to the gymnasium. If we talk about youth, then they are really very poorly represented in modern gymnastics in the Jablonec sections. We are also at the struggles with the staffing of the ministry. This year we have noticed a great interest of little girls in modern gymnastics, and the preparatory department has nearly 30 children. We draw the section in many ways. The preparation was complicated at the fall by frequent quarantines of competitors and their resulting reduced immunity and increased morbidity. Despite everything, we managed to prepare at least the older ones for the Czech championships in the fall and win medals. But the most precious thing for us is that we can play sports again and meet in the gym.

HC Vlci – Tomas Kubin

“Fortunately, we haven’t noticed a problem with the decline in interest in youth sports, even after the covid blackout, during which distance training for HC Vlci members continued online, and the quasi- all of the children then returned to the classic training process. We are convinced that this is due to the good work of the management of HC Vlci and the well-established philosophy of the club, in which the support of young people is one of the factors the most important. The youngest children’s first steps on the ice, through comprehensive youth categories for the transition to seniors, all contain unique concepts for the development of young hockey players JHS (Jablonec Hockey System), whose author is the head youth coach and methodologist of the club Jan Šuráň.small children can play sports on their own, so a lot of work is done by the club management in the organi station of recruitment and promotion events, addressed An important part of the club concept is also the skating school, which we organize free of charge for children from 4 to 9 years old every Saturday and Sunday morning. After gaining their first experience on the ice, children have the opportunity to participate in our training process and become part of the “Wolf Pack”.

FC Pencin – Jaroslav Strnad

There is no shortage of youth in Pěnčín, although it is going through some waves, at this moment we are again entering a phase where the wave is rising. In my 20+ year job, we’ve always had at least one team in a competition. I, Mr. Ivan Matějček and Mr. Lang Sr., gradually dealt with the youth, then came the era of Eda Brečka, who led the students for many years. Youth is currently a problem for every village, but also for small towns. Fewer children are offered a large number of different activities. Of course, a big part of the fact that there are few young people is that there are few coaches, and no wonder, today everyone has something to brag about and the time is not lost, training is not only about standing on the pitch, but it is also about education, lessons, etc. We now hope in Pěnčín that the wave will rise again, mainly due to the fact that local coaches Mirek Lang and Pavel Kurfiřt have taken over and give it their maximum, including added value, when choosing children directly from the school group. Adam Pelta, who began to deal intensively with this topic in our club, also gave some direction.

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