When you feel bare spots in your hair. How to live with alopecia?

A joke that would Jada Pinkett Smith could play the next GI Jane, is of course irrelevant. However, the reference to the 1997 film, in which Demi Moore shaves her head, and speculation as to whether the host was misinformed, also underscores that trendy cut where doho hairstyle is currently absolutely legitimate choice of a womanhow to style your hair without having to suffer from a health problem. But the actress has a medical condition, and anyone who’s ever encountered alopecia in person knows how. extremely mentally demanding Hooray.

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I know that too, even though I didn’t have a razor at the end. However, nine years ago, the disease frightened me so much that I would never have fun at the expense of the handicapped person. You regularly run your hand through your hair and suddenly something is different. I had to touch the place several times to see if my brain was crazy. It’s really there. And wait, here too! Two places the size of fifty crowns in the middle of my already thinned block are completely bare. Smooth as the skin of the forehead, you wouldn’t feel a hair there. how did this happen to me? And when?

Will I be bald?

Eventually I felt another hairless protrusion on my back and completely freaked out. I remember standing in the room in the dark crying that this wasn’t normal. Something is wrong with me. I will be bald. I was twenty-nine, my six-month-old daughter was sleeping in my crib, I hadn’t lost all my birth weight and hadn’t come to terms with my mother’s new identity, and now I was facing a problem that I hadn’t heard of until then. Of course, your hair falls out after childbirth, but you have a small corner evenly and maximally. It was different.

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Of course, I googled before booking at Vinohrady Hospital Healthy Hair Center. Alopecia areata or focal alopecia, the reason for its origin is unclear. Probably autoimmunity, but maybe also the thyroid gland, inflammation in the body or stress, the hidden cause of everything. It could play a role in my case. The pregnancy was not standard, because of the placenta I faced several more or less unfavorable diagnoses and for the first time I experienced the greatest fear in the world: the fear of a child. In order for my daughter not to come into the world like a bundle of nerves, and to not drive myself crazy, I needed to reconnect and believe that it would be okay. And it turned out. Only my body saved the stress.

When I walked into the Healthy Hair Center’s office, a beautiful young doctor with such a rich body sat across from me that I had to smile, how ironic. When she asked me how much hair I had left on my pillow per day, and I answered her, she laughed with the kindness of Rudolf Hrušínský, the film’s doctor. The village has a resortwhich he also has. I applied a corticosteroid ointment and warned, not to exaggerate, that unfortunately the skin gets used to it quickly. She couldn’t hurt much less and give me corticosteroids. The stress is overcoming and the problem would not help.

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At home, I put the ointment on the shelf…and that’s where my story surprisingly ends. To this day, it’s a mystery to me how I succeeded, but I was able to completely move the bare fifty crowns on my head. All I needed was a placebo in the form of an unopened ointment that worked on my psyche. Within a month I was fumbling again and my hair was back! Moreover, as if nothing had happened, they had to grow extremely fast. I don’t want to give anyone false hope, but maybe this will calm you down after you’ve made a total decision by finding out what actually helps alopecia. Peace is a good ally. And also an overview.

Hairless set

“Digging through my boys’ hair, I was hoping it would last until their wedding to get some great photos.” screenwriter Tereza Drahoňovská (now Čechová), who wrote about her experience with alopecia in a beautiful comic, ironically votes Bald (illustrated by Štěpánka Jislová). Tereza’s hair suddenly started falling out in 2016 while vacationing in Iceland, and within two months she had to wear hats. She was soon depressed by trivialities, such as having a citizen’s picture taken.

In the comic, she authentically and internally describes how she coped with hair loss (“I was convinced that alopecia told me to start living differently.”) and its immediate surroundings (“And that’s what all your hair looks like?”). It does not miss martyrdom with the search for a solution – from phototherapy to expensive vitamins to wigs. The author thinks about how much all this costs (fifty thousand) and what she could buy for it (herd of sheep). At the same time, he appeals to the battle of his age-old inner saboteur of his own satisfaction: perfectionism.

Tereza went through everything gradually universal alopecia accompanied by – the loss of all hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows, and being unfamiliar to him automatically considered cancer. The comic ends with a psychotherapeutic realization that the author tends to hide his emotions and suppress any bodily manifestations of stress. And also finding out that she’s actually quite used to her baldness. Although… “I may have done with it, but I’m still sad when I look at old photos. Every time I think about it, I find one thing. Alopecia is a very crash course in development.”

Booking advice Tereza Drahoňovská’s comic Hairless is a self-confidence bible for big girls, but what about little ones? On the shelves of Czech bookstores you will also find the book Princess without Hair (written by Sabrina D. Harris), in which the main heroine is deprived of her witch hair. The way he deals with this reflects the situations experienced by children with alopecia or cancer treatment.

By the way, if Tereza’s maiden name sounds familiar to you, you probably know her brother too. Tomáš Drahoňovský, a former face of Czech television, now a spokesperson for Plzeňský Prazdroj. He confided on Twitter in early February that alopecia had also affected him. “Only 10% of people with universal hair recover. Moreover, many of them only get them temporarily. This is an opportunity to focus on the inside rather than the outside. Esprit rather than Instagram. The fact that I am well is a great merit of my sister Tereza. I saw where I was going and found that it would only change me for the better. »

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