War in Ukraine: Rescuer from Pardubice describes rescue missions

Pardubice’s first volunteer paramedic left for Lviv, Ukraine on March 3. “We found in the media and with local contacts that we can help with this. When my colleagues and I started preparing to leave, they contacted us with a request to transport the girl to Kyiv,” tells for Lightning Doucha. Eventually, the girl was transported by the mine rescue service.

But then there were a few more requests for help. “So we went there, there are an incredible number of mothers with children who need help. We go there all the time, thinking that we will take a few, “ he added, adding that they were currently on the ninth route. On Monday morning they returned from the last to Lviv. “For now, we plan to travel to Ukraine for as long as necessary.”

They transport seriously injured

They have about 750 kilometers from Pardubice to Ukraine. So far they finance everything by themselves, but they managed to get some sponsors. “We are already cooperating with hospitals and humanitarian centers on the spot. First we need to identify a patient who can manage the trip and if he really needs it.” recount.

In addition, the whole country faces an extreme shortage of medical supplies. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. When we select a patient to whom we have to give medicine during the trip, we have to organize it ourselves. It is very difficult there”, says Doucha, noting that not everyone can handle the trip. But he still tries to bring the material.

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Moms beg for food for the children

The journey is very difficult for all rescuers, both mentally and physically. “We manage to take turns on the road, we now have a few new volunteers. But these trips are very exhausting. A ride goes out for up to 35 hours,” describes the complexity of their volunteer work.

“It’s very difficult mentally. When you arrive at the station at the station and there are mothers with children staying there and one of them pulls you by the sleeve, if you don’t you don’t have food for this child, it’s really complicated. Or when we transport these people, they show us photos of their destroyed houses. It’s a war, what I mean, I only learned of it. ‘during these journeys’, adds in an interview.

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Thanks very much

At the end Doucha asked for a thank you for a young Ukrainian woman who joined his team. This is Olen Izmail. “I want to thank her very much, she is from Lviv and studied in the Czech Republic. At the moment she is helping us as a coordinator, she is incredibly capable and practical. We really appreciate her help, “ praises the girl.

He admits that without her, they couldn’t do as much as they have so far. “He can communicate with hospitals and state administration. You can see that she cares about her country and her people. This girl deserves a huge thank you,” adds.

The girl is currently in the Czech Republic, where they managed to evacuate her. In addition to her night work, the young Ukrainian helps the Localization Rescuers in Pardubice. “Originally, we contacted her as an interpreter. My Russian is quite weak and we called her that night. At noon, she ran out of the barracks and started to help, “ Doucha ends.

The Russians withdraw from the Chernobyl power plant and move towards Belarus, confirmed the Ukrainian energy company Enerhoatom. A small number of soldiers remain.

The United States today announced a new round of sanctions against Russia for its attack on Ukraine. The new sanctions target Russia’s tech sector, including Russia’s largest semiconductor maker, Mikron. According to the US Treasury Department, the purpose of the new measures is, among other things, to prevent possible circumvention of existing US sanctions.

The software company SAP has created a recruitment program for refugees from Ukraine, in which it wants to hire 185 skilled workers in the Czech Republic alone. The position will also be offered at agencies in Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Slovakia.. Open positions include software engineering, sales, sales promotion, consulting, human resources or finance. The company announced this in a press release.

As part of this program, SAP launched a website with job offers for refugees from Ukraine. They will find answers to frequently asked questions and the possibility to register if you are interested in a job without having to provide all the relevant documents, thus speeding up the recruitment process.

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