Vémola reacts curtly to Kincla: The little fat should shut up

Octagon MMA recently announced that it is preparing for its first major tournament in Germany. And he will not miss Carlos Vémola, who will start a duel in Frankfurt in the semi-heavyweight division, a weight higher than that in which he held the title of champion last year. Current middleweight champion Patrik Kincl was amazed. “I’m going to beat this guy anytime, anywhere, but when I’m ready,” Vémola replies.

Karlos Vémola is due to return to the event on May 21. But he will not appear in the cage, but in the ring.

“I’m going to the O2 arena for my match with Marp,” Terminator says from practice. “Yes, as you have seen, I am going to a match in Germany, I cannot miss it when the Octagon goes to Germany for the first time. The preparation will of course be difficult, as soon as I have boxing i have an MMA match in a fortnight but i love it so much anyone who knows me knows i love being under pressure, i love bursting out so thats exactly what i want. Still in the team.”

The well-known drummer will fight in MMA again on June 4 at the first Oktagon tournament in Germany. The match will take place in a light heavyweight, that is, up to 93 kilograms. Vémola does not want to lose weight twice in a row in such a short time to the limit of 84 kilograms (duel with Marpa).

“How’s my hand?” Wait, she’s pretty good at giving these games. I must knock on wood for now, I hope it will continue like this. There is no limit to why I shouldn’t enter the O2 arena,” praises Terminator.

It is said that it has not yet been decided who will be his opponent in the cage. “I don’t care, ideally if it’s a German. I’m happy to be part of this Octagon project that Ondra (Novotný) and Pal (Neruda) will have me, so I’m ready to join. But at ninety-three, because I will not fall twice before eighty-four.”

Current middleweight champion Patrik Kincl, who called it an ‘evasive maneuver’, also reacted to the news that Vémola will play at light heavyweight, believing that Viktor Pest, transferred to the American team from PFL , is no longer the leader of the light heavyweight division. “It was a checkmate, Viktor was a ninety-three champion, who Karel didn’t want to go with for a long time, I’m in high school, he had nowhere to go. So there’s a escape from the semi-hard”, commented Kincl.

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And the Terminator reacts vigorously: “What do I say to Kincl’s declaration that I avoid wrestling with him? I only heard that since the direction of the Octagon, I am not really Kincla, I really don’t care. I don’t know why I should focus on someone that I’ve already beaten once,” says Vémola. “I think after the last time he produced at the O2 arena (a duel with Samuel “Pirate” Krištofič), he really should shut up, because he really is a little fat seventy-seven. And eighty-four just can’t breathe. It was a disaster that he executed there. Of course, I’m not avoiding this game. I agreed with Ondra (Novotný), sooner or later. He has my title, I will come back for him.”

Vémola vs Odveta Kincl has long been interested in a large number of fans, so it is a highly anticipated clash, but it will no longer be clear.

“I beat him once, I’ll beat him a second time. I’ve just had so many health issues right now that it’s completely unrealistic for me to drop to eighty-four twice in a row. So for me, ninety-three is optimal now,” the fighter explains. “Then at the end of the year, or when I’m as healthy as I need to be, I’ll go for title four. -twenty four.”

However, Vémola mentions that he would easily fight Kincl on June 4 in Frankfurt, but in the upperweight division.

“Little fat man, if he wants, he can easily come to ninety-three in Germany. I’m definitely not avoiding him. I’m going to beat this guy anytime, anywhere, but when I’m ready. And not when he’s screaming. I’m not interested in his bullshit at all,” the warrior takes no towels. “He has my belt, let me enjoy it for now, of course I will come and get it, but due to the health problems I had, I agreed with Ondra that I would fall into my eighties. -four now in May (boxing match with Marp), and then I’ll move up to lightweight in MMA,” the 36-year-old fighter repeats.

Vémola was a middleweight champion, but on March 27, 2021, he lost his belt as he failed to reach the weight limit before the winning match with Slovak rival Milan Ďatelinka. Kincl currently holds the division title, while the Pest belt currently has no owner.

“I’m really looking forward to returning to the Octagon when I give my first live attitude knockout in May. And then I’m going to show up in Germany and then in Štvanice. Who knows who Ondra will give me, but I have a clear plan, so I’m really looking forward to it. Oss!”, adds Vémola.

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