Střekov was close to extinction! Now he wants to breathe again thanks to the idols

Rudolf Vošahlík is one of the players who came to the club this winter. He played for Střekov, he is not indifferent to his fate. But he was disappointed by the reactions of those around him.

“The reactions are not really positive. Sometimes it occurs to me that some people want us. But that’s with everything and everywhere,” says the player who last worked at Svádov. Moreover, Střekov is preparing for a heavy derby against Neštěmice this weekend. “We will be happy for every fan who supports us,” he said.

Rudo, why did you decide to return to Střekov?
The main reason was probably the relationship with the Strekov club where I played the best years of football and of all the clubs it was the one that grew the most in my heart. I honestly didn’t think I would ever come back to Osada, I was quite satisfied in Svádov.

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So you must have observed increasingly poor spraying results.
It’s like that. Especially last year’s unfinished and this year’s season was difficult for me, I started to wonder why that was the case and I decided to come back, because I just didn’t want the watch passively. When I agreed to a transfer, I took the plunge and started calling all sorts of boys intensely, both former Střekov players and boys who, for example, are not currently playing anywhere. We tried to entice them into a sporting challenge – an attempt to save a beleaguered club that makes no sense. Unfortunately, I failed, apparently no one believed in it.

However, it was from Svádov that some players transferred, right?
Three other boys came, which I liked. I just want to point out that I didn’t instigate anyone from Svádov to transfer. It was their free choice.

What were Svádov’s reactions after several footballers from his ranks approached Střekov?
Diverse. Someone got it, someone even thanked me for the years they dug up, and someone took it the wrong way, and I believe in case of a friend, he would do it to me to know. It was a difficult decision for me personally, which I thought about for a long time. However, with the context of the events of what is happening in the world, it is ultimately a commonplace.

Střekov is going through really tough times and former club boss Ivo Zika recently passed away.
The death of longtime chairman and father of the club, Ivo Zika, was a famous tongue-in-cheek. Few people know that football in Střekov was really very close to total extinction.

You mean merging with the second league Ústí army, right?
Various projects were conceived here, in particular the cooperation with the army, when Střekov was to become the reserve team of the second league Ústí nad Labem and teenagers were to play here. Some started coming, but not the best. Local players were late, or they were told they weren’t expected and could come to SKP Sever Ústí nad Labem. However, the incoming teenagers had no relationship with the club and gradually left, including the coaches. So he finished a big project and suddenly he had no one to play for Osada. Before his death, Mr. Zika managed to rewrite the club to local idols, who more or less saved the club at five and entered the IA class, why? While next year there will be a regional competition in Osada and it’s time to have quality players. Many thanks to them for this!

You gave a lot of hope to the first games of the spring, unfortunately they didn’t work out for you at all. Why?
I painted a very optimistic scenario, where after three rounds we will have at least six points, because we played with the teams directly above us. I really believed him, I wanted to drive him crazy, drive him away, but rather the statement from the gallery that it was very stupid was confirmed. The reason is simple – quality. We had a decent line-up on paper for example, but we would all be five years younger and we would have to train three times a week. But it’s a utopia these days. On the other hand, we must thank all the boys who start. They don’t do it to brag about having played in AI class. They play here to save football here and the competition is over. They allow the new management to buy time to seek sponsors and players for the years to come. They endure debacles and ridiculous weekly highs, and they start anyway. We don’t even have a coach, leader, sponsor, no one wants to tarnish their name. I have to tell the boys that they participate voluntarily. It may be true that it is unworthy for the regional competition, but I believe that this winter Střekov is bouncing back from the bottom of football.

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What will be next? Rescue is de facto a utopia.
Reality put up a mirror for me and took off my rose-colored glasses. We have now reconsidered our goals. At least in some matches we want to have fun with football, score as few goals as possible and of course try to start scoring. For the summer we have a promise of returning a few more players and I believe both the coach and the people running the club we would like to create a competitive club that works. We’ll see how good that will be in Class I. I’m an optimist. We would certainly welcome the introduction of youngsters, as there is now only one full adult in the colony. I even have a fan-updated 40-year-old recording of Střekov’s anthem. The new arrangement and vocals will be provided by musician Martin Ketner from Strekov. When everything goes well, at the start of the new season, they will come to the game with us and the representatives of Fešáky. It would be great to organize a tournament in the summer, like the Ivo Zika Memorial. For example, with an accompanying program for the inhabitants to find their way to the playground and have fun with us and the children.

How do you perceive the reactions of the fans and the environment, which are generally not positive?
The reactions are really not positive. Sometimes it occurs to me that some people wish us. But it is with everything and everywhere. No one outside knows that the club is saved by the players themselves and they even subsidize the running of the whole club with their money. Someone just doesn’t do that. If a player asks us how much he earns for a game, he’s out of luck. That’s not how it will work here. I have already heard the opinions that we came from Svádov as world champions, provided that we start rolling immediately and get thirty points. This is ridiculous, and who knows this information knows nothing. Of course, we want to win games, but instead we came to lose on purpose. We certainly didn’t get “better” than anyone might think. In fact, I don’t understand how anyone can think that.

Well, it looks like Střekov’s future isn’t bleak.
Střekov is perhaps the worst. There are still a few skeletons in the closet, but maybe it’ll all flatten out soon and start with a clean shield.

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