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In the political corridor in March, the presidents of the political clubs of the Prague city council answered a question about aid for refugees from Ukraine. Only the envious discussion provoked the help of the city, for example, in the form of a waiver of Prague public transport fares or in the form of admission to the zoo for a crown upon presentation of a Ukrainian document . How do the representatives perceive the extent of the assistance provided by Prague to the refugees from Ukraine? Is this sufficient or should it be adapted?

Question: How do you perceive the extent of assistance that Prague provides to Ukrainian refugees? Is this sufficient or should it be adapted?

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Thursday, March 17, 2022, 7:00 a.m.Politics

The leadership in Prague is unable to help the refugees, according to the opposition.  The boletus refutes it

The Prague ODS sent a press release to journalists, in which it wrote that the municipal leadership did not deal with the situation that arose in Prague in connection with the arrival of Ukrainian war refugees. According to the opposition ODS, the steps taken by the municipality are chaotic and…

Jan Čižinský (Prague himself)

In Ukraine, women and men are fighting for their homeland, but also for us and for our freedom. We can and must help them by providing weapons and humanitarian aid, but also by being and being accommodating to their wives, children and families. The refugees who left their homes before the Russian aggression must have the same duties and the same rights as the people of Prague. It’s perfectly fine to have a few weeks of time to adjust to the new situation, and it’s completely normal that our state and our city support and will support the refugees from Ukraine just as much as any Prague who needs help. And we make sure it does.

Ondrej Prokop (YES)

The city’s neighborhoods are trying to take care of the refugees, but they lack energy. After the calls from the mayors and the requests to the mayor of Hřib, I think the help from the city will also improve. Prague has sufficient financial resources and cannot leave the mayors there. I also lack a longer-term plan for how the coalition wants to deal with the crisis. But it really bothers me that the mayor keeps making life more expensive in Prague, instead of thinking that they should be relieved if the government does not make any effort to mitigate the effects of the sharp increase in housing prices and the the food. The people of Prague are losing weight, they are in danger and they have nowhere to go. This is the reality, and if the coalition does nothing and continues to deny our proposals, the solidarity of the citizens with the refugees will disappear. Single mothers, the elderly and other poor people will blame politicians for not finding them free housing and services. Exactly. And these are certainly not just “gifts” to the zoo for Ukrainians. They must help everyone, no matter where they were born. And the government and the Prague coalition are completely forgetting our fellow citizens in this crisis.

Pavel Richter (TOP 09 and STAN – United Forces for Prague)

We are living in a situation that no one believed we would be in. I perceive the great solidarity and efforts from all sides to help the struggling Ukraine and, above all, the specific people. I don’t feel these negative voices in my social environment. I can imagine that they exist, but their number is significantly lower than it seems in the media. Unfortunately, as always, the media believe they need conflict and confrontation for their reading. Specifically, Prague approves real measures and assistance to virtually all Councils or Councils. It is clear that the situation will not be resolved quickly and it is clear from the measures taken so far that Prague will continue to do everything possible to overcome this difficult ordeal.

Zdenek Zajicek (ODS)

Above all, aid must be coordinated. As much on the side of the city, of the districts of the city as on the side of the central authorities, that is to say the crisis cell, the government and the Parliament. We have to realize that the refugees who come here and stay in the territory of the capital Prague probably do not stay here for several weeks or months, but rather for years. The solution must therefore be found not in the short term, which is an acute help, but in the medium-long term. We should also know what needs to be changed in the legislative field. We might need some changes in the law, for example in the area of ​​housing construction or school infrastructure. Such changes must free up the possibilities of our newcomer care while meeting the other needs of our citizens. In the long term, it is not possible to solve the housing situation or the capacity of schools at the expense of the natives of Prague. You just have to find a way to “fit in” together.

Viktor Mahrik (Pirates)

Prague helps refugees as much as possible. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Regional Assistance Center has supported around 51,000 refugees in Ukraine and found accommodation for around 4,000 of them. The refugees came to us with a minimum of things and practically no money, so Prague offers them the possibility of using free public transport, for example. I believe this can be a great help for people who have come to us with virtually no resources.

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