Polish referee between Pilsen and Slavia will be whistled by Polish referee Raczkowski

Prague – Sunday’s successful 27th round of Premier League football between Pilsen and Slavia will be conducted by Polish referees led by principal Paweł Raczkowski. The FACR jury announced it on Twitter. The assistants will be Radoslaw Siejka and Adam Kupsik, the video judge will be Piotr Lasyk and his assistant will be the Czech judge Pavel Orel.

Kupsik previously played as assistant referee Szymon Marciniak in the Prague derby in March between Slavia and Sparta (2-0). Another assistant at the time was Michal Obukowicz and video judge Tomasz Kwiatkowski. After the match, the Polish delegation received praise from both teams and the performance of the judges was praised by the president of the jury, Radek Příhoda.

Raczkowski, 38, has been a FIFA judge since 2013. Five years later he led the AS Roma-Pilsen duel in the Champions League group, which the Italian favorite won 5-0. The Warsaw native has led two games in the European League and three in the European Conference League this season, and hasn’t had a chance in LM as a head judge. Raczkowski has also whistled in Japan, Moldova or Saudi Arabia.

The match between Pilsen and Slavia is a direct battle for first place in the highest competition. The Western Czechs hold a point lead over the defending champions in the table. Sunday’s duel will start at 7:00 p.m. in the sold-out Doosan Arena in Pilsen.

Foreign judges have appeared several times in the Czech championship. Ahead of Marciniak, the Spaniard David Fernández Borbalán led the strike between Sparta and Pilsen in 2015. The Slovak Ľuboš Micheľ whistled several games between 2001 and 2003. In 2006, the German Michael Weiner led the derby and his compatriot Wolfgang Stark in 2013 decided on Sparta’s duel with Pilsen.

We want to take back the top spot, said goalkeeper Slavie Kolář in front of the hit in Pilsen

“It’s a great game. We’re looking forward to it, we’re playing it for these games. Everyone knows that Pilsen are one point ahead of us. We want to take back the top spot. We’ll go there and we will want to win,” Kolář told reporters.

His side have not lost to Pilsen in the last eight competitive matches, including the cup final, and they have won seven times. Nevertheless, Kolář faces an uphill battle. “It will be extremely difficult, matches in Pilsen have never been easy. Pilsen is now in top form, playing well, collecting points, not scoring goals. But I believe we are back in top form and we will manage the game,” said Kolář.

Including last year’s cup final, the people of Prague in Pilsen have won three times in a row and each time with a 1:0 result. “I would love to build on that. But Pilsen is in a different form this season than in previous matches and the match will be incredibly difficult. Everyone knows that this match will tell you a lot about the end of the basic game. Both teams “To have a better starting position in the superstructure. They and we want to be the first, so the match will be very combative and I think very nervous” said Kolář.

At the end of October, in a 0-2 defeat in the opening match this year, Pilsen in Eden received three red cards. “It will be a game of morale. These matches are always intense, so we have to beware of unnecessary fouls or unnecessary talk. I think we will be experienced in this area as well,” Kolář said.

He welcomed the fact that the game will be officiated by Polish referees, just like the recent derby. “I’m taking advantage of that. They whistled us in the derby and they handled the game very well. These games are difficult for the referees and I think that could help,” Kolář said.

The supporters of the two clubs are not “forced” to do so and an overheated atmosphere is to be expected. The tube will be sold. “I enjoy these games a lot. When it was the covid period and people couldn’t go to the stadium, it was so sad. Of course it would be ideal if we played at home in front of our fans. But for me, it’s better if these people are also there.” It has such a different charge,” Kolář said.

The Liberec native apologized to the national team for personal reasons and spent the national team’s last break with his family and girlfriend Jana, including father and Slavia boss Jaroslav Tvrdík. are being treated for cancer.

“I wanted to be with them, we are going through a difficult situation,” Kolář said. “Most of the players who weren’t in the national team rested. The coach gave us a longer leave. I think it will be to our advantage,” added Kolář.

Horváth: Havel and Staněk not training, we’ll see if they can play against Slavia

According to assistant coach Milan Havel and goalkeeper Jindřich Staněk, football players from Pilsen who were injured during the national team have not yet taken part in training, according to assistant coach Viktor Pavel Horváth. Their start in the hit on Sunday in the 27th round of the first league against Slavia in Prague therefore remains uncertain.

As a substitute player a week ago, Havel completed the 45-minute World Cup semi-finals in Sweden, where the Czech side lost 0-1 after extra time. Extreme Back then left the national team when he suffered an injury in training before training in Wales. Stanek in Cardiff made up for the first half of Tuesday’s 1:1 draw, in which he received a blow to the head from the opposition. Tomáš Vaclík replaced him in the second act.

“It’s a disadvantage. The boys are not training yet and we will see how they are compared to the game against Slavia,” Horváth said in a recording for club media.

Sunday’s match in Pilsen will be a direct battle for first place in the highest competition. The home team hold a point lead over the defending champions in the draw. “It will be full. I don’t want to say that the atmosphere will be tense, but there will be a lot of things in the match. If we manage to win, we will bounce Slavia. If we lose, Slavia have two points ahead of There is a lot to gain and a lot to lose,” Horváth said.

“However, there are still nine towers missing (including the superstructure) and that’s a lot of points. It probably won’t be a decisive game, but it can give a lot of clues. We all want the game to be a public holiday. for our fans,” added assistant head coach Michal Bílek.

Victoria have lost to Slavia six times in the last seven league encounters, earning just one point and giving the Prague side just two goals. “Slavia’s style is well known to everyone. We watch all of their league and especially cup matches. Rather, it will depend on which Slavia coach (Jindřich Trpišovský) chooses the line-up. Depending on that, we will clarify things regarding the opponent’s players individually in the final moments,” former Pilsen captain Horváth said.

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