Martin Hofmann: The Gentle show is a Mordor for me. But doing something that’s a bit beyond you is good discipline

I can imagine that many different questions and suggestions were raised when the writers found out what could be done with you. Especially after the Most! series. Tell me one two three from the weird category to be.

First I started getting offers to go somewhere to pay me. For example, they wrote to me: “I have a club here in this city, goodbye Luďan, write as much as you want and come and have fun with us. so I didn’t react at all. Then it was a series of offers for idiots of all kinds, but written with less skill than those of Prušinský and Koleček. And then there were offers like I put my face to it and, from a business perspective, I helped sell the movie or whatever. I tried to omit it too.

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But you know what, then came covid 1, covid 2, and you may have found a compromise in deciding what work to go or not to do. Because by stopping cinemas and not doing any series, covid 1 still stopped, but both were difficult. Theaters have been closed for too long. I returned to the show. I didn’t think I was going to either. Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t go in there. And shit and I’m already there!

Martin Hofmann has been playing Cyran in the Kašpar Theater Association since 2006. I didn’t see Cyran last year and I thought, how you played him in 2006, it must be a completely different Cyrano.. .

Everything was different. I wouldn’t even want to see it now. It’s even a record, and I think I would be a little twisted and ashamed. I’m not saying it was stupid, it was directly proportional to age. In the first act, I tried to amuse the public a little, to dissect it… Then I understood that it shouldn’t be there at all, that Cyrano is not coming to put on a show for the initially public. He comes to expel Montfleury from the stage, period.

I played tenderly for twenty-thirty spectators for years, and now I have a full house, so I won’t conclude.

Martin Hoffman

At the time, I tried a little to show what I could do and forks… And with the years, I cut the piece. I removed all the ornaments so that only the thin red line of the story came out without any exposure, without attempts at art… And my fencing certainly slowed down. I was really explosive and fast back then… now I feel like I’m so average…

How do you play a show you don’t want to play anymore? Which probably isn’t Cyrano, but Gentle definitely is, because you didn’t want to play Gentle anymore…

I didn’t want to play soft, but that’s because people weren’t going to her…

Then came the most…

Yes, it’s a full flight. It’s inexplicable. I thought, for example, that the number of spectators would increase a little for the Inishmaan Cripple or for the Lords or Cyran. So first of all, the wrong word was “a bit”, because the number of viewers who started coming to me accelerated like never before. But the fact that they began to go to Dostoyevsky …

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Well, from Ludan to Dostoyevsky …

It is far. I didn’t understand anything at all. Něžná sells out terribly fast and clearly, it’s super hard for me, it’s Mordor it’s a show for me, but when you play it to a full house and you don’t play it in front of twenty people, it that of course you consider a lot , but you have to play as full as you can you know that night because it’s your faithful twenty … But I played it for twenty thirty spectators this summer and now I have a room full, so I’m not going to pack it.

For me, it’s always such a challenge to know how I am, how I am mentally and physically. What actor I am, what actor I am today. What can I do about it if I can’t start, if I can bend the weight of the show… I run after it, like I’m behind, like I’m not holding on tight. It is good discipline. Do something that is a bit beyond you. On the contrary, it is more than a question of domination.

Lucie Výborná's guests were boxer Lukáš Konečný and actor Martin Hofmann

“Boxing reveals how forged we are”

Lucie Výborná has prepared a birthday surprise for Martin Hoffman in the form of an unexpected guest. The actor shares his passion for this sport with boxer Lukáš Konečný.

What will boxing give me for life? Endurance?

Lukáš Konečny: Certainly too, but I’m talking about rules rather than a physical characteristic. But this also includes the resistance of the body. I think sports training is also important for a healthy lifestyle.

Actor Martin Hofmann and boxer Lukáš Konečný

Martin Hoffman: I feel like a boxing guy – sorry, and a lady reveals how forged it is, how it is made by nature. You can think of many things, you can even be trained. And then it really doesn’t show when you’re under pressure your hands drop you can’t and you’re done, if you have any morals to bite into this fight be in that deep water and show something there over there, or you start to wither over there and you start to mentally break down.

That’s why I don’t think it’s really a sport for everyone, and it’s a big difference to do it as a hobby… In professional boxing, it’s a whole different song. That’s why I was so reluctant to say I did. I wouldn’t really survive a three minute round with Lukáš. None of the ordinary mortals would give a three minute round with a professional boxer.

Why did Martin Hofmann interview himself on the radio? Why did he and Lukáš Konečný box at the wedding? And what would you like (not only) for today’s birthday? Listen to the whole conversation.

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