Interpretation of the cards according to the astrological sign: April 2022

When the Moon shines on April 16 in full moonwill stand right in Libra Sign. This poses a risk to the kidneys and bladder! No colds, drink in moderation and take care of yourself so as not to suffer from any unpleasant inflammation.

Mentally, the days around the full moon will bring doubts and decision paralysis – it may take you a long time to choose the right T-shirt in the morning or the type of coffee to have. What will April be for you Zodiac sign?

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Relationships – Ace of Swords: You have the opportunity to make an unexpected acquaintance or decision – as new facts surface that will force you to adjust your approach. Don’t close your eyes to it, even though it should be uncomfortable.

Health – Car: If you tire yourself now, you can change something – even what has bothered you for a long time. It’s a good time to work on yourself, so go to a dentist for a long time.

Work – 2 sticks: Not everything will be rosy, be prepared for friction, clarification of opinions, long quarrels and the need to convince others of their arguments. It will be exhausting, so plan enough relaxation.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Relations – High Priest: This card represents a strong bond that does not lie in sexuality or attraction, but in mutual respect, respect and intellectual connection. No matter how passionate your relationship is, it is very strong and rewarding.

Health – 3 swords: You will be a little worried, you will have problems, maybe even surgery or an accident. Take care of yourself and don’t go the other way, but if the worst comes to the worst, you have enough strength to handle it all.

Jobs – 4 cups: You are dissatisfied, you feel that your work is going nowhere and bringing you nothing. You don’t feel full. But maybe there’s a chance on the horizon – you don’t see it yet. Remove disagreements and assess the situation without emotion.

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Taurus, take care of yourself! You are at risk of injury, injury and surgery

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Relations – Emperor: A month of regrouping, stability and building solid foundations awaits you. Your relationship is serious and far in the future, and even if clouds appear on the horizon, don’t give up and work on it.

Health – 4 pentacles: You pay too much attention to yourself – perhaps you have recently encountered difficulties or injured yourself caused trauma, then you are afraid. Stop playing for sure, until you limit yourself too much and are not satisfied with anything.

Jobs – Ace of Cups: A cool breeze and new opportunities are coming to your career. He will wish you good luck, even if especially at the beginning the situation can be chaotic. What you do really fills you and it’s almost a mission for you.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Relationships – 5 cups: The relationship you are in should have ended a long time ago – either of you is acting dishonest and full of lies and half-truths. Stop the situation once and for all and don’t look back, it will get better.

Health – 6 sticks: You try to take good care of yourself and you will find that it pays off. Although people around you are sick, your health will last, you will feel good and fit. This compensates for the lack of well-being in other areas of life.

Work – 5 swords: April will teach you how to lose. Even though you did everything in your power, something went wrong. And it happens. Take it as a lesson and accept defeat with honor.

Lev (July 23 – August 22)

Relationships – Death: This map may indicate gauge: unexpected and which hurts and upsets life. And it can also symbolize the loss of a friend – your paths will simply be divided.

Health – Queen of Swords: This card is about hiding weaknesses and difficulties that bother you. If you close your eyes to them, you won’t solve them. Admit that you need to rest from time to time and ask for help. Start taking care of yourself.

Jobs – Knights of Cups: A relaxed and relaxed atmosphere without stress reigns at work, no one will change and no one will go anywhere excessively. Enjoy relative calm while it lasts.

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Leos and Gemini will be very satisfied with their work in April, they will be comfortable or satiated

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Relations – 9 cups: Everything is fine, you have a feeling of satisfaction and satiety, you savor the peaceful happiness that everyone longs for. Take joy and stock out of it, harmony and peace rarely last long.

Health – Wheel of Fortune: The whole month will be complete unpredictable situations – good and bad. Arm yourself and don’t stress too much about what you can’t control, but don’t neglect prevention at the same time.

Jobs – Star: You’ve been fumbling a bit lately, but it’s starting to shine for better times. Finally, you will feel good again, full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The job will fill you up again – and what more could you ask for.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Relations – Knight of Pentacles: This card symbolizes the dynamic development of the situation in the right direction. It will play a major role in your relationships real estate and material concernsbut you manage to overcome everything and solve everything.

Health – Sun: On the health side, you will be in great shape, you will feel good and even in great shape. If you have long-term issues, you’re well on your way to full recovery.

Jobs – Devil: You are tempted to ease your way and cheat to minimize your efforts. You can use the shortcut, but you won’t feel good at all. And what is the point of such a rise forward?

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Relations – Knight of the Staff: You will meet someone who will lose his mind and yearn for a savage, hot romance. Keep in mind, however, that this person is associated with over-the-top drama and will definitely not bring you peace.

Health – 2 cups: This card is a good sign. If you have a health problem, you will begin to recover, all major and minor problems will be resolved. Come to terms with your own body, now is the time.

Jobs – Empress: A fruitful and creative card indicates that you are ready to do a good job, that your head is full of ideas and that everything is in your hand. You won’t stop, but it will still charge you beautifully.

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Virgos enjoy a harmonious relationship full of harmony

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Relationships – Pentacells: They come to you from one person mixed signalsthat you can’t explain clearly. Although you’re trying to build a meaningful relationship, you don’t seem to be in the right place yet.

Health – Softness: As the name of the card suggests, stick with it and keep whatever you do. Do sports, but not dramatically, opt for fitness exercises instead. Cure the diet, but definitely do not starve!

Jobs – Mugs: Praises await you, a flattering experience that will caress your soul and chase away all the clouds of work and discomfort for a while. You will gain the trust of older, more experienced colleagues.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Relations – Queen of Cups: Your love story will begin on a pleasant wave of harmony and affinity, as if you were reading your mind. All you have to do is get along, you won’t need anyone else and you’ll feel great.

Health – 5 swords: The legs will be a problem for you, especially beware of varicose vein problems. Compression stockings They are a great help, also go a lot and do not sit in one position too often.

Jobs – 10 sticks: A pile of leftovers will come at you, demanding your attention. A classic situation where everything burns, but you can deal with it with an overview thanks to your organization and your tables.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20)

Relationships – Cups Cups: After a bit more turbulent time, when you weren’t sure who was really to blame, you’ll see some help, even gesture of apology of the counterparty. Accept it generously.

Health – Crazy: You are not behaving responsibly and you know it. You sin in food, you neglect exercise, you take unnecessary risks. It doesn’t benefit your psyche either. It may not burn you now, but be careful, it will catch up to you over time.

Jobs – Queen of Wands: You know yourself very well, you know everything about your strengths and your faults. Focus on how to sell the good and draw attention away from the less good. Believe more, others will also trust you.

Pisces (February 21 – March 20)

Relationships – Queen of Swords: You mainly focus on yourself and spend a lot of time just with yourself. Yes, it may be a little lonely, but self-awareness is essential to establish any other relationship.

Health – Knight of Swords: Although you often get sick in April due to the change of weather, this year you will have a period of pleasant health and solutions to even longer problems. You are full of energy, so enjoy the spring in big sips.

Jobs – Star: Clearing your head is crucial. Take a real break at Easter, forget all your responsibilities and start from scratch. The new energy that will flood you will advance your career.

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