How do you know your relationship lacks healthy communication habits?

Each person has their own communication style. One likes to dissect the problem, the other speaks austerely and the third likes gestures and facial expressions. This is why it is not easy for the partners to harmonize their communication styles and especially to be able to listen to each other.

Crisis communication is also important. If you and your partner are stuck in a vicious circle of communication, you beg for great difficulties as a couple, which sooner or later can end in separation.

“Do you feel like your partner doesn’t listen to you or respect your opinions? At that point, you have to realize that your relationship cannot work in the long term,” warns psychotherapist Toni Coleman.

On the other hand, it is important to say that you can develop healthy communication habits in a relationship.

“Healthy communication involves the equal expression of values, needs, wants and desires. It also includes honesty and sound boundaries. Without these attributes, the relationship falls apart,” explains the therapist Tamara Hill for Bustle.

Unhealthy communication habits in a relationship

Each couple has their own communication style that suits them best. Nevertheless, there are at least seven indicators of unhealthy communication habits that you and your partner should remove from your relationship as soon as possible.

You will see that healthy communication will then quickly and positively affect the level of conflict situations and their resolution.

1. You communicate exclusively by SMS

There is nothing wrong with communicating with a partner via text. But the problem arises when the partner prioritizes online communication over their offline version.

“If your partner relies heavily on text messaging and avoids phone calls or even face-to-face calls, that’s a red flag,” says relationship expert Lori Bizzoc.

In his opinion, text messaging requires minimal effort, and through them the partner keeps his distance from you.

2. Lying in your relationship

The cornerstone of a healthy relationship is not only communication, but also trust. But trust can’t be built when your partner doesn’t treat you honestly.

“Keep your eyes on the timer and write down every situation where your partner isn’t honest with you. Even innocent lies count because over time they can turn into a big lie,” says Bizzocová.

In any case, do not underestimate small lies, because there is also a lack of sincerity behind them.

3. Do not talk openly about problems

It is extremely important for a strong relationship that partners can talk openly about their feelings or concerns, and at the same time be able to say what they need in the relationship without any problems. If your partner doesn’t open up to you or if you feel like you can’t be authentic in front of them, you don’t seem to be living with the right partner for life.

“It just came to our knowledge at the time. The only thing that’s unnatural is that they can’t talk openly about their problems or their emotions,” says a relationship expert .

4. It jumps out at you

Is there anything more annoying than talking to someone who won’t let you finish the idea? In a healthy relationship, it is essential that both partners have the opportunity to express their thoughts.

“But jumping into the floor indicates impatience and disinterest. Basically, it seems like your partner doesn’t need to hear your opinions,” says Coleman, adding that over time, jumping into the floor can become a big problem.

5. Match in one word

Yes, not everyone is talkative. On the other hand, it’s also wrong for your partner to “reward” you with one-word answers.

“Once you get frustrated that your partner isn’t speaking complete sentences, it’s usually too late to change. I believe one-word responses are a warning signal that the partner is having trouble with a conversation. quality,” suggests relationship expert David Bennett.

6. He expects you to read his mind.

If a person is embarrassed in a relationship, it remains only to confide in a partner. Unfortunately, many people remain silent in such a situation and assume that their partner can read their minds.

“It just came to our knowledge at the time. That’s why it’s important that your partner understands from the start of your relationship that you are not a psychic,” notes psychotherapist Fran Walfish.

7. In quarrels, he goes back in time

What happened happened. So it doesn’t make sense for your partner to blame you for things that were resolved a long time ago. “When resolving conflict, it’s important that the partner sticks to the topic and doesn’t jump into the past,” confirms Walfish.

If you’ve noticed that this is exactly how your partner solves problems, ask them to change their approach. Otherwise, there is a risk that the relationship will not have strong roots.

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