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We posted the latest news about the Abandoned game from the developers at Blue Box Game Studios on Vortex exactly two months ago. The studio then claimed to have been the victim of a hacking attack, after which it lost access to its YouTube and warned gamers not to respond to emails with a possible pre-order of the game. Now comes another – no less strange information – which concerns for once the Abandoned account on Twitter. As noted by YouTuber Lance McDonald, Blue Box devs have apparently started deleting some older tweets that provided details about Abandoned’s future presentation, including the demo they promised last December.

According to McDonald, in addition to the information on the demo, the mention of the original size and content of the single sample, which players expected to be released in the accompanying application directly on the PlayStation, was much longer than the Blue Box originally promised. We won’t be discussing the case of the postponed teaser for the second time – we’ve discussed this in detail in previous articles – however, in a now deleted tweet, the devs explained that the demo is longer, but doesn’t just waiting for a small fix, which Blue Box never delivered. “A lot of people don’t understand why PlayStation supports this game. But all of the independent studios have benefited from a number of marketing opportunities that Blue Box has used both to lure the teaser and now [aktivity] adds McDonald.

On the other hand, it should be added that although there are currently not many messages left on Twitter’s Blue Box, this is not an attempt to erase all traces and delete Abandoned from the internet, as it mistakenly appears in some fan articles or comments. The developers report on the game in the main label, leaving public statements from studio founder Hasan Kahraman and explanations of what Abandoned should be when the game is released. Additionally, a few days ago, the account admin twitter responded per one fan request of what happened to the game, they just need a little more time to make sure Abandoned comes out in a proper state. But that still don’t mean it’s a game all OK, especially since we can add Kahraman’s current argument with a musician who was supposed to participate in one of the game’s soundtracks.

It was at the instigation of Lance McDonald’s report that German musician and audio designer Fastex spoke out, saying he was working with his band on one of the songs to be heard in Abandoned. “We exchanged many emails. The last response I got via LinkedIn was – This is chaotic, it was supposed to come out in March, you have a PlayStation 5,” the musician wrote a few hours ago. He added that he had worked on the song with his band for 50 to 60 hours since last August, each time he received a message in which people from the Blue Box apologized for the delay, but just Against the promise that the game would appear in-game and possibly in the trailer, Fastex continued to operate. However, the collaboration is over, which was confirmed not long ago by Hasan Kahraman, who publicly went to Fastex and questioned what the musician was saying.

“We never signed a contract, it was never official. You asked us and I told you we could use it, which didn’t happen,” Kahraman explains. to the people that you worked on the soundtrack when you and I know that’s not true.” he then said to the musician. However, he responded in the sense that he had a communication in which Blue Box asked him to accommodate, which the musician’s colleague immediately worked on. “No, you never told us you wouldn’t use music. And yes, we worked on it. It’s not really a problem not to use it, but why didn’t you tell me never said?” demand with Fastex and come up against what makes the Blue Box infamous. Ignoring and delaying communication, which apparently happened in this case as well. However, in a final message, Kahraman apologized for the misunderstanding, ending the exchange.

But at least we have a beautiful song, so enjoyable to listen to, if you keep shaking your head…

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