Zeman’s grace? They were dealing with the government, the Austrian revealed. Very ugly

The guest of Twenty Minutes of the Czech Radio Radio Newspaper was Interior Minister Vít Rakušan, Deputy Prime Minister and President of the STAN Movement. Will the states of the European Union share responsibility for the refugees expelled from Ukraine by the Russian invasion and will they help the countries most affected by immigration? How did Petr Fiala’s team deal with the fact that in the first hundred days of government he had to deal mainly with emergencies? Isn’t the government coalition deaf to the comments of the opposition?

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First of all, the Austrian commented on the pardon of the President of the Republic Miloš Zeman for the head of the forest administration of Lány Miloš Balák. “I have always been careful to change the political system right away because of the excess of a politician. This was often the case when there was a debate on whether a direct election of the president or similar was good I always said that because of a subjectively negative experience we would not change the constitution immediately I look at it the same in this case, on the other hand I understand that even the public pressure and some professional discussions in the field of justice about whether presidential clemency really isn’t a relic in our system, whether it’s really not giving rise to various speculations and debates, so I think at the the less this discussion should begin.” The government did not get systemic change.

“But the overwhelming majority of members of the government have come out in favor of this particular pardon. In fact, no one understands it. He has several special parameters. First, he is a close associate, second, he is a economic crime which the president has always been very strict against, and he has always stressed that such things are not forgiven. On the other hand, the president set himself clear rules at some point nine years ago, and for the other opportunity, the shortly after the verdict, when in my opinion a more in-depth legal expertise from a team around the president was not possible, it was a bit strange for me, ”remarked the ‘Austrian. He did not resolve the situation with the president today, but at the same time he notes that there is in fact nothing to resolve. “It is a situation which I cannot identify myself as a citizen, politician or Deputy Prime Minister, but at present it is not there aren’t many options to challenge such a sovereign decision,” he added.

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The discourse then turned to Ukrainian refugees. “Historically, the view of the Czech Republic within the European Union in this area was that we are not a country too ready to help. On the other hand, our reputation has really changed over the past month. Czechs is also visible at the European level. How supportive they are, how they adapt to families, what an outpouring of support and enthusiasm there has been for newcomers from Ukraine. It’s truly unprecedented, even in the European dimension. But these quotas as such are basically a dead topic today. This is rejected by all the countries of the European Union. What we are talking about is a system of certain transport corridors , routes that would be drawn directly from the Ukrainian-Polish border, and therefore from the Ukrainian-Slovakian border, while these people would receive clear information, “said the Austrian.

According to the Minister of the Interior, the Czech Republic is at the limit of its capacities in terms of housing refugees. “The reserves are in the range of tens of thousands. And these are the reserves that are forming now. It’s not a static question, ”added the Austrian. “Thank you for the motivation postmen open the door at home Czechs who are ready to host. The regions are still managing to conclude new contracts with the hosts, with the hosts, so these places are being created. But we can already see that the capital Prague, the region of South Moravia, the region of Central Bohemia really have to send those who arrive in other parts of the republic – it’s actually even easier now than when the first wave. “People have come to their families, relatives, acquaintances, to Prague, to the region where the group of Ukrainians has long been highest,” said the Austrian that now it is easier to persuade people refugees to deploy throughout the Czech Republic.

According to him, opposition politicians pose a dilemma that does not exist. “The dilemma is either you help the Ukrainians or you help the Czech people. The government always has twenty points on the agenda, which relate to purely domestic, Czech politics, and then five six-seven points, which relate to new arrivals from Ukraine,” said the Austrian.

Finally, the Austrian explained how the war had affected the first 100 days of the government of Petr Fiala (ODS). “We don’t want to give up ambitious goals at the moment. At the beginning, no one knows how long the crisis will last, and I think that this rush is correct both in fact, in the statement of the program, and in that The unpreparedness of the budgetary change, the finances are still defined by the end of the year, the ministries are shooting at it, but I think both change if the crisis continues, and unfortunately Putin does not seem to want to end it , so definitely. How the priorities of the program will be defined, but it will not be only in the Czech Republic. You have to look at the whole of Europe here. At the different challenges ahead of us, and now maybe the whole narrative will change a bit. And the priorities of the Czech Presidency will certainly change,” he said.

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