What does it mean when a partner hides the phone? It doesn’t have to be infidelity right away!

Phones have become an extended part of our arms in recent years. It is not uncommon to see a couple having dinner or taking a walk, when the two barely communicate with each other and they each fly around the world online, instead of using “here and now”. Men and women do it and very openly, it seems normal to them.

But what happens when one partner starts hiding the phone, putting it down, or refusing to lend it?

Trust in the relationship

Count on each other, trust each other, and make sure your partner won’t let you down. It’s the alpha and omega happy relationship.

As soon as there is a hint of lies, evasive answers and secrets, the relationship cracks. Instead of seeing your home as a safe place where you are yourself, you wait for signs that your partner is being insincere and cheating on you. And many think he is unfaithful. Sure, the secret is suspect, but that doesn’t always have to be proof that you’re not her alone.

Before accusing you of infidelity…

One thing is that spending too much time on the phone while you’re with a partner is rude. And if you still need to keep what you’re doing on the phone a secret, that raises questions. When your significant other behaves like this, intuition starts to sound the alarm. But first, try to think rationally.

Is your partner a social type with lots of friends and acquaintances? It is then very likely that it is stuck on the phone more than sane. Does he have a lot of work and his working hours do not end on the fifth? Then it’s quite possible that he goes to talk to the boss next door and during dinner so he can concentrate. A phone with the screen down is often cited as proof of privacy. So that no one can see which notifications appear? And didn’t you think he did it so that notifications of new messages and emails wouldn’t bother him? That he wants peace?

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Before you start suspecting, try to think about how much time you spend with your cell phone. Sometimes it doesn’t seem…

When to worry?

Each couple has their privacy limits set differently. There are couples who share everything they want to write and write. However, another partner may not have a good experience from previous relationships or is simply not a sharing type. Nothing is true or falseeverything is in the agreement between the two.

But if the situation changes, it makes sense that one becomes sharper. Did your partner lend you a phone when he ran out and suddenly didn’t want it anymore? Is he angry, is he looking over his shoulder, is his nerves racing for some reason? Does he suddenly have a completely erased call and message history? It is possible that he has something to hide. And understandably, that makes you feel uncomfortable, like he has a hard time telling you who he’s dating. The answer “but no one” or “just someone from work” is not entirely satisfactory.

Photo by Antonio Guillem, Shutterstock.com

Confronting a partner with discoveries on a mobile phone? You will recognize the complete violation of his privacy

Why not browse the phone?

Most of us think it’s best to know what’s going on. Just look at his phone. You may feel a hundred times like you’re entitled to it, he started… But violating your partner’s privacy by intruding on their phone will fundamentally break trust. And sometimes irreversibly.

“You shouldn’t do that,” says couples therapist Jan Vojtko in his book Relationships and Myths. “You should just wait for it to happen. I understand it’s very nice to write, but it’s very hard to do.” According to the coach, you’ll never be 100% sure anyway. And things don’t have to be what they seem at first glance. “What if it was just a robbery that lasted a few days, and that your partner was coming back to you mentally, in their love program, because because of that theft, they discovered that what you have with each other is more valuable,” explains the therapist.

What if you find him talking to friends or family members you don’t care about? His weird selfies or what he last googled? Just imagine how it would be for you if you found out partner looked in his mobile phone.

How to deal with your suspicions

If you’ve had the feeling for a long time that your partner’s behavior has changed and is behaving suspiciously, the only good solution is to talk about it. To say how sick his feelings are. Ask what’s going on and want an open response. If your partner has nothing to hide, he will talk to you in peace. Maybe he doesn’t know how he behaves.

But if he has any secrets, it’s entirely possible that you’ll learn that it’s just your feeling of being unnecessarily paranoid and having an unbridled imagination. Don’t be labeled as jealousy and fighter. The relationship should be based on mutual respect. No one after your husband wants to open daily accounts. But you have the right to get meaningful answers to your questions. And if you learn the unpleasant truth, won’t that be better than constant uncertainty?

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