War in Ukraine: Sister Nadia works in Prague and is afraid of her stepfather

Nadija works as a nurse at the General University Hospital in Prague. WITH husband and daughter have lived here since 1999, The Czech Republic is their homeland, although according to her, leaving their homeland was not easy.

Now Nadija has tears in her eyes every time she has to talk about what is happening in Ukraine now. Although she comes from Transcarpathian Ukraine, a region near the Slovakian border where the fighting has not yet arrived, she says his whole family is in shock.

“I can’t even talk about it, I immediately have increased pressure. I no longer have parents, but the husband has a father in his eighties, the attack occurred on his birthday. We’d like to take dad here, but as the saying goes, “You won’t transplant an old tree.” Dad said he would stay until the last minute to see each other. In fact, I don’t even know how we could get him to come across the border,“Nadija reflects.

Nadija: We didn’t sleep the first day of the attack

Describing, how the whole family didn’t sleep on the first day of the attack and now they always watch the news, hoping to finally learn something positive. “They brokered a so-called peace and still fired. In terms of peace, for example in the Arab States, there was a ceasefire, but maybe they attacked even more, we are constantly shocked, ”says the woman.

That Vladimir Putin ends up going to Ukraine going to attack, she said she didn’t expect it. “Although he turned out to be an arrogant leader, he constantly armed himself, unlike Ukraine. When you listen to him, he threatens almost everyone, arrogance emanates from him, but that he will really attack – maybe this surprised everyone,“Said Nadija.

At the same time, he adds that the problem is that that Ukraine wants to be independent, democratic and join the West. And she says that seems to bother Putin. “IN Russia is not a democracy“, says Nadia and continues:” All the Russians are not for the war, they protest. Corn when you look at images of other demonstrations, so only in Russia are ddemonstrations are suppressed and participants are beaten. “

Russians trust Putin

In Ukraine, in addition to her stepfather, Nadia has two brothers who have families. They are scared and the men are waiting to be drafted into the army. “I spoke to my friend yesterday and I spoke completely differently from the first day the war broke out. I’m afraid the locals are losing hopeNadija thinks, explaining: “The whole world helps, but if someone helps, they think it’s help immediately arrives in Ukraine. It is not like that. And I hope Ukrainians don’t lose hope that someone will help them. »

Nadia has a cousin in Russia. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. She trusts her boss. He even said to me: What is Ukraine? Nothing. And I answer him: You grew up there. We didn’t talk to him,” says Nadija sadly. According to her, not all Russians are against the war in Ukraine. “But they did not know democracy, unlike us. All you have to do is watch the news – it’s all a big lie, “describes the nurse about the atmosphere in Russia.

The children of Prague are not indifferent to the war.  They intend to help Ukrainians in distress by reciting

Czechs as brothers

He has words of praise for President Volodymyr Zelensky. And not just for him but also for the Czech Republic, the Czech nation and the Czech government.

“The Russians have always said that they are our brothers. They have never been. They always tried to be higher than us. But the Czech nation helpshe approaches it fraternally and I look at pictures of the Czech Republic, I say to myself, my God, it is not possible, really – like our brothers, ”he says.

The Nadija family send financial donations to Ukraine and they also watched a concert for Ukraine. She mentions when as a nurse sees photos of children born in shelters or crying as Russians fire on schools and kindergartens and utters the word “genocide”.

Message for Putin and Ukraine

I want to tell Putin to stop fix the borders as they were and make life as it should be in this vast Russia. In remote villages, for example, he paved roads to take care of his country and not suppress demonstrations. It’s democracy, people are entitled to their opinion, ”he sent a message to the Russian president.

“And I want to say to the Ukrainian people that I support them terribly, I cross my fingers”, concludes Nadija, adding in her native language: “Glory to Ukraine and glory to Ukrainian heroes.”

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