They raped me, my son was crying next to me. The woman described a terrible attack by Russian soldiers

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The young woman refused to publish her full name, the Times named her Natalia. “She is thirty-three years old and lived with her 35-year-old husband and four-year-old son in the village of Shevchenko near the capital kyiv,” summarizes Business Insider.

Natalia reported the rape after being persuaded to do so by her sister, to whom she and her son fled. She communicated with Times reporters by phone from the town in western Ukraine, where she currently resides. Her baby doesn’t know anything yet. “She doesn’t understand much. When he goes to play here, he tells the people on the pitch that we ran away because there is a war,” Natalja explained.

But the truth, she says, is much worse. On March 9, she and her husband heard gunshots in the backyard. Russian soldiers shot their dog. However, according to Natalie’s recollection, they even apologized and said they were only looking for gasoline. “Their commander introduced himself as Mikhail Romanov. I asked him to leave because my four-year-old son is afraid of them,” Natalia told The Times.

But in the evening of the same day, strange noises were again heard in the courtyard of the family house, and Natalie’s husband, Andrej, went to look outside the boiler room, where the whole family was hiding from fear of bombings. “I heard a single gunshot, then the sound of a door opening, then footsteps in the house,” Natalja told The Times.

“Better to be silent”

According to her, Major Romanov came home with a younger man, who may have been in his twenties. “I shouted: Where is my husband? Then I looked outside and saw him lying on the ground,” Natalja described the horrific times. Instead of responding, the young man allegedly pointed a gun to his head and said he shot her husband because he was a Nazi.

But hell wasn’t over for her then. She managed to send her son back to the boiler room, then, according to her, the two men raped her one by one. “He told me to shut up, or I’m going to take your baby and show him my mother’s brain spread out in the house. They pointed my gun at my head and laughed at me,” Natalja said.

According to her, they also talked about letting her live or shooting her. Her son would have been crying all the time in the next room. According to Natalie, the two soldiers were drunk and repeatedly raped. The young woman managed to escape from the house when the two soldiers fell asleep. She first took refuge with her husband’s parents, then with her sister-in-law in western Ukraine. There she reported the whole event.

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“I could have been quiet, but when we got to the police, my husband’s sister made me talk and then there was no turning back. I know a lot of people attacked chose to shut up because they’re scared. And a lot of people don’t believe that such terrible things are happening,” Natalja told The Times.

The young woman has not yet dared to tell her son that his father is dead. “We couldn’t even bury him because our village is still occupied,” Natalja told The Times.

According to the newspaper’s journalists, the aggressor Romanov, whom the young woman identified on the basis of photos taken from social networks, is dead. He was killed in action.

Raped girls filmed

According to Ukrainian politicians, Natalia’s case is not unique and there could be dozens of victims of rape by Russian soldiers across Ukraine. Prosecutor Iryna Venediktova reported on the social network that Natalie had reported the matter and that an official investigation had been opened. “A Kremlin spokesman denied the accusation, saying it was a lie. Meanwhile, however, White House officials have said the United States is concerned about the growing number of reports of sexual violence in Ukraine, according to the New York Times.

The fact that there are many more cases of rape is claimed, for example, by Ukrainian MP Maria Mezentseva. “She said there were many more victims. She gave no other details or how she found out about the cases. However, she said they would come to the surface when the victims were ready to speak.” , summed up the New York Times.

In recent days, British television channel ITV gave an interview to a man who claims he helped rescue a 15-year-old Ukrainian girl who was abducted and repeatedly raped by Russian soldiers over several days. “According to him, the girl was held by Russian soldiers for ten days near the town of Irpin. Konstantin Gudauskas described the appalling details that were presented to war crimes investigators, according to ITV News.

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Gudauskas said he brought drugs and food to the area. When he left, he was no longer sitting alone in the car – but there was a fifteen-year-old girl inside. “I didn’t notice her getting into my car through the open door. When I saw her eyes, she just said, ‘Please save me,'” Gudauskas told ITV News.

According to him, the young girl told him that the soldiers had kidnapped her and her mother, who was bleeding before her eyes after two days of captivity. “The girl also told him that she had been raped by soldiers and they filmed it all on their mobile phones,” reports ITV News.

The story is unconfirmed by any other source, and Ukrainian authorities have yet to confirm their investigation.

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