The CM Danaj benefit concert will be supported by the Antonínek Hospice

Was it difficult to choose the right songs for each commandment?
It was really very difficult to find the necessary material for the first three commandments. I spent almost three years on it. After the initial enthusiasm for the idea came a great sobering up. It was not possible to apply the folksong to the first three commandments, which are directed towards God. Therefore, I went through old cancionales and notations, in which I searched for suitable thematic and musical material. All the other commandments concern man’s relationship with his neighbour. There, the folk song already offers a sufficient selection of murders, robberies, fornications…

Did you draw by choosing from a specific region?
I didn’t aim for it to be purely regional, although I consider Danaj to be regional music. In this topic, however, it would rather hurt the whole project. It also all depended on whether I had already chosen a guest performer, the female choir Netáta ze Strání or the singer and primate Petr Galečka from Horňácko, so it was clear that songs by Kopanice, Uherskobrodsko and Horňácko would also be on the program. Everything was slowly coming together like a mosaic. There is even a song from central Slovakia, which was performed in Strážnice. All of these facts have contributed to the diversity of the Ten Commandments.

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Ten, like your two previous projects, is not just a traditional concert. It is in fact a multimedia performance. Can you explain to the uninitiated what is happening?
It is not just a concert, but a specific command is always presented with a brief reflection and reflection. I wrote these texts on the basis of the speeches of the priest Ladislav Simajchl. Slovácko Theater actor Vladimír Doskočil delivered them. The speech is based on photographs related to a specific command. The spoken word with accompanying projection is then followed by a specific song related to the individual commandments of the Ten Commandments. And I won’t reveal more! Come see. (to laugh)

Is it true that of your three multimedia projects so far, Ten is the most successful so far?
True, Uprkov’s songs are from the painter’s palette.

How do you explain that?
I think it is successful and desirable because it is a bedroom and spiritual theme that we can perform in churches even during Advent and Lent before Easter. It brings the listener to stop, to reflect on life and its true values.

Your performance will support the activities of the Antoninek Family Hospice, run by Caritas Uherské Hradiště and Caritas Uherský Brod. I know that thanks to your painter great-grandfather Jože Uprek, you have a deep relationship with the pilgrimage site of St. Antonina nad Blatnicí. But do you know how the hospice works, whose name was inspired by Antoninek?
I admit that I know very little about this hospice and I will be delighted to learn more about this very useful activity in our region of Slovácko thanks to our concert. I think that there are still few hospices, little known and little supported. Moreover, I have a very deep relationship with Antonínek thanks to my great-grandfather and his painting Pilgrimage to Saint Petersburg. Antoninka. It is a place that I watch from our house in Hroznová Lhota. The blessed and prayerful Antonínek and her husband often visit her.

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You teach at the elementary art school in Veselí nad Moravou and in Skalica, Slovakia, you have your show on Noe TV, you perform with the dulcimer music of Danaj and you are the president of the dramaturgical council of the International Folklore Festival from Strážnice. Do you sometimes have time to calm down?
With age, we realize that time is running out quickly. I had to learn to prioritize. These include with whom and how I will spend my free time. I also learned to say no and to refuse offers (albeit interesting ones), which I could not have done ten or fifteen years ago. Therefore, I try to set boundaries so that I have the time and space to settle on my own.

What are your plans for the future?
I am happy that we managed to present our new CD entitled Kostelní písně ze Znorov during Lent. Originally, its release was to take place during a concert within the framework of the Janáček Brno festival in September 2021. The world premiere of these songs took place at the Red Church, but the carrier failed to out due to technical issues. Perhaps it is also symbolic that we introduced the bearer to the world where Janáček stayed and heard the local anthems in person. In July 2022, we should also present this program at the Janáček and Luhačovice festivals. I will not be unemployed. A new record awaits us with Danaj this year. Interesting, open to the general public. I am in the phase of preparations and settings, we will shoot in the second half of this year.

The charity concert of Caritas Uherské Hradiště will take place in the parish church of St. František Xaverský on Masaryk Square on Saturday April 9 from 4 p.m. CM Danaj, Lenka Gajdová, Jan Gajda, Petr Galečka, Pavel Múčka, Magdalena Múčková, Netáta ze Strání Women’s Choir and Staroměští bládenci will perform in the program.

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