Štěpánka Fingerhutová of the 90s: She suffered from anorexia at the base, she admitted to dangerous pressures on young actresses

Actress Stěpánka Fingerhutová Viewers can remember the success ninety series as the prostitute Jana. The project was so well received that it became the most watched achievement of its kind in the past eighteen years.

In the talk show Na kafeečko The actress told Miluška Bittnerová how she and her colleague Patricia Pagáčová enjoyed popular creativity, which flooded the Internet with funny collages of their serial characters. You can also find them in our photo gallery.

However, not everything associated with fame is so humorous. Štěpánka Fingerhutová is particularly bothered by the extremely high pressure young actresses today are exposed to due to social media. The number of followers often decides whether film and theater producers offer them a role. The road to success can thus be redeemed by a loss of intimacy, dignity or even an eating disorder. It was Štěpánek who suffered from anorexia and bulimia in the pastalthough for other reasons, and deliberately opens this topic in the conversation.

You can watch the whole interview with Štěpánka Fingerhutová in the intro video. The actress provided us with photos from her childhood and childhood fashion photo shoot memories in our photo gallery.

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About the role in the 1990s

You didn’t play a nice girl in the 90s, did you?
OWell, it looks good at first, because I was playing a prostitute, but as a result, I think Jana was a very nice girl. She was shy and just wanted to earn money by studying. That’s why this role seemed fun to me.

Did you expect such success from the Ninety?
At all, I didn’t even expect my role to be so strong. Otherwise, it was clear from the script that there weren’t many female characters for anyone to beat me and Patricia Pagáčová.

It was Patricia Pagáčová who took over the guy from the series. She has a lot of fans. They didn’t tell you you were a bitch?
No, but what amused me was that they did funny memes on Twitter which became very popular. A lot of people sent me to take over Patricia’s partner. It was funny. But I think we both enjoyed it.

It’s funny what you order from Aliexpress and what comes to your mind: And there is the Fifth, poor uncombed and with a child.
Without a comb and with this baby. It was unfair to her, wasn’t it?

It’s just how you don’t have a lot of time with a little kid.
There were a lot of jokes and they were really good, yes.

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About anorexia and bulimia

You are a very young actress and I feel like the pressure on young actresses is much greater today than it is for us. The pressure is that Instagram has to work for you, which means you spend more time there to get followers. The pressure to look good. How do you come to accept this? I found out you have anorexia and bulimia.
At that time, I was not dealing with social networks yet. There was a click elsewhere. However, I opened this topic because I considered it important to say what pressure the youngster could put on it. I she crossed it and I got out of it. It’s important to me and it was important to me to come out with it. But otherwise, I don’t take this Instagram anymore. I needed to show people some privacy. They deserve to watch me. The older I get, the more I value my privacy and think I’ve been stupid.

You managed to stop him in time. But I heard that the producers also look at how many actors have followers.
It’s like that.

How long have you been battling anorexia and bulimia? How come? You are perfect!
Anyone can get involved, that’s how it is. It has nothing to do with being skinny, as seen in the photos where the girls have a spine. I think it’s a mental disorder, a disease. I had anorexia when I was fifteen and suffered from it for about three-quarters of a year.

So at the conservatory?
No, he was still on board. In fact, at the age of fourteen, in third just ahead of the conservatory. I found myself in a new team because I went to a new school at nine years old, and it was complicated for me. I didn’t feel well and stopped eating. I then had bulimia at eighteen and it was worse. But with the help of those around me and my teacher, I got over it. At fourteen, I did it myself, which is good.

I have a daughter alone at home. What can I do to prevent this from happening to him? Or how do you even realize that this is already happening?
I am not an expert to give you expert advice. I can only speak from personal experience. In my opinion, it is important that a person decides for himself. As soon as this happens and the environment demands treatment, the disease can reappear. The parent must be attentive and receptive. Don’t be angry when this happens and be supportive of your child. It can happen to anyone. It’s not a matter of security or intelligence. The pressure is great and it passes.

In this industry, I get a double.
Certainly. Right now, I’m grateful to my body for looking the way I do. I love myself. I eat what I want. I’m so grateful to be able to eat and I don’t think the disease will ever come back to me. I can say it’s over.

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About the divorce of parents

How old were you when your parents divorced?
About five years.

Does the child feel like five years old?
The divorce was terrible, it was really terrible.

Is that how you remember it?
My parents haven’t had fun since I was five. So it was difficult. FORIf I remember now, I’m pretty glad they weren’t together, because I can’t imagine it.

Can I ask you what it did to you? Did you cry more or do you blame yourself?
The hardest thing for me was not communicating with both parents. They solved it thanks to me. This also applied to more serious things. It doesn’t matter which way he went. It was boring. I think a parent’s divorce will affect a person for a long time. And even if I think to myself, it’s been a long time and I should get away with it, then it will always be with me.

Did you live with your mother?
I lived with my mother and went to see my father on weekends. When I was older, I thought about alternating care. I was more with my father and then still with my mother, I was the master of my time. We see both parents more often, but at the same time we have things in many places and you never know where what is.

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Not sure if this would suit me as a teenager.
Admiration for all parents. I also have some in my area who are able to alternate so that the child stays in one place and they take turns in this apartment. It seems great to me that they are able to negotiate.

This Norwegian model is once again about money.
Certainly, but also on the tolerance of the former partner. I was a real mess because you’re always looking for something. That’s why I appreciate the house now, because I only have one and it’s for me amazing anchor. I have my house for the very first time. I don’t have to move and I have everything in one place. It’s beautiful for me.

Can you think of an ideal model?
It’s good to see both of your parents, if possible.

Or not divorce, but sometimes it does not work.
Jesus, let people get divorced! Sometimes when I see these dysfunctional couples, I thank God for my parents’ divorce.

You can find the whole confession of Štěpánka Fingerhutová in the introductory video. What else did it reveal?

  • Why she enjoyed the fun collages after the broadcast Ninety started to emerge
  • Why on her due to a role in Doctor’s office in the rose garden people in the street spat
  • How the actress lives with a young cardiologist
  • How she perceived her parents’ difficult divorce
  • How he remembers taking children’s fashion photos
  • Why did Ondřej Sokol offer him to perform in Theater club
  • In what performances does he currently shine Theater in Dlouha

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