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Since the elections to the Chamber of Deputies last October, the STAN movement under the leadership of the current Interior Minister, Vít Rakušan, has experienced the most diverse causes of all government groups. It should be noted that they concern a large part of its senior officials. What is the explanation? What does this say about mayors and independents and what are their prospects? Can we say that they have the best behind them or are they still recovering?

The first problem encountered by the movement, led by Vít Rakušan, arose when, after the media elections, the Cypriot affairs of the Mayor and the Independent Minister of Industry and Trade and their Deputy Prime Minister Věslav Michalik started to be discussed. Originally, it was a loan of over one hundred million crowns, which his company borrowed from a company based in Cyprus. Subsequently, it turned out that his wife was behind Cypriot society. Michalik finally gave up his appointment to the government and the STAN movement sent Jozef Síkel there.

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Jan Farský, the 1st vice-president of the mayors and independents and their president of their parliamentary group, announced that he was leaving for a study trip to the United States, knowing his internship before the election, but he hid from its constituents. Following the heavy criticism that followed, it turned out that Farský had resigned.

Another case that affected the mayors was when it became clear that the STAN movement had received sponsorship donations from companies owned by opaque shells in Cyprus and Luxembourg and from companies whose co-owner was being sued in the framework of the tax case. As a result, the movement decided to return all donations from legal persons, which it received from the October elections until January 18. Additionally, mayors and independents have pledged to only accept gifts from individuals in the future.

The latest case handled by the movement concerned an MEP and now former deputy mayor Stanislav Polčák (he resigned from his post over the said case so as not to harm STAN). The fact is that the politician, who is also a lawyer, demanded 7.75 million crowns as a reward for representing four municipalities with the aim of obtaining compensation for the explosion of ammunition depots in Vrbětice. This represented 2.5% of the amount that municipalities received. Polčák and his law firm eventually waived claiming said amount.

Ignoring citizens and their feelings

The concentration of issues around vice-presidents of mayors and independents is unprecedented. It is true that the cases are of different nature and gravity. Nevertheless, they point out that the STAN movement is in serious trouble. And at the moment we can call it the most problematic government grouping. At the same time, mayors are really a very important political force today. They have the third strongest parliamentary group in the House, which has a total of 33 members. By way of comparison, the second Civic Democratic Party has only one more MP.

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All of these cases are linked by the fact that the politicians of the STAN movement are completely unaware of how various things work on the outside, or that they are completely unaware of the voters and their feelings. And this is an even better option. What’s worse is that they’re just testing what the public is going to endure, and only when they respond will they back out of everything, withdraw their nomination, resign, etc.

In an interview with List of Reports, President of Mayors and independent Vít Rakušan was asked: “What is going on with mayors? You say that Stanislav Polčák underestimated the political point of view. It’s the same as Mr. Farski. Then there is Věslav Michalik, where you haven’t taken care of the risks either.” The Home Secretary replied: ‘It’s going to sound ugly, but I’ll explain myself. The media image that is happening in our country is worse than what is happening in our country. Four government ministers for the STAN movement are doing their best, we have one of the strongest parliamentary groups. »

This answer alone shows that the mayors quite underestimate the whole situation and tend to see the error in the first place elsewhere. It was only in the second sequence that the Austrian added: “It’s probably also due to the way STAN has suddenly jumped into the role of government, we are exploited by government agendas. You can have little internal communication to be able to assess things and their impacts upstream. In general, I think that STAN must undergo a structural change in its operation. This means an even greater professionalization of our apparatus, which we are experiencing. From the point of view of my President, I also think that the Bureau also deserves new blood.”

Voter response

The President of Mayors is, of course, very right about this. The question is how quickly this change will come. After all, if the STAN movement makes such a mistake at the level of its vice presidents, it may only be a matter of time before something like this starts happening at a lower level. The movement currently represents a large number of lesser known, less experienced and rather regional politicians in the Chamber of Deputies, and it is difficult to say what will happen in time and whether STAN can respond better than in the cases described. .

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Government Press Conference (Government Office of the Czech Republic)

Purple’s government continues to build confidence, and that’s the most important thing right now

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And then here is the response from voters. According to the latest electoral model of the Kantar CZ agency for Czech television in February, the coalition of pirates and mayors would obtain only 14.5% of the vote. In the elections last October, he obtained 15.62%, and according to the November electoral model, Kantar CZ would even reach 17%. The February model then assigned 11% to mayors and 7.5% to pirates.

We see that the coalition of the Pirate Party and the STAN movement is not doing well, not even in its preferences. Moreover, the difference between the support of the Pirates and Mayors coalition and the TOTAL coalition, which according to the latest electoral model of Kantar CZ would have 32.5%, is a better result than that obtained in the elections last year, when she won 27.79%. percent.

The Vít Rakušan movement itself is still standing, but one can expect that sooner or later the mayors will catch up with the aforementioned cases if they do not really respond to them in a fundamental way and the changes mentioned by the Austrian president are not not visible.

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