PHOTO: A room full of kids pushed Nymburk to win. It was clear in a quarter

Nymburk performed some great events, Vojta Hruban crashed three times, Gorjok Gak was tricked after the throw, and the kids in the auditorium had fun. Kolín, who played without captains Adam Číže and Pavol Lošonský, paid twenty points more, of which Nymburk scored thirty-two points. Gradually, the home team increased the difference and calmly kept the victory.

But the biggest victory was that a large number of children managed to show how enjoyable and attractive this sport is. This is at a time when children’s interest in sports is waning after the pandemic.

The Nymburk Basketball Academy helped organize the event. It was also supported by the Nymburk Sports Centre.

“I really enjoyed the game. There were really a lot of kids and the atmosphere was great. We have big fans, but I would like this hall to be always full. Then it plays out differently. I don’t I didn’t even need to coach. When the players go to the game ready and warm and play a good first quarter, it’s easy for me. I could just sit back and enjoy the game. We scored forty points for the first quarter, which is amazing. Then everything was easier,” Nymburk coach Aleksander Sekulič said after a clear win.

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His counterpart also enjoyed the packed house. “The hall was full and the children can create a nice atmosphere and only more matches of this type, because then everyone enjoys it a lot more. I’m just sorry that we entered the match scared. Nymburk is very strong, but that doesn’t mean we have to be afraid to finish it and defend. If someone plays us, then we have to make a foul and not play almost flawlessly,” said Cologne coach Miroslav Sodoma after the game. “Fear prevented us from playing a bit better. The players know the strength of Nymburk and, as they say, we lost twenty points ten kilometers from Nymburk. That’s the whole point. It would be different with Číž and Lošonský It’s no secret that their injuries aren’t the worst, but the playoffs are coming up, so they’ve both had time to prepare for the playoffs, which determines the success of the season. Our goal is to bring eight hundred fans into the hall for the quarter-finals, and I believe this event will help, for which we thank Nymburk very much for being able to participate and bring our children. fruits in the future,” hopes the driver from Cologne.

The players also enjoyed the game properly. “The feelings are excellent. It’s an atypical schedule, but the full hall and the atmosphere won’t let you breathe and will give you energy. Playing in front of such an atmosphere is beautiful. It was obvious that the kids enjoyed. They danced in the bleachers, excited for a few nice events, so it served its purpose. I’ve had events there where I’d probably go to the basket on delivery, but the vibe left me The energy was great, maybe we were more awake than if it was afternoon. Maybe we could do it more often,” said Vojtěch Hruban, an experienced fighter from Nymburk.

His words were also highlighted by teammate Luboš Kovář. “I really enjoyed it. The children created a great atmosphere. Finally, the room was full and it was nice when everyone started shouting at the basket. It’s not comparable to what we live like an atmosphere in a national team. There are more drums and trumpets, here it was a lot of shouting and squealing. Every encouragement is good. The children led us, which was seen at the beginning “It probably turned out that we’re used to morning training, unlike Kolín. So we robbed them, we gave up forty points for a quarter and then we didn’t have any bigger problems.” , said Kovář.

Even Cologne’s top scorer Jiří Jelínek liked the idea of ​​starting the game in the morning. “I have a better feeling about that after the game than when they told me we were going to play it. I’m not a person who works at ten in the morning. But it was great. The kids got together. feasted and finally there were emotions in the auditorium I did not experience it two years ago, I just saw and perceived it, now for the first time in person and except for the big difference in points, I can only rate it positively. It’s spring, so sometimes the sap flows into the old tree and it falls on me. I don’t know if it was the energy of the children, but I hit something so I kept trying. It definitely suited the mood better, you don’t notice it so much on the playground, but when there’s a break in the game, we hear the children singing. The children of Cologne gave us a lot of applause. It was nice on both sides and we enjoyed it, “added the author in twenty-four points.

Nymburk-Kolin 107:75 (40:17, 20:17, 29:19, 18:22)

Most points: Kovář 18, Harding 14, Benda, Palyza and Hruban after 12, Tůma 11, Gak 8, Kříž 7, Routt 5, Váňa and Rylich after 3, Ross 2 – Jelínek 24, Petráš 16, Martin 11. Fouls: 18:17. THU: 14/11 – 10/6. Threesomes: 10:11 a.m. Rebounds: 45:35. Losses: 6:20. Wins: 10:3. Assists: 27:19.

David Svab

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