Petra Špalková: I would be a bad detective, I hate looking at blood

Petra Špalková comes from Brno. She started at the Na Provázku theatre, she was just over 20 when she joined the Prague Drama Club. Then came the Dlouhá Theatre, the Na Zábradlí Theater and, for eight years, the National Theatre.

It is said everywhere that you come from a family of footballers. Was football really that important to your parents, or do journalists portray it to each other?

“It was really important, as if our children did anything other than acting, they will say they come from a theatrical family. When we matured, football was number 1, my father was a premier league referee and my mother worked in the central committee of ČSTV and was the only woman there. And dad was a co-author of the Rules for Judges. So it was a big topic there.”

Petra Špalková during the filming of Záletů with Alena Zárybnická

In the Czech television series Shadows in the Mist, you play criminologist Magda Mala. Would you be a good detective?

“You know, I can’t stand the sight of blood. Thus, I would not only be a bad detective, but also a bad doctor. Respectively, in a crisis, if someone lies in blood, I can act absolutely pragmatic, calm down and act rationally. But then I would knock for a day and a half somewhere in the corner of the apartment and be afraid to go and buy the rolls opposite. I think what I could do moreover in this job, it’s communication. I would learn the stuff, the psychology. I think I would be a good collaborator and I would master analytical thinking.”

It doesn’t run chronologically, it’s the most difficult part of the series.

Have you ever thought about when your serial daughter was offered to be played by your daughter Andělka?

“It just came to our knowledge at the time. Not only is it not exactly the gender the child should start in, but also if he’s in first grade at all. Plus, she’s such a rocker, characterized by the fact that the daughter of two actors didn’t know a single poem from beginning to end Or a song Because every time we tried to teach her something, she said that she wanted to sing it differently and that it was her life and that she would do it her way. I had a problem with whether to drill this angel into such a structured job, if she could. And I I’ll get away from homework, school. So it made me hard for that reason. At the same time, it was a challenge for me, I felt like I would have enough to take care of my character.”

Petra Spalkova, actress

The last twelfth part of the series will be broadcast on Monday evening by Czech television. Tell me, what did you like the most about all this?

“Filming took place right after the first deadline in 2020. We shot four days of filming, the first deadline came, the kids threw us in to educate them ourselves. It was a beautiful three months of total slavery The delay ended on June 8 and from June 10 in Ostrava and 128 days of filming, interrupted by the fact that Jirka Vyorálek had contact with the positive, he is negative, but he must be quarantined for 14 days . So unpack the suitcases, we’ll be waiting for you at home. That’s how we played it, and we ended up filming it for a year. We shot it in March, then a long break and last year we just finished filming over Easter. It doesn’t shoot chronologically, that’s the hardest thing about this show. You shoot 12 episodes at a time, depending on locations, actors. So a week ago I was watching the penultimate episode, when my character leaves the house, it’s a d es foregrounds, and I realized that the day Magdalena Malá left the house. It therefore revolves around the house in the first part. He’s a guy, combed, boom boom, a long hand opens his audinka with a key. Then comb, change, go out in the eleventh part. With different energy, the hand is no longer so dazzling from the body, because I’ve had enough and that’s how it cuts for you. And you have to have a very specific plan of what it’s going to look like. »

You have earned three Czech lions. When the actor steps into the role, does he say after reading the script that he has the handle that he was involved in something that can be rewarded? Did you know that in advance?

“Not at all, I think it’s a good script, it’s a beautifully written character. Maybe I know how to play it, my intuition guides me. Film Like never before it was a turning point for me, Stinks was an important film, it has a good key script. If there are awards, that’s good and that’s fine, but you know you’re doing a good job.”

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