Novotný: If I hadn’t gone back to Motor, I would be sorry. What about beer rituals?

Last summer, through an interview in Sport, he announced the end of a professional career filled with experiences and stories of the NHL, the KHL and the national team. Jiří Novotný (38) was looking forward to working as a players’ agent for the Swiss market and preparing for family and regional league leave in the jersey of Budweis Samson. To absorb one of life’s finest moments in Budvar’s roaring arena on Monday night. “If I didn’t come back, I would regret it,” the reputable center admitted.

At first, it looked like a week’s help. Provided that if both parties take advantage of it, the extension of the rescue plan will reach its climax. Ultimately, the brigade emerged a crucial role on the team and a key voice in the cabin. In short, Jiří Novotný listening in full fire like before. And in very good shape. For example, throwing is the best of all in the playoffs. Sparta will not have it easy.

Novotny in season
matches 34 5
goals 4 1
assistance 4 1
more or less -2 +2
time on the ice 19:00 19:45
to throw 51.8% 65.7%

Welcome back to Motor, what do you say?
“I don’t know about Motor, but it really paid off for me. But hopefully for him. If you had told me a few months ago that the extra league semi-finals would turn out to be the semi- league I’d consider you crazy Turns out this manchaft has something in it Everyone said we were older and couldn’t handle it but the opposite turned out The match decisive, two goals will be scored by Pecháček (Lukáš Pech), 38, and one by Miža (Michal Vondrka), 40. I’m very happy for the boys, because we have a very good group here. is a cliché, but that’s not possible without a good climate in the cabin. We have something to be proud of.”

The so-called old school is still writing. Czech hockey invites new talents, looks for them with a magnifying glass, but in the end it is the leopards who decide.
“There’s something about it. But again, so it doesn’t sound against young people. It’s not like that, we have a middle generation and younger boys in the team. All the Everyone had to dig in, everyone was involved in the process. Plus, we have great goalkeepers and great coaches. I have to hit, everything is going as it should. And we’re not done yet. rest, we are gaining strength. The semi-finals are waiting for us and we will come back to it.”

What percentage of success is the character of the team?
“The hut is always run by older boys, although the fact is that even the younger ones are gradually getting into it, which I can only welcome. But the more experienced people always give the order. In same time, he has to lead by example, in training, in wrestling, everywhere. He’s been working since the first day I’ve been here. From my own experience, I know that when I see a forty-year-old fighter at the training, he doesn’t give it to me and I have to work too. It’s the alpha and omega of everything. We all get up and win together.”

Jaroslav Modrý is an example of a successful coach who doesn’t have to enforce speaking volumes. Didn’t you expect that after a career spent in America, he would struggle more with the Czech environment?
“I’ve known Jarda for a long time. We understand, it’s my blood type. He can take on the feelings of a player, he didn’t end up young, so he knows the feelings of older hockey players very well, who sometimes need relief. It doesn’t really require us to do anything, we can make decisions based on our own feelings and experiences. According to the state of one’s own body. This is a huge benefit for people. players if they have a person above them who knows what and how.”

When you saw and absorbed the euphoria unleashed in the galleries after Game 5, you’d probably regret it if you went undercover as a fan, right?
“I would like to regret it 100%. On the contrary, I would literally be pissed off. (smiles) But who knows. If I wasn’t there, maybe the boys would go to the quarter-finals from third place, not from the fourth. I am just a piece of the whole mosaic, which I hope fits into all of this. I try to help as much as I can. Weakening, projection, moonlighting. Makat, show the young people from the cabin what it means to be a leader so far it’s working I’m happy with it and hope this fairy tale doesn’t end there God probably wanted me to do something more to the end of my career.”

Did you have to adjust your lifestyle after your return, or won’t you make it so bad?
“It’s no secret that as a true Budweiser I like beer, sometimes I go there. I have my rituals the day before the game, I learned to ring the Butchers. J “I took vitamins like that. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll take one. Like Monday with the boys after the game. We’ll rest for two days and start preparing for the next game.”

How is a player’s agent for Switzerland not offered on the market there?
“Look, definitely not anymore. (smiles) Not the first, not the second. I’m extremely satisfied here in Motor, I wouldn’t play anywhere else. If someone else persuaded me to fall and for money, I wouldn’t go there. Budejovice was the only way back. I wanted my family, the children, to see me. This is absolutely crucial and most important to me. Nothing else matters. “

Miroslav Horák’s point of view: Nine years of dreams. The engine gave him
I am not one of those who, after the departure of Mountfield from South Bohemia, demanded from their bosses a lifetime ban on access to hockey in the winter stadiums. It wasn’t as black and white as many try to portray it. Nevertheless, nine years ago the club crumbled, staring into the eyes of fate. It hurt, but through zeal for zeal and hard work, he recovered, carving from the dust a new and damn strong identity, possibly the strongest in history. For its part, Motor has the most important thing – dedicated and proud fans. Monday’s triumphal evening was all the sweeter and more sincere. He belonged to all who desperately believed that such a day would come. It took time, but it came. Major power.

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