Motorcycles are selling very well in the Czech Republic and now is the time to buy one. If only because of the cost of traffic

Why have motorcycles been selling so well for two years? I’ve tried asking several different importers this question, and even the Car Importers Association (which has its own motorcycle section). The answer is more complex, as it can be said that motorcycles have been playing different and consecutive cards for two years now. When covid broke out almost exactly two years ago, a lot of uncertainty flooded the world. On the contrary, one of the few certainties was that most people spend their summer holidays on the couch at home. And at that time the motorcycle began to function as a “patch” and a means of making oneself happy in uncertain times.

Then cars became more expensive due to fines for not meeting fleet emission limits, and to make matters worse, a chip crisis ensued. So, as the production plants were able to open after the easing of the measures, they did not have to change the assembly components of the cars. And suddenly there are the motorcycles, which are only getting more expensive and, above all, they are still around.

Before we jump into why a motorbike is good and why you should buy one I would like to make one clarification – although I burn for motorbikes where I can of course I would humbly admit that a motorbike like ultimate means of transport is not almighty. There are a few “buts” and a few drawbacks – the most fundamental of course is safety, and therefore danger. Yes, we are more exposed on motorcycles than in cars, and even a relatively minor accident can be a big problem. On the other hand, over the years I’ve ridden, I’ve found that the dangers of a motorcycle are largely influenced by who sits on it.

Photo: Jakub Deml

Want free advice? Dress for this bike! I’m not saying you need a leather suit for every scooter ride, but I couldn’t use a speedometer without gloves and sturdy boots on a motorcycle for example…

Other disadvantages are more subjective – the weather factor depends on your willingness to get wet or ride in the cold, and therefore your ability to deal with the vagaries of nature. It is also up to everyone to consider carrying everything they need on a motorcycle. Throwing a backpack with a laptop on the back is no problem, and a smaller purchase on the way home will also do. But you will still have to take a car to take the children to school and supply the family celebrations… Now let’s move on to the advantages.

The cheapest way to move

In an age where gas stations cost as much as the cost of daily commuting, this is an important topic for many people. The suburbs of big cities are expanding, people are used to commuting to work and homework, often over long distances, and when gas prices jump tens of percent overnight, we We’ve had a pretty painful blow to many mortgage-laden family budgets. Even the six-litre diesel that the Octavia drives suddenly isn’t as “cool” as it was a month ago.

And that’s exactly where scooters and motorcycles come in, which are often able to get around at incredibly low operating costs. Consider classic small scooters with a volume of 125 cm3, for which you do not even need to have a special driving license – group B is enough for a car. Even I, with a weight of more than 100 kilos and a constantly turned rack, ride this class of scooters, usually around two liters of gasoline per hundred. And you can easily buy a brand new machine for up to 50,000 crowns if you opt for Chinese production. You’ll pay extra for Japanese or European machines, but we’re still talking up to 80,000 session.

Photo: Jakub Deml

Tricycles are such a nice legislative “obezlič”. You can have the power and feel of a big scooter, but still without the need for a driver’s license

And it’s still not the most economical option. While not an entertainment standard or a representative of a “sexy” motorcycle, it’s kind of an absolutely mesmerizing Honda CB125F machine. The new one costs without a hundred 70 thousand, Honda indicates the consumption of 1.5 liters per hundred kilometers (so it should not be a problem in both) and practically the only maintenance of a completely simple air-cooled single cylinder is to change one (!) Liter of oil, i.e. all of its contents.

If I break with the junior category of 125, there are not much more expensive and voracious, not even the three and four hundred, with which I have always rode for a few three liters more or less. And for example, the popular two-cylinder five hundred always move with an overview of up to four liters. Quite a significant difference from cars driving around town.

Photo: Lukas Volsicky

In recent years, many 500s have been added to the market, the engine of which is in fact copied by the Honda CB500. It usually comes from China, but if that’s okay with you, you’re getting a functional and perfectly adequate machine for super money that will work for change and keep you entertained as well.

The fastest way to get around

One of the reasons motorcycles don’t eat so much in town is because they don’t “jump” around columns that much. While with the car you have no choice but to honestly endure every “strudel” that gets in your way, on a motorcycle you can drive around most columns and at the traffic light (at which most city ​​columns), you can stand straight ahead.

Many might say that I am legislating on thin ice here, but that is not entirely true. Indeed, bypassing and overtaking motorcycle convoys are in no way regulated, and even if it is forbidden to drive along the demarcation line or to change lanes without flashing lights, the police simply tolerate the passage of bikers in the convoy. I know of a few examples of fines, but they are really rare.

Photo: Jakub Deml

Cars park, scooters and motorbikes drive…

Moreover, and above all, the passage of motorcyclists is tolerated by the drivers of the convoy cars themselves. It always takes motorists a while to get used to the post-winter swarms of bikers, but after a few weeks motorists are creating lanes considerably or avoiding them. And thanking them with a nod will delight many of them. Instances of someone intentionally blocking or behaving in a hostile manner are again quite rare. But the time saved when commuting by motorbike is enormous…

The most fun way to move

Also, when you go beyond normal duties, you’ll start to find that’s where the bike excels. Horseback riding should not just be a duty, but also a way to throw those duties behind your head. A ride on a sunny weekend is one of the greatest relaxations you can experience, and no matter how you take it. Depending on the machine and your own setting, you can cut corners, cruise dirt roads or just chat about the countryside.

Photo: Lukas Volsicky

It doesn’t matter how you do your Sunday rides. Above all, it should be fun. And believe me, you’re going to enjoy it…

Yeah Al, sounds pretty shitty to me, looks like BT isn’t for me either, something bigger and more fun. As a result, the motorcycle will no longer be just a means of getting into service efficiently and quickly.

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