KRRR! The 70s Film Festival begins in Krnov

Before the advent of digital, films were distributed in cinemas on large reels. The royal format was a belt seventy millimeters wide. Movies from the 70s were very expensive, but they gave audiences the best picture on the biggest screen. It was a spectator experience full of incredible detail.

TIP: Krrr! it once again spins historic spotlights

The Mír cinema in Krnov is one of the last in Europe where film projectors from the 1970s still keep them running. This is how the 70mm film festival KRRR! was born, which will begin its 15th year in Krnov in April.

The program offers previews at the cinema

Krnovské kino Mír is preparing the KRRR festival! after a long covid break. Both archival films (such as the Grand Prix or Alexander the Great) and feature films from recent years (Death on the Nile, Kong: Skull Island) are represented, proving that even in the era of digital projections , the classic film strip has its place and its fans.

KRR Festival!  attracts moviegoers from all over Europe to Krnov.

Krnov Festival KRRR! is an invitation to retro cinema

Also this year, the program includes films that will have their premiere in the Czech cinema in Krnov. Western Silverado (1985) was the first commercially successful film starring Kevin Costner. We are entertained by the war movie Kelly’s Heroes (1970) starring Clint Eastwood. The musicals Chorus Line (1985) and Pomáda (1978), which are part of the opening ceremony, will also be present. All films will be screened in their original version with Czech subtitles.

Visitors from abroad

In Krnov, it all started with a seminar on cinema and cinema for a few enthusiasts and witnesses of the “seventies”. When film connoisseurs realized the rarity of the “70s”, a festival was born, where guests from the Czech Republic come to Krnov. Since this is a globally unique event, even regular visitors from abroad have come to Krnov.

A film from the set of the Czech television detective series Shadows in the Mist.

Looking at Shadows in the Fog. Remember where filming took place all over the MS area

Petra Manczalová, director of the Municipal Information and Culture Center in Krnov (MIKS Krnov), which organizes the whole event, adds: “We took the fifteenth year as a small celebration and a gift for our fans. 9 films, professional conferences, rare 70 mm short films and many other surprises await visitors. »

Festival accreditation prices remain similar to previous years. Visitors pay 1,050 CZK for the three-day program and a two-day accreditation can be obtained for 750 CZK. The organizers offer a discount to students and members of the Ciné Club. The festival also includes professional introductions to individual films and lectures by European specialists who appreciate the preserved technical equipment of the Mír cinema. Tickets for a film cost around 140 crowns.

FRIDAY 1. 4. 2022
Alfred the Great from 1 p.m. (1969 film)

At the dawn of British history, England is ravaged by hordes of marauding Danes. The young heir to the throne, Alfred, is a zealous Christian who aspires to devote his life to meditation and to becoming a priest. However, after his father’s death, he is forced to take up the sword, unite the fragmented country and become Alfred the Great.

Kong: Skull Island from 4 p.m. (2017)
The adventure film tells the story of a disparate team of researchers, soldiers, and adventurers who come together to explore a mysterious, dangerous, and beautiful island somewhere in the uncharted Pacific. Cut off from everything they know, they enter the territory of the mighty Congo. Their path to knowledge turns into a struggle for survival and an escape from paradise, in which there is no place for man.

7:15 PM Ointment (1978)
John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in the main roles of the famous American musical. One of the most watched films in all countries. Danny and Sandy, their school sweethearts and friends have become the idols of their generation.

SATURDAY 2. 4. 2022
Kelly’s Heroes From 9 A.M. (1970)
Kelly learns of the existence of the gold bars that the Germans have hidden in a small French bank in the heart of enemy territory. It’s immediately clear to Sergeant Crapgame how wonderful Kelly’s idea is. He’s recruiting the craziest platoon of tankers you’ve ever seen.

Silverado from 3 p.m. (1985)
Cowboy Emeth is attacked. The attack pushes back, but he doesn’t understand who wanted to kill him and why. Then he finds an exhausted man in the desert and helps him. In town, they witness a fight in a saloon that has broken out over a black man whom the bartender has refused to serve. Emeth is looking for her brother, whom she finds at the local base. After the shooting, Emeth and his brother flee to the town of Silverado. The black man they defended helps them escape. In Silverado, Emeth finds out who attacked him and why.

Chorus Line from 6:15 p.m. (1985)
A group of dancers gather on the stage of a Broadway theater to audition for a new musical directed by Zach (Michael Douglas). The former successful dancer, who had a tumultuous romance with Zach, arrives late due to her Hollywood career. Cassie has been out of work for over a year now and so desperate that she’s trying to get at least a place in the choir. Will her ex-boyfriend help her with the selection process? The life stories of other dancers are also revealed.

Death on the Nile at 9 p.m. (2022)
The famous detective novel by Agatha Christie in a new adaptation. Belgian detective Hercule Poirot’s vacation aboard a charming river steamer in Egypt turns into a terrifying murder hunt, just as tragedy strikes the perfect couple’s idyllic honeymoon. A story of passion and jealousy that takes place in the impressive desert landscape and the environment of the majestic pyramids of Giza.

SUNDAY 3. 4. 2022
Grand Prix at 10:15 (1966)
An exciting battle for the crown of the king of Formula 1. The magnificent Grand Prix film is often described as one of the best films in the racing environment. The director shot footage for his film at real races, which is why many period details appear in the film, including racing stars from the era and European track profiles. The story captures the relentless duel of four fictional racers who, in their desire for victory, are willing to ride to the limit and face the risk of a fatal crash. An irreconcilable rivalry is reflected in their disorganized personal relationships.

Beauty and the Beast at 2 p.m. (1991)
At a time when fairy tales were still a reality, a handsome young prince lived in France, but he was proud and selfish. The old witch decided to punish him and turned him into a terrible animal. However, she wished for a young life and gave the prince another chance for deliverance: if a girl falls in love with him, she will become human again. As usual in fairy tales, everything will be fine. Beauty falls in love with the animal, the prince regains his original form, corrects himself and becomes a good and just king. Beauty and the Beast was the first cartoon in Oscar history to be nominated for Best Picture.

TOPIC: What is 70mm film?

Most film distribution took place before the advent of digital technology on a 35 mm wide film strip with perforations on both sides. In the 1950s, 70mm wide film strip began to be used for large format screenings in large cinemas. Its main advantage was the extremely large screen, which allowed you to record more details. Thanks to the sufficient space on the tape, the film copies could be equipped with up to six sound channels. The disadvantage of this format was the much higher consumption of film material and the high demands on projection technology. Gradually, the 70mm prints were once again replaced by 35mm prints. This has led to the disappearance of almost a hundred places where it was still possible to see the seventies in the early 1990s. Currently, 70 mm prints can only be shown in the Mír 70 Krnov and Panorama Varnsdorf cinemas.

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