If it’s the right one, you’ll know it easily. He won’t change and control you

An ideal man does not exist, but a good partner in life certainly does. What criteria must it meet, what characteristics must it have? A sense of humor, tolerance, joie de vivre and a sense of family? But above all, he must love you as you are. How do you know it’s the right one? He should never want that for you.

1. Change in His image

One of the basic rules of a happy relationship is that partners should accept each other as they are and should not try to change each other. Of course, they interact, adapt, etc., it’s completely natural.

But if your counterpart has known all along that you like to sleep in on the weekends, yet he’s planning trips in the dark, or trying to convince you that your vegetarianism isn’t healthy, you need to be careful. A loving partner must accept who you are and love you.

2. Give up your hobbies

Do you love long bike trips, and he would prefer to go on a motorbike? you are a fan cinematic comedies, and he superhero movie fan? Then you both have to compromise. It’s clear that you want to spend as much time together as possible, so you’ll have to go for a ride on a motorbike every now and then, and he’ll go to the movies with you every once in a while to have fun. And of course, it’s good if you have time for your hobbies separately. But if it forces you to do your own activities, be careful and don’t let your joy be taken away from you. Likewise, support your partner in their hobbies.

Try to find a compromise where both of you can pursue your hobbies and hobbies in which you will support each other. But if your partner despises your hobbies, he doesn’t mind having something, it’s not good.

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I’m in favor of compromise, but watching football three nights in a row, and remembering that I want to go out alone?

That partners should have no secrets from them and should know not only their innermost wishes, dreams and fears, but also their passwords and internet history? Everyone has a right to privacy and you don’t need showing her partner the phonedoesn’t mean you’re hiding something.

If he wants to see your news and check out social media, that says a lot about his need for supervision. However, if you’re not ready to put your phone out of sight for a while, it may mean that you don’t have complete peace of mind.

4. Change your look

Physical attraction belongs to the relationship, among other things. But appearance should definitely not be the most important and important thing. It would be superficial and it would not prove a deep love.

If your partner interferes with the style of dress, advocates more pronounced makeup, or even surgical adjustments to appearance, it’s wrong. She should love you even imperfect, nose abraded by a cold, not expecting perfect beauty from morning till night.

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I would be happy with the size, but they say it’s minor and I should take that into account…

5. Cut off your friends or family

A person in love tends to give maximum time to the partner at the beginning of the relationship and sometimes for a while putting aside friends or family. It happens. But you will have to sit down and your loved ones will generally have an understanding for this transitional period.

But if your partner is jealous of their friends and makes a scene when you want to see them without them, or is interested in your family, criticizing them and trying to pull you away from them, that’s a clear signal that something is wrong. do not go. He should never force you to choose whether he or others are more important to you.

6. Do something you don’t like

The relationship is meant to be an oasis of peace and security, not a place where you do things you don’t believe in, don’t like, etc. And it can be on unpleasant sexual practicesthat you don’t like, a little car ride that makes you look horrible, or loans that will put you in a debt trap.

Equal partners talk to each other and everyone has the right to say what they dislike, what is unpleasant and what they would like differently.

7. Giving up a career

Is work important to you, do you work hard and sacrifice a lot to get to the position you currently hold? And not only does the partner not appreciate it, but it also escalates the situation or tells you that you are fit for something less responsible? Unacceptable! If a career is important to you and you don’t devote time to it, even to the detriment of the relationship, he should be the first to appreciate and support you. If he’s cheating on you like this and you don’t want to give up just yet, ask him if he’s happy with his work, maybe he’s not going in the right direction.

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