How to educate readers

Reading books is not just a nice hobby. It opens a window to the world of fantasy for children and brings or deepens in a playful way many skills and knowledge essential to school and life.

The proven recipe commands children to read from early childhood, so they can’t wait for books to open and read on their own.

What will the children learn?

Experts have long shown that parents who read to children build a better relationship with them and deepen their communication with each other. Despite the fact that the book is something that will keep them entertained at all times (even without a signal). What else does reading bring to children?

  • Ability to listen and understand the story. It is one of the basic human skills needed to orient the child in the world around him. Through stories, he receives lessons and lessons for life. Listening naturally trains attention and the ability to follow the context. It also takes imagination and imagination. They then further develop children’s creativity. And the child will deepen all these skills and knowledge when he is able to read on his own.
  • Empathy. Research shows that people who read novels depicting the inner lives of characters have an increased ability to understand the feelings and attitudes of others.
  • Build a good vocabulary. A survey by the American company Cengage, which deals with education, showed that 69% of employers are looking for employees with so-called “soft” skills, i.e. non-technical skills which include the ability to communicate well. Reading is a great way to acquire new vocabulary and also to understand the context in which specific words are used. At school and at work, it’s priceless…
  • Provides knowledge and information. And in a fun way. Geography, history, natural history, technical knowledge, etc. – all in one package and even so that the child cannot take his eyes off the letters.
  • Anti-stress recipe. Reading reduces inner tension just like yoga. At least according to a 2009 study that found reading for 30 minutes lowered blood pressure and relieved stress.
  • Ensure good sleep. Doctors from the famous American Mayo Clinic recommend reading as part of a sleep routine. But be careful, read on paper, not digitally, because the light emitted by electronic devices disturbs sleep rather than inducing it.

How to do

At a certain age, children should read on their own, but they don’t always feel like it. Louise Baigelman, director of the international non-profit educational platform Story Shares, gives parents advice on what to do with it:

  • Let them read all the time. If they still have the same book, let them. Repeat playback helps improve speed and accuracy. It will be easier and easier for them to read.
  • Don’t leave home without a book. Every time you go to the doctor, for example, you take the podstatě train, practically anywhere. The child has fun and learns that there is always a book to read.
  • Reading is a rewarding activity. Don’t make the mistake of allowing kids to use a computer or TV for a reward, but have them read as a punishment.
  • Choose the right books. It’s very important, no one likes what they don’t understand. Not even that which is too easy. Booksellers will certainly be happy to advise you.
  • Combine reading with reality. For example, if a child is reading articles about football, ask them if they have had a similar experience kicking the ball. Try a trip to places associated with the book. It’s all-day family fun and the story will suddenly be so much more important. You can also go directly to the books – just get inspired by our tips.
Libraries offer adventure
The Czech Republic has the densest library network in the world, so why not use it? Children have a huge selection here and the volunteer librarians can recommend many wonderful bespoke books.
Plus, it’s not just a place where books sit on the shelves anymore. They often become multicultural centers, where children can actively spend their time – various playful and educational events are held there, just look around.
Night with Andersen is a national event designed to support children’s reading and takes place every year on the birthday of Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. This year’s event will take place on Friday, April 1. Children can spend the night in their local library, listen to readings and learn a lot about literature that might interest them.
You can also go to book fairs, festivals and exhibitions to find books. The most famous is probably the Book World, which will take place in Prague in June, the Humbook festival focuses on popular science fiction and fantasy literature, in Moravia you can visit the Ostrava Book Festival and many small events and sales exhibitions are organised.

For the illustrations at La Malterie

For the youngest readers who do not yet speak letters, the Písek malthouse is an ideal destination for a literary journey. In his Nid, he offers an excursion into the world of illustrations, which certainly belong to children’s books.

The images of popular artists tell distinct stories, which interested people can freely enter, complete or simply navigate through their fantasies. They will use, among others, the works of Josef Lada, Josef Čapek, Jiří Trnka, Josef Paleček, Daisy Mrázková, Andrey Tacheza, Galina Miklínová, Pavel Čech, Karel Svolinský and Karel Kubašta.

Towards the nature behind the dinosaurs

You will discover a real prehistoric creature with Lucie Rybová’s book The Mystery of a Dinosaur. His secret unfolds in a fighting game in which he accompanies little readers through the Mesozoic in central Bohemia, where the relatively unknown Burianosaurus augustai lived.

His well-preserved femur found near the village of Mezholezy in 2003 suggests it was three to four meters long. It takes its name from the archaeologist Daniel Madia after the famous authors of prehistoric books and illustrations, Zdeněk Burian and Josef August. The book also includes puzzles from which you can assemble the creature.

To the exhibition behind Velký Vont

Photo: Prague Capital Museum

You can currently experience a great literary adventure in Prague thanks to the great exhibition The City as a Phantom / The Prague Inspirations by Jaroslav Foglar in the presheld U Zlatého building.

Head to the Mysterious Shadows – to find out all you have and need to earn a reward, use a deck of cards complete with a search card. All you have to do is pick them up, complete one task after another, and the compiled report will lead you to your goal.

And indomitable seekers who love the story of Foglar can then take to the streets to play an outdoor game called Stínadla. There are 17 tasks waiting for them in 17 locations. You’ll find them on a blind map, available in the museum, which will reliably lead you there.

Not going to Prague? Do you like foglarovky and are you closer to Ledče nad Sázavou? Next, visit the local Jaroslav Foglar Museum. It was created near places that the writer also loved. From the mid-1920s to 1945, he organized scout camps in Sluneční zátoka on the local meadow. He also loved them very much.

At the planetarium behind the stars and science fiction

Photo: Denisa Kimlova Archive

Books in the fantasy and science fiction genres sparked interest in the universe. Even the protagonist of Secrets of the Planet Dor by Denisa Kimlová, 11-year-old Prokop, is learning what he can accomplish if he learns to trust himself. His journey takes place both on Earth and in space, where much can be discovered. So try to go to the observatory or the planetarium, of which we have more than sixty.

Well-equipped facilities can be found in Prague, Brno, Ostrava or Pilsen. The local staff will also explain many things to the children, including the fact that many planets remain to be discovered. Various interesting events are also held there, and for example in the Techmania in Pilsen you will also find a projection of a 3D planetarium.

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