He kidnapped and buried 26 children alive. The player of the biggest kidnapping in the United States is now released

The men then forced the drivers and children between the ages of five and fourteen to change seats. “Then they took the 27 abductees to Livermore Quarry, over 100 miles away,” CNN said.

The kidnappers then ordered the children out of the van. “They asked for each child’s name, age, address and phone number. They also took a piece of clothing or a small thing from everyone,” CNN explains.

Buried alive

Then they literally buried them alive – they forced the school children up a ladder into a truck covered in rubble and dirt. When the last child came down, they went up the ladder. “It was like a grave. Like a coffin. Like a huge coffin for all of us,” one of the abductees, Carrejo Labendeira, later recalled.

While the children were going through the worst times of their lives, the kidnappers began to demand a ransom of five million dollars from their loved ones. “Children imprisoned underground have been waiting for sixteen hours for either rescue or death. The youngest cried uncompromisingly, the oldest tried to comfort them. “CNN describes the horrific conditions described by witnesses. The children again vomited because of their nervousness, unbearable heat and the smell. The toilet was just a small hole in the wall of the truck next to a small supply of food.” left there.

However, after four o’clock, something that could be considered a miracle happened then – the bus driver and the oldest of the kidnapped boys, fourteen-year-old boys, managed to open a hole in the ceiling of the truck and to dig a little in the ground. “Their timing was incredible. They came out just as the kidnappers were sleeping,” CNN recalled.

The parents only knew the children by their clothes. The gas explosion killed nearly three hundred schoolchildren

Gradually, a group of dirty, hungry children, including the driver, reached the guardhouse at the entrance to the quarry. Through a TV broadcast, the local guard immediately recognized them and woke them up to the police.

Then the hijacker started. Suspicion immediately fell on the quarry owner’s son, Frederick Newhall Woods, in his twenties. He turned out to be on parole for previous crimes he had committed with his friends, brothers James and Richard Schoenfeld. Police quickly searched the entire quarry, finding weapons and balaclavas. Although the three kidnappers managed to escape at first, they were all detained within weeks.

Woods and the Schoenfeld brothers confessed to the crime after their arrest. The fact that they were the ones who overheard this act surprised everyone, because they were young people from wealthy families who apparently had no reason to do such a terrible thing about money. Only later did it become clear that, despite their wealthy parents, they were in debt. Although none of the abducted children or the driver suffered physical injuries, they all suffer from mental health issues. “The court sentenced each of the perpetrators to 27 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of applying for parole. However, everyone appealed and the Court of Appeal overturned the initial verdict – the sentences stood, but he been determined that they could apply for parole after a certain period of time,” writes Fox News.

The kidnappers came out

This infuriated the parents of the abducted children and the victims themselves. “Until then, we felt safe because we thought they would never come out. Knowing they were kidnappers in prison, we didn’t have to worry about them chasing us. Everyone told us: they will never come out, you don’t have to worry,” recalled Carrejo Labendeira, who said he was wrong to think the kidnappers would be free again.

It was in 2015 that his nightmare came true for the second time. Richard Schoenfeld was paroled in 2012, and his brother James three years later.

To date, the main organizer of the kidnapping, Frederick Newhall Woods, appears to have remained in prison. He was able to apply for his first parole in 1982. “He has tried eighteen times in total since then. Seventeen attempts ended in rejection, but at the 18th hearing he received a recommendation from the commission to approve his parole,” Fox News said.

LAPD.  Illustrative photo.

He also murdered pregnant women. Before catching Maniac Turner, they mistakenly condemned the innocent

Woods apologized to the victims during the hearing. “I feel empathy for them that I didn’t feel before. Since then, my character has changed,” Woods said, according to CBS News.

It is now clear that even the last actor in the worst child abduction in American history will be released again in a few months. “The parole board’s draft decision will become effective within 120 days. After that, the state governor has an additional thirty days to review the decision. He can either keep it in effect or dismiss it. to the plenum for further consideration. However, he could only overrule the decision if it was a prisoner convicted of murder, which Woods is not,” CNN explains.

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