He even paints to the sounds of war. The artist stayed with her dogs near the bombed airport

The inhabitants of the vicinity of kyiv flee the attacks of the Russian army and the villages located a few tens of kilometers from the metropolis are depopulated. The area is fighting fiercely: last week the Ukrainian army liberated several villages in a counter-offensive, and on Monday Russian troops tried to advance on the roads leading from kyiv in a number of ways. Artist Alevtina Kachidze is one of the few locals who didn’t leave.

The 43-year-old Ukrainian woman lives in the village of Muzychi, located west of kyiv and about thirty kilometers from the military airport of Hostomel. It was at this base that the Ukrainians and Russians fought an uphill battle in the early days of the invasion, and the region continued to fight.

One of the reasons why she did not escape was that she was heard from the start of the interview for Aktuálně.cz. Several dogs barking. “If the Ukrainian authorities ask me to leave, I will. But I decided to stay. It would be difficult for me, I have three big dogs and my husband is now in the army. I decided to stay “, said the artist. describe.

Alevtina Kashidze. | Picture: Facebook

His paintings and paintings have been exhibited in galleries in several European countries. The war, as she says, has been reflected in her work for eight years. Kachidze was born in the town of Ždanivka near Donetsk, which has been part of the self-declared breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic since 2014.

Now she is hit hard by her current residence near kyiv, where she has lived for fourteen years. He would have no problem with food, because before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she and her husband stocked up on time.

“A lot of neighbors left and kept their houses. I have the keys and they told me to take what’s in the fridge. It’s worse to find food for the animals. there are no destroyed houses in our village yet, but I often hear shelling and artillery fire Not far from us “The bridge exploded,” Kachidze said, adding that she was hiding in a cellar before to be bombarded.

Drawing by Alevtina Kachidze from February 2022.

Drawing by Alevtina Kachidze from February 2022. | Photo: Archives of Alevtina Kashidze

The artist became known in Ukraine by painting the story of his mother with paintings and drawings in the sequel. Ljudmila Andrejevna Kachidzeová was a kindergarten teacher, picking strawberries and other fruits, with which she went to the market.

When she found herself in 2014 outside the control of the Ukrainian government, she sometimes had to cross the front line to get a pension from the other side. She felt sick at the checkpoint in January 2019, and although people tried to help her, she died.

Drawing by Alevtina Kachidze from February 2022.

Drawing by Alevtina Kachidze from February 2022. | Photo: Archives of Alevtina Kashidze

Her daughter notes that she has lived with the war for eight years and that the invasion that began a month ago is her next phase. “Mom lived under the occupation for five years. Our family was used to war, so we weren’t shocked now. We were ready. I paint every day from morning to night, it gives me strength. Yes , it’s a war, but we will not say goodbye to life, ”says the artist and describes how the invasion of Russian troops began for her and her husband on February 24.

“My husband and I went out early in the morning, heard explosions and saw smoke. It was at the airport in Hostomel, not far from our house. I started keeping a diary to remember what was happening every day. My husband is drafted in the army, he left for “We are in contact, the mobile connection is working”, he said.

Map of fighting in Ukraine.

Map of fighting in Ukraine. | Photo: Aktuálně.cz

Alevtina Kachidze says she grew up in a Russian-speaking environment in eastern Ukraine. But it is difficult for him to talk to his colleagues, Russian artists for example, at the moment. He prefers not to think about what relations between Ukrainians and Russians will look like.

“I am not Russophobic, but I have a radical opposition to people who do not yet know what is happening in Ukraine. And they refuse to even listen to Ukrainians to tell them. I do not want to generalize, but unfortunately it there is no will or will to listen to us many Russians, “says the artist.

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