Belle – A unique anime about life in metaspace shines in every way (review)

For the third time, the Association of Czech Film Clubs has decided to distribute a film by director and animator Mamoru Hosoda. In 2016, she did it for the first time with her A boy in a world of monsters and a few years later with Mirai, the girls of the future. This week his latest animated film entered Czech cinemas Beautifulwhich brings a truly unique experience in every way.

Japanese feature films appear quite exceptionally in Czech distribution, and this film also brings an artfully connected one classic story Beauties and Animals with biographical elements of the author taking place in teenage worldwho is paralyzed by the loss of one of the most important people in her life in circumstances she cannot understand.

Belle was trained at Chizu Studio, which Hosoda founded with his colleague Yuichiro Sait in 2011. He drew an adaptation of Walt Disney for the film, but also a version by Jean Cocteau. The interest of the film remains that “the important is invisible to the eyes”, as another French classic put it, and that good and evil, as well as beauty and ugliness, are relative concepts. He dedicated the movie Hosoda to his daughter when he thought she too would be there surrounded by a digital and virtual world.

Welcome to the meta-universe (photo: Aerofilms)

The main character is the girl Suzu, who after a long hesitation creates her other digital self named Belle v metaverse called U. He is virtual city composed of endless geometric jokes levitating in space, among which digital avatars roam, whales swim gracefully, and you can also encounter fairytale castles.

The idea of ​​technology to share a physical site in a virtual one is a world in which it can be anyone. She is certain perversion of today. The individual himself sets the limits and what is not prohibited is permitted. But the facilitator does not abuse this idea. To the negative attitudes, there may only be added envy and sadness transformed into anger, which, when entrenched, can hurt so much that one loses control.

In the real world, Suzu sad and closed difficult to communicate with people. They will say a maximum of three sentences about their dinner with their father, thus ending their daily interaction. Only her best friend and nerd, Hiroko, can break her isolation. Suzu herself is also awakened from lethargy by the memory of Shinobe’s childlike love, which still leaves a faint hint of emotion smoldering within her. But he is ashamed of Suzu and afraid to explore and grow.

Kamishin, a somewhat deranged and insecure canoeist, and school beauty Ruka, who in part would become the precursor to Suzuina Belle in the world of U, still act as a weird and illuminating element of the real world. . She is dazzlingly beautiful. He has all attributes of femininity including the prominent freckles that cover Suzu’s face in real life.

Beauty and the Beast a bit different (photo: Aerofilms)

Hosoda Virtual Belle dresses up beautiful costumes (red flower or its concert of precious stones) but above all gives it qualities such as kindness and empathy. Moreover, the girl discovers her the ability to sing beautifullywhich is a skill that Suzu lost in the real world.

In an unpleasant way he meets the character of the Dragon, who behaves very rudely and bluntly. But Belle is a curious and sensitive creature, so she searches for him and goes to his abandoned castle. Also, she understands Draco’s mood going through a very painful time and, like Suzu, must then discover his true identity so that she can help in real life.

The art page is breathtaking (Photo: Aerofilms)

Mistakes are on Beautiful they are hard to find. Unexpected animation, original dubbing, complexity, technical perfection of all components and creativity of the film in the viewer it arouses wonder and is very immersive. Go see a unique movie at the cinema with your grown-up children. You will be removed.

The colors, the details, the graceful movements of the individual characters, especially in the virtual world, and a certain amusing delicacy of certain situations give the film the life. Beautiful it also features several musical performances within a musical performance. The story script uses so many beautiful symbols, in the proverbial Japanese purity, that the viewer simply goes with the story and jumping from the real world to the avatar no longer bothers them in any way and naturally accepts it as their own breath.

  • Directed by – 90%
  • Scenario – 85%
  • Entertainment – 100%
  • The music – 90%
  • Ring – 85%

Beautiful (2021)

Hosoda’s seventh film is a very aesthetically pleasing animated spectacle. If the atmosphere of the ending itself doesn’t touch you, then there’s something wrong with the world.

90 %

Dagmar Simkova,
photo / video: Aerofilms © 2022

animated / fantastic
Japan, 2021, 122 mins
directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
Screenplay: Mamoru Hosoda
music: Taisei Iwasaki, Ludvig Forssell, Juta Bandó
they double: Takeru Sato, Kaho Nakamura, Ikura, Sota Sometani, Ryo Narita, Tina Tamashiro, Kodzi Yakusho, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Yoshimi Iwasaki, Kenjiro Cuda

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