Adam Raiter and Enrique will never be friends –

The Survivor reality show is already partially over for the cast, but the memories of the island may stick around for the rest of their lives. Former top player carpenter Adam Raiter (33), who has not sat with several people from the tribe, also knows this. Nevertheless, before leaving, he masterfully managed to eliminate Enriqu (22), from whom Adam clearly drank blood. Raiter admitted to the newsroom that the tense relationship between them persists. Enriqua is even sorry for him, simply because he sees himself in him.
He will find out one day that this way of doing things was not the right one.”

Adam Raiter dropped out of the reality show Survivor before the merger, but he managed to leave a decent legacy on the island. It was a particularly exciting moment when he faced off against Enrique in the duel, who couldn’t handle Adam’s personality and planned to eliminate him. However he was unsuccessful, Adam in the final ended the Enriqua match. He told the editorial staff of that they would probably never be friends, the tense relationship was transferred to reality.

We’re all a little messy

It wasn’t that I didn’t need to go with Enrique, he didn’t need to go with me. I don’t know what got into him and it continues, which I’m sorry about,” Adam confided. Enrique spoke on the show that it was not easy in his life. He never knew his own father and his mother died in a car accident. He has a stepfather, but he decides it would be best to live alone.

I have to say that Enriqua’s story is very strong. The show showed that many people came to resolve some of their difficult life situations. I have my own story, and they were all pretty similar in that we’re all in a bit of a pickle. » Adam said, adding that he would keep his life to himself. But life’s tough times made him the person he is now, and although he didn’t find common ground with Enrique, he saw in him a reflection of himself.

I’m sorry for what you went through, it wasn’t easy and above all I see myself in it. He’s good, but I see that he doesn’t have a good attitude towards life. That’s what I did, he throwsYou put sticks under your feet and you take time. He will discover one day that this path was not the right one. He hates people he shouldn’t hate. “These are people who want to help her,” he said, saying he could understand her attitude.

He must find out for himself

When someone hurts you badly in your life, you don’t let anyone into your body. That’s really what slows you down, because you need the people around you, you won’t do anything alone. It’s sad for me, and it’s even sadder for Enriqua that he didn’t know where to find the right guide to help him, because he pushed away those who wanted to be his guide. »

Adam himself did not find the right guide in his life, on the contrary, he had to become one himself, but it cost him a lot of time.

I became my guide, that’s why it took so long. I had an awareness of life, and Enrique too. These types of people like us have to find out for themselves., then come and apologize for being an asshole. I’m not talking about being bad, he should just listen to people and not push those who want to help him. Even those who treat him nicely don’t talk about it well, because he can’t decode it, but again it will bring him something, ”he claims.

Although Adam was not very popular and often became the focus of criticism, no one on the island could harm him. Nevertheless, the style of play of some competitors unpleasantly surprised him.

I don’t think anyone hurt me, but I didn’t mind being laughed at. The game is also about the character that will simply appear there. I would always like to play clean and fair, if not the victory is not mine. It’s important to me in life and it would be in any game,” he said.

I love people, I don’t throw sticks at them. It’s not about not chopping wood, but as long as it doesn’t limit you in your life, you can help someone.”

Veve was mentally boiled

However, even Adam is not the type of person who would let himself be flagged, if the behavior of others goes beyond his boundaries, he can flag himself.

It may sound self-centered, but if I go to Enriqua or Veve and want to break them mentally, they’ll be broken in a day when I get home, but I won’t. i remember how Veve stood by the fire one night, crying because she knew I was immune. At that time, I kissed her, I took pity on her. We saw that half of his band was gone and completely dispersed. In the final I was happy when she got immunity, she needed it because she was really messed up,” added Adam Raiter, saying that Johy in particular is a fan of the game, so only Chili wouldn’t want to win. .

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