To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 6.

“Little flower”, cried Tydlík, “come and rest, I can’t sleep today.”
“Tydlík, Aunt Heřmanka told me goat cheese or lavender is best for a good night’s sleep, so I’ll cook you something,” she said, and as she usually did, she ran to the kitchen to help her Tydlíček.

Tydlifonek scratched under his cap, shrugged, and walked to the meadow adjacent to the Kačok pond.
Vrbička soon noticed: “Kampak, Tydlík, brekek?”
“Oh, I have to lure Juzka’s goat to our cottage, you know, Květinka needs her to sleep, you know?”

Vrbička remained open-mouthed, but what wouldn’t he do for a friend. So he picked the most beautiful daisy growing around and went to Tydlík to fetch goats from a nearby meadow.

Has four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 5.

Goats are really adorable creatures and they are very fond of daisies. “Matilda, Matilda,” they called the goat, that was her real name, Tydlík and Vrbička, and closed her daisy in front of her nose.

Matilda obediently accompanied them to the cottage, where Tydlík was already waiting impatiently for Květinka.
“Well, Tydliphon, where you roam, you are ashamed of yourself here,” she said, but she asked in amazement, “You two – why are you bringing Mathilde here, do you want the sweet goat to eat all my herbs?”
“No, brekeke, no,” began Tydlík and Vrbička in two voices. “It’s for spinning tea.”

The flower laughed as tears rolled down her cheek, but then she went to Tydlík, stroked his head and said, “Tydliphon, you are confused, tea is valerian – it’s a herb, not a goat.”
Vrbička also started laughing, grabbed Matilda, waved at the two, and disappeared.

How miner Juzek and elf Tydlifonek saw the real devil

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – Chapter 4.

Tydlík fell asleep beautifully after herbs, so he went to the evening shift rested. As usual, he jumped into Juzek’s bag at the bus stop, then into the lighthouse at the well and drove off. Tydlík settled in the snack gallery and remembered his father and grandfather telling him that torches similar to the ones they had, the elves, had once had people in their wells. But people are fickle and they traded torches for “or, or, sensors”, Tydlík recalls, and he greeted a friend, also an elf – Ramlík, who had the same shift with Tydlifon.

The men were just having a snack, and Juzek said to Ferda, “You, Ferda, I’m going to sleep, you’re going to sleep in the bed and sleep in it.”
“Moshe recht, Juzek,” answered Ferda, “what’s in the air.”

Then they stopped talking and had lunch with the others. Suddenly, Tydlík noticed that his torch was surrounded by a blue light, and it was very bad, which meant that there was dangerous methane gas in the well. Tydlík looked at Ramlík’s torch and it was no longer shining at all. This means that the oxygen has started to run out. The two elves looked at each other without a word and then looked at the human invention – the security sensor.

Another adventure of favorite characters.

For four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – Chapter 3.

“We have to warn the miners,” Tydlík said, “we have to,” Ramlík replied, and they both ran, each at his side.

Juzek scratched his ear, but after a while he heard again: “Run, run away.”
He thought he had it, but the third time he heard it, he put down the jackhammer and went to check the sensor.
“Na do pr…” He was relieved to find that someone had accidentally or deliberately turned it off. He pressed a button and the sensor rang. All the miners suddenly realized they were in danger and they hurriedly left the gallery to be brought to safety.

“Well, sons,” Juzek said already safely in the pub, “it was a whisper in my ear anyway, whispering in my ear that I was running away. My old man told me said the elf once saved them.”
“Go haviřski elves”, they all drank, and Tydlík and Ramlík also rejoiced under the table, because the miners also gave them a “crygel” of beer, as is customary, to thank the elves, who do not can never see them. And so everything went well.

In the next part you will learn how the fairy Květinka longed for a golden drum. So don’t forget, tomorrow you can read another story about Tydlík with the children again on our website!

Mrs. Žofie Zejdová from Šenov sent us a fairy tale for her books “To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof” to our special Write Fairy Tales. “The main thing is that the children like it! I send a photo with Tydlifon, who had no choice but to greet you in person. Tydlík is also very worried and said to me: “Well, so that the ghost and everyone who reads this thing can understand what Ferd z Juzkym has done, because we will no longer understand the same as our shunov gizdi.” So I reassured him that everyone would surely understand the two or three sentences of our Šenov dialect,” said Žofie Zejdová.

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