The most beautiful belonged to Lady Di

They are a symbol of love, commitment and tradition. Some are rarely inherited – as was the case with Duchess Kate. Others are made to order in special designs. But is it true that ladies can choose engagement rings from pre-made models, as was the case with Lady Di in The Crown series? And when did the trend for colored gems appear?

The tradition of giving the future bride an engagement ring originated in ancient Rome. The “vena amoris” vein was believed to pass through the left ring finger, which goes directly to the heart. Decorating that finger was a guaranteed method to preserve the love. Although the reality has turned out to be less romantic over time – since the veins are on all the fingers and they all actually flow through the heart, it would be a shame to give up on this beautiful tradition. After all, it’s the most important piece of jewelry in life that a couple should wear “until death do them part.” So, if we talk about symbols of eternal love, we must mention those that princesses and queens have received in the past. Those that symbolize tradition and (almost) eternal commitment. Moreover, their stories are often intertwined with secrets that do not reveal even the most elaborate documents and series on royal families.

modest ring Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II’s engagement ring. is an absolute classic of the genre – round, three carat diamond Lined with ten smaller diamonds set in platinum, it is very modest compared to the Queen’s other jewels. But there is a reason for this. Although the queen’s husband Prince Philip was born into an aristocracy, his family was not particularly wealthy. When the prince wanted to ask the future queen for a helping hand, he had nothing to seal this promise. His mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, decided to give her son a tiara – a gift she received from Russian Tsar Nicholas II. and Empress Alexandra. It is from him that the engagement ring was made, which the Queen still wears with the Welsh gold wedding band – as is royal tradition.

Sapphire Princess Diana and Duchess Kate

Sapphires have a place of honor in the royal family. The history of these stones goes back to queen victoriawhich his (then future) Prince Albert endowed in 1840 sapphire brooch, surrounded by diamonds and set in gold. The queen loved it so much she put it on too on your wedding day as “something blue” – according to an old wedding tradition. The brooch became an heirloom to the crown, which is still worn by Queen Elizabeth II.

Just this brooch, which on his mother prince Charles saw it often, probably inspired him to choose the legendary engagement ring with a 12 carat sapphire for his future wife – Diana Spencer. Those who have watched The Crown are sure to argue: “That she herself chose the ring in the series”. Yes, and it is this controversial historical inaccuracy that has become the subject of many conversations. The ring itself was not made to order, came from the ready-to-wear production house of Garrard – at the time the exclusive maker of royal jewellery, which was a big departure from tradition. Diana still loved the ring and reportedly wore it for some time after her divorce from the prince.

After her untimely death, Prince William and Harry could each choose a piece from their mother’s jewelry box. William is said to have chosen his mother’s gold Cartier watch and the sapphire engagement ring was chosen by Harry. However, when Prince Harry saw how much his brother had fallen in love with his then-girlfriend Kate Middleton, he reportedly decided to gift his brother a ring in exchange for his mother’s watch.

Wallis Simpson emerald ring with dedication

Speaking of breaking traditions and introducing new trends, secular lioness Wallis Simpson has handled both in a playful way. Although still considered a huge thorn in the eyes of the monarchy by British society, she won over the rest of the world with her refined fashion style, wit and unparalleled charm. Many also attribute situation of the first modern flu.

Together with the heir to the throne, Prince Edward, they were a powerful couple who admired the world. Their story is considered a modern legend about the invincible power of love. However, the American celebrity was not accepted by the royal family as a worthy bride for the crown prince, so the Duke of Windsor decided to abdicate after the ‘either her or the crown’ ultimatum. A nearly twenty-carat emerald from Cartier with the inscription “Now we are mine” adorned Simpson’s finger before his abdication – the official engagement took place on October 27, 1936, which was considered absolutely scandalous.

It is said that it was Simpson who broke the long tradition of classic diamonds. But this is only partially true. In fact one of the first “colored” gems was acquired by the king’s mother – it was a sapphire surrounded by small diamonds, which George VI. given in 1923. In the fifties, however, the Queen Mother decided exchange of sapphire for a pearl, and in this form his ring has already remained. Technically, therefore, it was not the first colored stone of the royal family, but it is true that The emerald dedicated to Simpson was very unconventional.

Giant Diamond Grace Kelly

The almost fairytale story of the Hollywood beauty was watched in real time by the whole world. Although “Cinderella” was the most beautiful woman in the world and a successful actress, the “fairytale prince” was not as much of a dream man as he really seemed. Their first date was almost like a blind date – their mutual friends decided to meet the two big names in the hope that it could be “a perfect marriage”. The prince’s annual court finally resulted in a request for help. Nearly eleven carats, emerald-cut diamond from Cartier, with two other diamonds on each side, could not go unnoticed. The jewelry was gorgeous and dignified for the most beautiful woman in the world.

Diana’s legacy in the hands of Meghan Markle

After the legendary piece of jewelry was inherited by Princess Kate from Princess Diana, the whole world looked forward to what Meghan Markle’s engagement ring would look like. Prince Harry originally worked with jewelers Cleave and Company on a custom production. The three-carat center diamond came from Botswana, to which they were added two smaller diamonds on either side from the collection of the prince’s mother – Princess Diana.

However, after the birth of Archie, the first descendant of the famous couple, you many noticed changes in the ring. The stones were originally set in yellow gold, which has been replaced by a narrower band resembling white gold. It is speculated that the ring was altered mainly due to its size, which was too small for Meghan during her pregnancy. Others say it was a design change in honor of their first wedding anniversary.

Unconventional Ruby Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have known each other since childhood – they met occasionally at polo matches, but their romantic friendship did not begin until 1985. Due to her friendly nature, Ferguson was considered a follower very appropriate for the royal family from the beginning. Prince Andrew gave her his engagement ring in March 1986, and she reportedly designed the jewelry himself. The Burmese ruby ​​surrounded by ten diamonds formed a floral pattern set in yellow gold – also known as a cluster ring. It is said that the stone was chosen because it matched Sarah’s fiery red hair.

Rubies aren’t quite a traditional choice for engagement jewelry, but this isn’t the first time this stone has appeared in the royal family. Princess Margareth’s ring, which she received from her future husband, photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, was also adorned with a ruby. He was surrounded by diamonds, that looked like rosebuds. Engagement ring of daughter Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew – Princess Eugenie of York, also adorned with a large powder pink “padparadscha” ruby surrounded by small diamonds. Its shape resembles that worn by its mother.

Symbolic yellow diamond of Dutch Maxima

Queen Maxima’s engagement ring is another very unique piece – it consists of an oval orange diamond with two diamonds on the sides, set between two bands with smaller diamonds, which were made by the jewelry house Steltman. The orange color of the stone is very unusual, but it looks very significant symbolism – it is a typical color of the Dutch royal family, of which Máxima is now a part.

Family Legacy on Camilly Parker Bowles Finger

You must have noticed the huge diamond ring that Charles gave his longtime love – a five-carat emerald-cut diamond in an art deco style with three elongated diamonds on each side. It turned out that the precious stone donated by Charles Camille led to to the Queen Mother, who originally owned the jewel. However, it is not her King George VI engagement ring. climbs to $290,000.


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