The dream kitchen can also be arranged online

The whole process of choosing a new kitchen begins with a study and detailed technical documentation of the room.

Also don’t forget layout of engineering networks. Therefore, they also contribute to the final choice of the shape of the kitchen unit itself.

Ergonomics and zoning

Arrangement of cabinets it can be linear, parallel, U or L corner or island. This is a popular trend in major regions lately. It offers much more space for cooking. A plus is the fewer number of steps and actions you need to do when moving around the kitchen.

For small kitchens, it is very important to think carefully about the location of individual kitchen zones – a place for washing, a part for preparing meals and for cooking.

Prohibited Qualifications

Planning give yourself plenty of time and attention. After all, we choose a kitchen to serve us for several decades, and we invest a lot of savings in it. Therefore, it is worth considering hiring experts in one of the cooking studios. They operate independently or as one of the departments specializing in furniture or electrical appliances.

When planning your kitchen, consider whether you choose free-standing appliances or rather built-in appliances that fit perfectly into the kitchen cabinet.

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Stages of the online journey

You can also use multiple online planningthat you handle from the comfort of your home. “Online planning is very simple and our experts will guide you through the process so that you can manage everything without any problems. During the online meeting, you will get a 3D visualization”, explains Andrea Štěpánová, Marketing Director of Asko – Nabytek.

Or you can do the design yourself. In the practical kitchen configurator, the possibilities are almost limitless.

“You draw the floor plan of the room with all the dimensions, the heating, the drawers. You can also choose from model kitchens. Then you choose everything you need for your dream kitchen, from handles and wall cladding to worktops and walls to shelves,” describes Iva Vrbová, manager of the Datart kitchen studio. You can then send the final proposal by e-mail.

Trends that play a key role
Natural settings are always popular. The wooden surfaces of the space are pleasantly comfortable, and in combination with the panel imitating natural stone, they look absolutely stunning.
Shades of white, gray and anthracite are on the rise, which give the kitchen a touch of modernity and are often combined with a kitchen worktop in natural wood or stone decor.
Open cabinets and shelves have become very popular lately, thanks to which you have a perfect overview of the stored items. Open cabinets and shelves pleasantly ventilate the entire space.

We choose devices

By the time you are satisfied with the proposal, you have the first part behind you. You still have a selection of devices. Consider which devices will be integrated and which will not.

The basis is a cooking center, that is, a hob and an oven, or a stove and a hood, a dishwasher and a refrigerator. In addition to design, choose according to consumption. It is, after all, a device that essentially runs continuously.

The 800 FLEX NoFrost refrigerator not only dazzles with its space, but also with the way food is stored. Its equipment can be completed, for example, with the SpinView shelf, which rotates 360°, so that you can access the stored food even in the most remote corners of the refrigerator.

Photo: Electrolux

“Recently, American refrigerators have become increasingly popular, mainly due to the large storage space, the frost-free function or, for example, the possibilities of an ice maker,” says Iva Vrbová. Sellers also offer retro refrigerators and also a combination refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom, which are among the best sellers.

Next, check out the microwave menu. Coffee lovers might also be interested in built-in coffee makers.

Turnkey finale pays off

Have you already chosen? All that remains is to order everything, have it brought, install, connect and commission. Only skilled DIYers can handle this on their own. Others need a plumber, mason, carpenter and electrician. Or you can order the complete turnkey kitchen, including transport and installation.


Can you organize a kitchen online?

Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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