Politicians on social media? Schiller Minister of Instagram

Political leaders on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) not only share their visions and opinions with their fans, but often also demonstrate intimacy in order to be more human.

When the government changed in the fall, ministries were found to be hiding various “treasures” – such as utility bills commissioned by some politicians. Alena Schillerová, former Minister of Finance, for example, she paid a team that had only one task – to create content for her on social networks. And his peacock photos have been the butt of many jokes.

How are other politicians on social media?

Alena Schiller (58)

There’s no doubt that the former finance minister enjoys her Instagram profile. She talks about herself as an ordinary woman and says she is always interested in what people write to her. She shares photos of intimacy, meetings with voters and business trips. Recently, she also added infographics and her profile is full of stylized portraits.

It turned out that the Ministry of Finance had paid him a cameraman and a photographer from its budget. In total, it cost 2 million crowns, which, however, was long overdue. It didn’t take long for the Minister’s Instagram nickname.

Photo: Michal Růžička / MAFRA / Profimedia

Alena Schillerová is the butt of jokes many times, in the past her ignorance of the English language or the perfect hairstyle was solved at a time when hairdressers were closed due to a pandemic

Petr Fiala (57)

What is the Prime Minister doing on social media? During the election campaign, the ODS leader tried to be human, but some humorously commented that he sat by the campfire in a ceremonial shirt and trousers. But in the end, he won the election.

It continues to inform viewers and voters about government decisions and its ways. For example, the trip of three politicians to Ukraine, when he traveled to the war zone with others to meet with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky (44). For many, this step made him a true politician.

Photo: Jan Handrejch / Law / Profimedia

He paid a professor in a suit, but at a time when war was raging in Ukraine, he positively surprised many people with the way he acts as the head of the Czech Republic.

Andrew Babis (67)

Behind the President, YES is an experienced public relations team that knows exactly what its constituents want to hear. The jovial way of communicating on social networks, which is also typical of his show Hey people, works. As well as criticism of the current government which, according to him, does little or nothing for the people. President YES shares photos of the meeting with voters, especially seniors, but also informed of his state of health.

He had a little hitch lately… He wanted to complain that his post office was closed on Saturdays and didn’t bother to let them know. The Czech Post did not like it and shared the channels through which it informed the public. Among other things, in the online news that the deputy has.

Photo: Petr Hloušek / Law / Profimedia

In the past, the outcry over his statement caused Tomorrow I Tell the Truth, which was mysterious, but only foreshadowed the publication of his book.

Dominik Feri (25)

The TOP 09 deputy was not only a promising young politician, but also a skilled Instagram influencer, who was watched by nearly 900,000 people. Especially during the pandemic, his yellow and black infographics were considered the most trusted source of information, not just about government anti-crime measures.

Photo: Petr Horník / Pravo / Profimedia

For many, he was an essential source of information and a credible politician. It hasn’t been the case for a long time

Marketa Pekarová Adamova (37)

The profile of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies presents her political opinions in a balanced way, photos of trips to voters and meetings with politicians from other countries, but she also shares more private photos.

No one probably expects politicians on social media to be watched only by those who agree with them. There is also room for discussion and the expression of opposing points of view. However, it should not exceed the tolerable limit. And a woman who did not like the fact that the politician disagreed with the policies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (58) did. Under a pseudonym, she wrote that as the president of TOP 09, she deserved to be thrown out the window and tortured by immigrants. The police found her and faces up to a year in prison.

Photo: David Malik / CNC / Profimedia

He presents his political attitudes as well as his way of life on social networks. And he does not hesitate, for example, to thank her husband for his support

Tomio Okamura (49)

One of the most active politicians in the online world is the chairman of the SPD. Experts agree that its strength lies in uniting dissatisfied and angry people. He attacks politicians from all sides, drawing attention to the “dangers” that threaten people. And it shows that he is always on the side of his constituents.

He was a big fan of the Russian president. He did not hide it and published many articles over the years, sharing his point of view. Vladimir Poutine (69). He has now deleted his messages, but many have copied them so as not to lose them.

Photo: Jan Handrejch / Law / Profimedia

He has repeatedly expressed his support for the Russian statesman, but now he does not know

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