Parental allowance 2022: Amount, calculation and application procedures

Who is entitled to parental allowance?

At parental allowance is entitled mother Where dadgive birth to a child. Of course, they will also reach the dose adoptive parents. You are not obliged to immediately receive the parental allowance for the newborn child. A parent who has fulfilled the conditions first receives a maternity allowance – maternity leave.

If you do not have maternity rights, you will start receiving parental allowance immediately after the birth of the child. Businesswomen, students and unemployed mothers are generally not entitled to maternity leave.

The amount of parental allowance

Each parent has 300,000 crowns (for twins and multiples it’s 450,000), which they can program over several years. How much your parental benefit will be, but it doesn’t just depend on how long you want to take it, it’s also important how much you were earning before you took parental leave or how much your maternity benefit is.

The maximum amount of parental allowance depends on the amount of maternity allowance received. The maximum monthly parental allowance corresponds to a maximum of 70% of 30 times the daily base (ie 70% of the monthly income).

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You can change the amount of the contribution every three months. In general, parents can receive parental allowance at the earliest in seven months, the maximum monthly benefit for allowance for a child in 2022 is 47,770 crowns. For multiples, it’s 71,550 crowns.

However, if you received maternity benefit of less than 10,000 per month, or if you were not entitled to it at all, and your partner does not have sufficient income to obtain a higher parental benefit, your monthly contribution is capped at 10,000 crowns. 15,000 for multiples. You will select 300,000 in 30 months at the earliest.

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The full amount of parental allowance must be received before the age of 4. Otherwise, you will lose the rest of the money. Only one of the parents is always entitled to the parental allowance, but the parents can take turns within the parenthood. The most common duration of benefits is up to three years. Its amount is then about 9,700 crowns per month. For multiples, then 14,500 crowns.

Exhaustion of parental allowance

When another child is born, you no longer have to worry about losing your parental allowance to an older child. From 28 July 2021, in such a situation, it is possible to withdraw the remaining funds from the parental allowance in one go. However, you must meet an important condition: at least one of you (parents) must be able to set 70% of thirty times the daily basis at the time of the birth of the second child of an amount greater than 7,600 crowns.

That is, at least one parent must be properly employed. It is not possible to request the use of parental allowance retroactively if the second child was born before 28 July 2021.

How to apply for parental allowance

Parental allowance is requested from the competent social assistance department of the employment office. If you receive maternity benefit first, you must ensure that you apply for parental benefit in time. Maternity usually ends about six months after the birth of the child. You can request a relative three months before the end of maternity leave.

However, this does not mean that you will lose your parent if you do not have time to apply. It can also be requested retroactively. If you are unwilling or unable to come to the office in person, you can apply for the allowance online. However, you must have a data box or an electronic signature. In case of maternity leave, do not forget to prepare a certificate from OSSZ, which pays for maternity leave.

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When is the parental allowance paid?

Parental allowance will be paid to you on a specific date. This will depend on which part of the Czech Republic you live in. Individual placement offices have their own pay periods.

Earnings on parental allowance

When you receive parental allowance, you can earn extra money as you wish. Even with the employer you worked with before you started parental leave. It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time or part-time.

Parent and kindergarten

If the child for whom you receive parental allowance is over two years old, you can send him to kindergarten indefinitely. If you need to enroll a child under the age of two in a kindergarten or crèche, you can too. You will not lose your parental allowance. However, the child may be in such a facility for a maximum of 92 hours per month.

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Parental allowance versus maternity allowance

  • Everyone is entitled to parental allowance. Even the self-employed who have not paid for health insurance. The amount of parental allowance is the same for everyone (300,000). Maternity (maternity) benefit is based on your previous earnings.
  • The parental allowance is received up to a maximum of four years of age of the child. Kindergarten 28 weeks.
  • Fathers can also receive maternity and parental allowances. The father can start maternity leave after the sixth week.
  • You can work for a former employer when you receive parental allowance. Not on maternity leave.

When does the right to maternity leave arise?

An employee is entitled to maternity leave if she is affiliated to health insurance on the day of her entry into service and has at the same time completed an insurance period of at least 270 calendar days during the last two years. If the legal conditions for maternity allowance are not fulfilled, parental allowance is received immediately upon the birth of the child.

Tax reduction for wife (husband)

Your spouse can claim a spousal tax credit on the annual tax return or income tax return. This tax rebate is 24,840 CZK. However, your annual income should not exceed 68,000 crowns. PPM (parent) counts for these 68 thousand. It is no longer the parental allowance.

Growth of parental allowance

Parental allowance increased for the last time since January 2020 from 220,000 crowns to 300,000 (for multiples it now reaches 450,000 crowns). Now the government of Petr Fiala is considering another increase, due to rising inflation. According to information from Czech television, one of the variants expects an increase of up to 15%, or 45,000 crowns more. However, specific proposals will be discussed by the government. However, there is a consensus among political parties on the increase.

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