It’s perfectly clear who’s lying here

29.03.2022 15:45:00

Speech at the 17th session of the Chamber of Deputies on March 29, 2022 on the proposal to express the consent of the Chamber of Deputies to the extension of the state of emergency

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, Madam President, for your word.

I will only react briefly. As factual remarks are not possible, I would like to respond briefly to my predecessor, Mr. Cogan. I think, Mr President, who has known President Tomio Okamura and the President of the Dawn of Direct Democracy for a little longer, that he cannot be surprised. He can’t be surprised. We have been listening to his lies here for a long time.

And, of course, since the start of the election period, it has grown. The fact that President Okamura did not become Deputy Speaker of the House, that he had to leave his luxury office, that he had to abandon the car with the driver, of course, probably left consequences on him , which is then reflected here at the lectern. Unfortunately, President Okamura has to live with us today, with ordinary deputies, and he has to share places with us outside the luxurious office to which he is accustomed. And of course you can see it. I think you all noticed how docile President Okamura was in his opposition role last year. Very tame. So, of course, he had the driver, he had the fancy car, he had the fancy office with the staff, so he’s not surprised those long speeches didn’t ring in here. Incidentally, recycled speeches, because we have heard the speech that was heard here today a hundred times. There was nothing new. It’s always the same, he only reads it from the back, from the front, from the middle, from front to back, but more or less it still sounds the same.

I have thought for many months that it is useless to respond to President Okamura. After all, the fact that the drastic change has taken place and he’s had to move to his original office probably doesn’t look good to him, I thought – he’ll get over it in time. However, no. He constantly accuses us of lying. And I thought I would never say that. But I will say – gold Andrej Babiš. It was at least a discussion, and there were at least some facts. (MEP Schiller applauds and MEPs join the coalition.) Unfortunately, the lie, the lie we hear here from Tomio Okamura is absolutely unbelievable.

I just tried to put the phrase – liar Okamura in the search engine. So guess how many tens of thousands of links fell on me. There are actually tens of thousands of references relating to the phrase – liar Okamura. This, of course, can be seen in all the contributions that, of course, his supporters also send on social networks and who are not ashamed to be members or sympathizers of the Dawn of Direct Democracy. (Sound from the left.) Yeah, I’m sorry, SPD. (Laughs.) I wasn’t there last season, before Dawn of Direct Democracy. (Sound and applause on the right.) Then he sort of privatized Tomio Okamura, then he became an SPD.

I only found one article here – read – Nezávislé noviny: “SPD Chairman Tomio Okamura hid posts on his Facebook profile praising Vladimir Putin. He regularly shared the photos and quotes of the Russian president with a favorable comment. But they are not available now. In recent days, in his speeches, he refused to take pro-Russian positions. – I mean that’s what an extremist expert writes, he’s not a politician, he’s extremism experts who of course deal with the speeches of Tomia Okamura and of course those SPD supporters By the way, I suspect that none of the supporters of no political party has yet committed a terrorist attack on the train, like one of the SPD supporters. And I think we all remember when there were these anti-pandemic demonstrations, because this set is more or less, like, similar, Pro-Putin, and some of these manifest Anti-pandemic ants are more or less the same. So here a policeman was injured by an SPD supporter. So you probably don’t see it anywhere else.

I would like to say that I have never and nowhere seen so many calls for execution, death threats. And all this on the contributions of SPD supporters. I sometimes do print screens so when they take it down I have them. Some groups report this to the police in the Czech Republic, as these people probably do not realize that they are committing crimes. And to their hatred, to their hatred, it is these manifestations of Tomia Okamura that inspire them. What Tomio Okamura always shows here means that people who only have information on his Facebook sit down at night and write: We will execute you, we will torture you, your wife will not live to see, your children will not live not to see. .. Tomio Okamura is to blame.

You know, I probably won’t extend it any longer. Who is lying here is very clear. After all, those links on search engines speak pretty plainly. And if anyone is lying here, abusing the situation and causing extremist feelings in society, it is Mr. Tomio Okamura, MP.

Thank you.

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