It only runs cold at night. Expensive gas reduced nighttime heat supply in Meziměstí

“After a gradual decline in gas prices in February, these prices have been rising sharply since the start of the war in Ukraine, reaching up to ten times the prices of 2021. For this reason, we are going into austerity mode to heat homes in housing estates. This means that heating and hot water supply will be limited from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., “renters read that radiators will cool down overnight and no hot water will flow. But some people take it with a smile.

“It’s kind of a step back in time, isn’t it? I remember that once I came back from a disco, I had to lie down “on a pig” because the hot night did not flow, “Lukáš Hamerník commented on the social network of the night restrictions on the supply of heat and hot water.

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“Nobody likes it, but we have to save where it goes. We have suspended investments and appealed to customers for the maximum possible savings. This means that if possible, they do not heat non-residential premises, turn off heating while they are away and save hot water…”, Josef Marek lists the recommended measures”If there have been frosts, of course we cannot afford it. But the weather has improved, we are trying therefore to limit consumption as much as possible. This contrasts with the previous model, where it was better for the boiler room to sell as much heat as possible”, adds the head of heat management, who tries to reduce costs as far as possible. possible.

Josef Marek has taken over the management of heat management in a difficult period. “When I got there, the price of gasoline was four times higher than the year before. We were hoping that it would fall again and buy something cheaper. Unfortunately, the price didn’t fell – on the contrary, it rose, “he describes, as the situation on the gas market began to have an unpredictable development. “It jumped to the traditional pre-Christmas rush hour, then it calmed down and seemed to get better, but then came the war in Ukraine, which took a big leap forward” , shows the chart as the price rises willingly and falls slowly.

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In front of one of the buildings affected by this night restriction, three tenants of retirement age are debating. Information about hot water supply restrictions is posted on the front door so that they are aware. “Unfortunately, that’s how it is,” one of the women accepts the new circumstances. “I’m an old-school guy, so God tells me it’s flowing at least the way it’s flowing,” he sees nothing drastic about limiting hot water. ” What do you think ? He turns to his neighbor. “Well, we’re not going to do anything about it,” the other woman said friendly.

Heating costs almost doubled year on year. According to the president of the community of owners, in January 2001 a panel house with 36 apartments paid 52,000 crowns for heating. A year later, with lower consumption, it was already 98,000 crowns. The good news is that after feedback from residents, hot water will be running until 11 p.m., so even those returning from afternoon shifts will be able to take a bath.

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Intercity Mayor Jiří Sadílek tried to calm the voices of critics who denounced the TH executive’s reluctance to buy gasoline. “Nobody likes high energy prices. But those haters have to realize that when gas prices quadrupled the year before, he didn’t want to buy. What would they say to him s ‘he was buying it then and then it was falling,” Jiří Sadílek reminds us that the evolution of the price of gas could not be predicted. Restricting hot water at night is a tax he says can be bitten and many don’t even register it.

“Of course, people don’t like it, but most of them don’t see hot water restrictions at night dramatically. Afternoon shifts end at 10 p.m., which allows people to take a shower after work. And that hot water won’t be flowing until five in the morning, so I don’t see a major problem there. Before, it was perfectly normal and today , he became a politician, “not all generals understand the emotional emotions of some people who fall into the box after the fight. “The gasmen themselves don’t know what next week will be like and they have no idea how much it will cost in six months.”

The evolution of the gas price over the last three months is correct. “In January and February the prices went down, so we go into a new calculation of 930 CZK/GJ. However, with a significant war-related increase, I have to recalculate the calculation and I expect that we will go somewhere in the amount of 1100 crowns per gigajoule”, estimates Josef Marek, according to whom the reduction and the stabilization of prices would bring the end of the war in Ukraine.

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