He hit a coin in front of the logs. The party will be classic country, smiles Lipták. Why does he admire Jágra?

Our season has started now, so I won’t have any weekends off. The party will be 100%, but sometimes later, probably in the summer. When the first free weekend is found. It will be a classic country house, with good food and drink… It’s older, but life goes on. If it is true that life only begins at forty, I look forward to it. (smiles) But I don’t take it as a major step.

Is a commemorative coin an early gift?

I didn’t think of it as a gift, but it’s useful now that I have the logs tomorrow. (smiles) Of course, it’s a great honor for me to have a commemorative coin and to get one. I will have a happy birthday and will definitely buy gold. And I will buy more silver coins and give gifts to people around me.

Do you like coins?

She is beautiful. When I saw my portrait on the drawing, it’s actually even more beautiful than on paper. I have to say she did very well. It’s smaller, but I know that. (smiles)

Jiří Lipták, winner of the Olympic trap, at the Jablonec Mint.Photo: Czech currency

Did you collaborate on the design with the author, medalist Martin Dašek?

We were in touch. He sent me suggestions, but he was immediately successful. Some official photos from the Olympic Committee were obtained and I agreed on the photo they could use. Then they emailed me what it would look like, which I agreed to. It was really fast and no problem with me.

Like Jiří Prskavec, you struck the coin yourself. Do you have to be as precise in shooting as in shooting?

It probably doesn’t have to become routine. If you stand for eight hours and still have to do it with such precision, there is room for error. When I compare it to shooting, it’s definitely also a matter of accuracy here. You have to be careful that the pieces don’t fall to the ground, just like our shotgun doesn’t fall. He also cannot do where who and a certain kumšt want.

Will there be an already sold out issue of 200 gold and 500 silver with your portrait, or Jiří Prskavec, what do you think?

Hard to say, but Jirka Prskavec practices a more massive sport than shooting. I therefore prefer to guess that Jirka will be exhausted before me.

Commemorative coin of the Olympic winner in the trap of Jiří Lipták.Photo: Czech currency

However, thanks to you and silver David Kostelecký, trap shooting is also a bit more popular, now you have your coin too. How has Olympic gold changed your life?

I think I’m still up. I live on the same planet, I breathe the same air. I don’t make any drama about winning the Olympics. I’m just human, that doesn’t make me better. I try to be like I was before the Olympics. Our sport, shooting in general, is a marginal sport, so there is not as much interest for us as for other athletes.

Don’t people know you more often now?

Sometimes people knew me, but maybe they were ashamed to reach out to me, whispering at the next table. Only then did they discover it on Google’s phone: it’s him! (smiles) But it’s not such a massacre, as if Jarda Jágr, whom everyone knows, is going somewhere. I admire people who have de facto lost their privacy and can live and function. Privacy is de facto one of the most valuable things a person has and should be protected. I’m glad I managed somehow and I can go to a restaurant unnoticed or go on a trip with the kids.

We trained for a month and now we had the first race of the weekend, where I finished sixth, so it didn’t go exactly to plan. However, this was to be expected given that some plants were postponed and preparations started a little later. We only have the European and World Championships in September and October, so we still have time to get in shape. Only there will be a place to qualify for the Olympic Games. It was only a small preparatory race so far. We are going to the World Cup in three weeks, which will be the first big race this year. We still have time to finish everything.

The European Sport Shooting Championships were to take place in Moscow. Is the remuneration already known?

It is more or less clear that it will definitely not be in Russia. Now, within the same timeframe, we are looking for a replacement shooting range who would be able to organize it. Of course it would be best if we were held within driving distance so we don’t have to fly.

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