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28 minutes ago, 2022-03-29 13:54
Pavel Prochazka
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I confess that I am surprised at the number of defenders coach Jaroslav Šilhavý has after the elimination in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Sweden. Both among the fans and among a number of journalists. In the “Shootout” editorial of HATTRICK magazine, the next issue of which will appear on Thursday, April 7, I also encountered similar opinions from my colleagues. It is said that Šilhavý is expected to continue in World Cup qualification despite the failure. On the contrary, I claim that the team should be taken over by a Czech foreigner who is not burdened and spared by Czech football and domestic relations (for example, a German, a Dutchman or a Pole) or the (ex) Slovak progressive duo Martin Svědík / Stanislav Levý.

Šilhavý fans claim that he is a nice and fair guy, that he had to deal with a lot of absences, he missed the key shooter Schick, he lifted the team, led him to the quarter-finals of the European Championships postponed, players like him, he stands behind him, as well as no one in the Czech Republic, he is not the only one who can take on this position, namely the Slavist Trpišovský, he does not want not do it and, moreover, he is expensive, just like he would be any foreign coach we have heard of.

And Ivan Hašek (probably the biggest favorite) and Vítězslav Lavička trained or are training somewhere in the Arab “tram factory”, who knows if they will be free at all and if it will not be a step in back.

EURO was fun, but Czechs won’t return to World Cup

Although I respect Jaroslav Šilhavý very much, I love him and have always supported him, I respect one fundamental rule: “If you don’t achieve the main objective, which is to get to the World Cup, you find yourself. After all, that was the case in the case of Dušan Uhrin Sr. (he wishes him a speedy recovery after a recent stroke) after the unsuccessful qualification for the 1998 World Championships and in the case of Jozef Chovanec after the game unsuccessful- out of the 2002 World Championships with Belgium.

In my opinion it should be clearly. As I say in the aforementioned section of the HATTRICK titled “Shootout”: “Staying in Nations League Division B in 2018, advancing to EURO in 2019, advancing to the elite Nations League A-Division in 2020 and European Championship quarter-finals postponed to 2021 – all very well fulfilled the tasks and achievements of Šilhavý and spol. However, the coach and his implementation team did not complete the main – the procedure for the 2022 World Cup, so: it was fine, gentlemen, but we are done. The World Championship is the highlight of the cycle, you don’t advance there, you leave, even if your name is Mourinho or Klopp. »

With a bit of exaggeration: it should be given by a football standard or FACR statutes.

It doesn’t have to be a famous name

Let’s think carefully. I claim that the FACR cash register does not cost more than CZK 500,000 per month. Rather less. And although it may seem strange to someone, for the money no foreign coach, whose name we have already heard, will simply coach the Czech national team. I’m afraid,“Wrote my colleague Luděk Mádl from the News List on Twitter.

I dare to oppose. And why should we hear this name somewhere? All it takes is an outsider with a different mindset. It’s a myth that it has to be someone with a lot of experience. It must be someone who is not related to anyone in Czech football – with friends in the FACR, in LFA, in clubs, with player agents. And most importantly: the national team coach, who makes the team available once a quarter, he is primarily a coach. In this context, I will express the heretical idea: “A good basketball coach would be better able to finish the game in Sweden.”

After all, it doesn’t have to be a stranger for millions a month. Everything you need for a previously unknown young German, a Pole or a Dutchman, who doesn’t care about the relationship between clubs, coaches and agents, who manages what and how, etc.

Why do people still shoot in the circle of the same names in the Czech Republic? There are many coaches abroad, the model for us is Czech basketball, which together with the Israeli coach Ginzburg achieved an excellent sixth place at the World Cup and qualified for the last year in sensational fashion for the Tokyo Olympics. After years of setbacks, Czech ice hockey with Finn Jalonen is now following the same path.

The ideal duo was born in Slovácko

But let it be, pIf we want a coach from the Czech national football team, it’s not true that there’s no one here except Trpišovský. Hooray! I would see it in a pair of ambitious youngsters experienced by Martin Svědík Stanislav Levý. It was Levý, who brought Svědík to Slovácko as sporting director, thus helping Uherské Hradiště considerably before his departure.

The turn of the provincial club with originally only average players, who will play the Czech Cup final with Sparta on May 4 in Uherské Hradiště, is not to be overlooked. After all, Slovácko’s Spartans in the league suffered a 0:4 debacle last year.

No one should mess with these two. Yes, Levý’s son is also a player’s agent, but I’m sure that Stanislav Levý is one of the few people in Czech football who wouldn’t abuse it in any way.

How journalists named the national team coaches in April

I have no illusions that anyone would accept my suggestions to Strahov. Although… This was the case. And this also concerned the failed qualification for the World Cup (1994). Despite the disintegration of Czechoslovakia, he still finished the federal selection. Exactly 29 years ago, at the end of March 1993, coach Milan Máčala was sacked after a 1-1 draw in Cyprus. He was replaced by an experienced coach from the 1976 European champions, Václav Ježek.

However, colleagues from the Slovak daily Šport mocked April 1, 1993 and wrote on the front page that the Czechoslovak team would be led by famous stormtrooper Jozef Adamec. Ježek didn’t realize it was an April prank and immediately made Adamec his assistant.

And this pair of almost lost advancement hopes revived so much that it was enough for substitute Timko to change his luck giant in the final match in Belgium (0-0) on November 17, 1993 just before the end and Czechoslovakia would exist thanks to its participation in the 1994 World Cup in the United States, still a year and a half after its true disintegration.

“Imagine if we won the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Then we would be like defenders of the primacy they were to represent fallen Czechoslovakia at the 1998 World Cup in France. And I’ll never get rid of you.” Ivan Hašek, the coaching candidate at the time, told his Slovak team-mate and friend Ľubomír Moravčík at the time.

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