Deaf Heart: The Czech rock scene has lost a lot of power

You started at five, now you’re four. Why?

Day of light: We said goodbye to guitarist Sebastian. To put it bluntly, we fired him. We haven’t met what we want to do. But it happened before we started recording the first record.

cow: It’s been two years since we released our second album fourteen months after the first. Time flies, and I have to admit it was flowing by so strangely for me in times of covid.

Day of light: Exactly. It’s like spending those two years in a cave where nothing happened. But again, we managed to prepare and record the disc. Ninety percent are brand new songs, we only took one or two from the past.

Does the painting have a main theme?

Day of light: There are several topics on it. We relied a lot on how we felt when composing the songs. It was covid and everything looked scary. Everything was cursed for us, music, relationships, weather, world events. Nevertheless, I tried to assert in the lyrics that we would survive everything and move on.

cow: The new recording is called The Curse of the Second Record in Czech. It is the technical terminus of music journalism. The second record should confirm the group’s ambitions, strength and talent. If that doesn’t happen, there’s a problem.

Your raw rock and roll is still on the album, but it sounded a bit cultured. Was it an intention?

Day of light: We didn’t want to make a record like the previous one, so it was. We composed the songs for the first album mainly on guitar. We wanted to use a different sound for the second album, so we bought a very specific new synthesizer. We created all the songs with his help to acoustically unite the new atmosphere.

cow: We were locked in quarantine and there wasn’t a lot of impulse to make new songs. One of them was to detach oneself from the instrument on which one was going to compose them. If we recomposed guitars, we wouldn’t invent anything new in the apartment where Thomas and I lived together at the time.

Do you still live together?

cow: Not anymore, Thomas moved into his two months ago. I stayed there. However, we used two years of living together as efficiently as possible. Our group formed, many songs, we did dozens of parties. It was great.

Day of light: It was a rock and roll apartment. I have the impression that the whole Czech rock scene has gradually arrived at the parties. It was often the last stop after parties elsewhere. When there was nowhere to go, we invited people over to our house and carried on. Sometimes we told them firmly that they could do whatever they wanted there, and the next morning we regretted looking at the damaged apartment. Most of these parties are truly memorable.

cow: We even took promotional photos for our debut album in our party apartment. Now the whole thing is redesigned and repaired.

Your first album was received with great enthusiasm. What brought you?

Day of light: When we finished it, we were happy with it and we liked it. We thought it was exactly what we wanted. But the responses and reactions exceeded our expectations.

Apart from the fact that it brought us a lot of fans, I didn’t expect that we could get nominations for them in various annual polls. But it happened, I was satisfied.

cow: It also allowed us to move forward. At first, we weren’t at all sure that we could burn right after the release of the first single.

Would it be even better if there was no pandemic?

Day of light: Definitely yes, covid-19 has been a handbrake for us. When you start, you have big plans – and suddenly you realize that you can’t do anything, it’s quite demotivating. But we decided to continue our projects. The goal is to leave a good mark.

cow: Fortunately, in the summer of 2020, when the situation with the pandemic was the worst, we played in good festivals and organized several other decent concerts. I think a few people on stage probably cheered us on because they put on events for us at a time when there were hardly any. It was a small miracle.

What do you think is the current Czech rock scene?

cow: Exhausted, and I’ve felt it for a long time. I don’t think he has any new subjects. The attributes of rebellion and energy have shifted to the hip-hop scene in recent years.

Rock bands have been good in recent years, some even come with veganism or a relationship to ecology. I have nothing against, but these subjects do not suit me. It’s not the rock and roll that I liked and because of which I started to play it.

Day of light: I agree, the rock scene has lost a lot of power in recent years. There are few bands, even fewer good ones, there is no competition and young people don’t go to rock and roll. They go more towards rapping, which is understandable, because rappers are more edgy, more direct in their opinions. The Czech rock scene has lost that. But the positive thing is that it is gaining strength in the world again. Maybe the rock and roll trend will come here too.

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