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“At 10? 4 o’clock? But I don’t know when it’s 10 o’clock, or how fast they have to run 4 hours, they have legs? “But she did not get an answer to these questions, not to mention the dad’s sleepy growl. how are these clocks and their feet. Finally, the parents got up and exchanged a few words: “Do you think that’s normal?” asks mom. “But come on, what’s wrong with her, she likes him, they spent a lot of time together, just remember and be happy,” Dad just raised an eyebrow.

When Lenička learned that her parents were awake, she asked them more questions. “Is it 10? Have those hours passed? How’s it going with those legs, dad? “Someone can’t wait here, wait a minute and we’ll go,” reassured Lenka’s mother. She couldn’t wait. How long have they not been seen? Week month? It didn’t matter, there were similar moments at Lenička whenever the GRANDMOTHER had to arrive.

Flower Fairy Tales – Chapter 15. Wedding

Lenička couldn’t wait to see her grandmother with her leather bag, which included elephants, giraffes and who knows what else. In this bag, she always had pastries in such a gray box. Lenka was looking forward to it when her grandmother arrived for her birthday, it was not just an ordinary cake in this box, but cakes like sponge cake hedgehogs, her grandmother made them marzipan muzzles and hints of Parisian whipped cream.

“I’m sure Grandma will still have some goodness in her bag, you see, Mom, or we’ll do something together, that would be nice too.” She laughs.

Finally, a figure so familiar to both of them appeared under the hill, Lenička ran, and her mother happily added to the march – “Grandma” – “Hello, Mom!” They both hugged Grandma. I can see you again. ““What was the way, mommy, come on, I’ll help you, I’ll take your bag,” mom said. “Thank you, I can do it, I’m not that old yet,” Grandma smiled. “? “”I couldn’t even sleep in the morning, grandma, I’m glad you’re finally here,” Lenička shook her grandmother’s hand. “And your father, he probably couldn’t sleep no more ? “Grandma smiled.

Lenička didn’t understand, but she didn’t care, the main thing was that her grandmother was there and they would be together all weekend. They took a detour home each time Grandma arrived, stopping at a magical garden where a dwarven castle was built of stone. They were still waiting there when at least one of them finally stuck their head out the window. It was their little adventure, and grandma made up funny tales of the dwarven kingdom. But this time it was even more magical, because a small lilac bush had just bloomed next to the castle, and it smelled intoxicating. “And you, mum, don’t upset Lenička,” dad added with a smile as they got into the car. “No worries, such a great trip, you don’t have to worry about us. Ahoooj.”

He was more like a spider boy, he liked to play and he didn't like being alone.

Spider Promise

“So, my mouse, my parents are gone, so what do we do, hmmm?” “I call it a plan, so let’s go.” »

And so they played as guides and passengers, Lenička had a hat, a coat and, of course, a clicker for tickets, Grandma took her luggage and drove, it was fun. Then the living room turned into a circus arena, where there were clowns and beauty riders and horse trainers. “Grandma, you should go to kindergarten with me, you know, so my friends can play with you, because you’re the best grandma in the world.” “But you are my granddaughter,” the grandmother hugged her granddaughter. In the evening they read Lenka’s favorite book about the dog Baryk. “Grandma, that you will wait here with me before I fall asleep.” “As always, my mouse.” Grandma smiled and stroked Lenka’s hair.

Once during baking, as Lenička was filling the last piece of cake with sweet sprinkles, she looked at her grandmother with different eyes, “Grandma, you are going to be here with me forever.” Grandma stopped, but she couldn’t keep Lenička and her big eyes waiting… “Forever? Of course I will, but maybe ‘it won’t be the same’ forever. Maybe be that one day I’ll be far away and I won’t be able to bake a bun with you or play with the train hostess, but I believe that whenever you remember me, I’ll be there with you” and grandmother pointed to Lenka’s heart. “Here you will have everything beautiful we have together, forever and nobody and never take it back from you again.”

Lenička looked at her grandmother, as if everything was perfectly clear to her at that moment: “And now don’t wake up and put the bun in the oven!” And so time passed, Lenička was no longer a little girl, but a little girl who went to school. They saw each other with their grandmother and always had fun together, even at the circus and the guides still played sometimes, they liked to talk about everything. Grandma taught Lenka how to crochet or bake these large hedgehog-shaped cakes. My grandmother sometimes said: “One day you will cook them for your children, my mouse, I will probably not be here anymore”

Over time, her grandmother’s strength began to decline, and although she was sick at times, she and Lenka still had plenty to laugh about. Then my grandmother had to go to the hospital, Lenka and her mother often called my grandmother and went to visit her. Lenka didn’t like the hospital, it smelled so weird in the hallway and she was a little scared there. But she immediately forgot everything when she could be with her grandmother for a while.


Flower Fairy Tales – Chapter 14. Sunflower Paradise

One day, Lenka’s phone rings at home. “Yeah, isn’t it finally grandma?” She runs to the phone, while mom picks up “Hello”, it’s silent, and there’s silence all over the apartment, just for hours. “I understand, thank you, goodbye.” My mother is pale and silent. “Wasn’t that Grandma?” asks Lenka. “No, she wasn’t, baby. I have to tell you something about grandma now,” her voice was shaking. “You know, Lenička, you know, none of us can be here forever, Grandma, Grandma is gone, she’ll never come to visit us again.” “Come on, let’s go. We follow her, don’t we? Or we’ll call her.” “No honey, it’s not working anymore, grandma’s gone, you can’t see her anymore, you can’t call her anymore, it’s not working, she’s gone and she won’t be able to never come back. “” But mom, how come Lenička looked at her mother in confusion, but her mother couldn’t take it anymore, and with tears in her eyes she said to the confused little girl: “Enough, leave me alone a moment, grandmother deceased.”

Lenka ran to her room, hid under the duvet, and the strange words kept ringing in her ears: “She’s gone, no one’s here forever, you can never see her again.” “His head was roaring and tears were streaming down his cheeks. What’s going on? As if a huge stone was resting on her chest and she couldn’t breathe, she had never felt such a strange pain. Nobody’s here forever, she repeated under the duvet, forever, forever…

At that moment, Lenička remembered what her grandmother had told her once. She jumped out of bed and ran to the dusty shelf. Hidden in a briefcase with large red cherries were a hat and guide clamps. At the bottom of the suitcase was a picture of a laughing grandmother with Lenička on the train, and even a mother who played a storyteller. “Mom, mum, I have something to tell you,” Lenka called, picking up her suitcase and running after mum. She found her crying in the bedroom. “Mom, I have to tell you something.” “But honey, I’m sorry, I’m not well.” “But it’s about grandma, you know?” Mom noticed that Lenička had brought her briefcase. “Mom, don’t cry, Grandma is here and she will be forever, you know?”

Mom didn’t understand at the time – “Here, look” and put her hand where her heart was. “Here is your grandmother and all that is beautiful and forever, and no one and she will never take it from you again.” Lenička opened her suitcase, “Mom wiped away her tears and smiled. “I remember, baby, I think dad played with us too, and then we had Grandma’s goulash for dinner.


Flower Fairy Tales – Chapter 13. Flower Empire Protected Area

“Well, you see, we don’t have to cry, come on, we’ll play the guide like we did then.”

After a while, the door of the house opened and the sad dad was there. He hurried home to comfort Lenička and Mom. Instead, he heard laughter in the hallway and couldn’t believe his ears. “Yeah, dad, come here, look,” and Lenička handed dad a picture of them playing with their grandmother on the train. “Even though Grandma isn’t here, we have her in our hearts and she will be there forever, so Grandma said to me, you know, come on, you’ll be a storyteller.”

Dad looked at his mother in surprise, who didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He picked up his pancake, looked up at the sky, and said softly, “Thank you, Mom, for everything.”

And Lenka? Over time, she grew up to be an adult daughter and understood what her grandmother meant, and she was very grateful that she coped better with her departure. She never forgot her grandmother and always had her in her heart. It happened as the grandmother once predicted, and over time Lenka became a mother and began to cook a hedgehog for her son with a marzipan muzzle and tips of Parisian whipped cream.

As a grown-up, Lenka once came to this magic garden with a stone castle for dwarves, and the little girl waited there when she finally peeked. But this time it was even more magical, because next to the castle a big lilac bush had just bloomed and it smelled intoxicating…

Author: Alena Srbena

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