Banks seek ways to pay on salary, kf Air Bank

How is he now connected?
The pending regulatory approval of the transaction in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It usually takes you three months, saying it could be finished in April. And at Monet, preparation for the next chapter is underway. Once we have to sell the transaction, it should happen around the middle of the year. Until it is approved, Moneta and I can only talk about a small circuit. We do not show interns, customer data, or coordinate business results.

So you come to an empty table in the middle of the year?
No, we are preparing the integration. Let’s talk about how we assemble the darkness, we prepare the structure. And it will be approved, we will send the data. Let’s see how customers behave, what they like lb, what they dislike. Thanks to this, we can then understand what it could look like together.

Michal Strcula (41)

He graduated from the University of Finance and Administration in Prague. He has been involved in the creation of the Air Bank concept since 2009. After its creation in 2011, it was a division of the retail banking division, and three years later became its CEO and chairman of the board. . Before joining Air Bank, he worked for GE Money and Raiffeisenbank. Since 2020 he has been a member of the Presidium of the Czech Banking Association.

Does this mean that a merged bank will be created in the middle of the year?
It’s not that. There will be one team connected, but two banks will operate. It changes the ownership of a bank, but it’s far from being a connected bank or brand. In this combined darkness, we will gradually see what strategy we want to follow and how we will use the characters to do so. But at least 12 msc characters remain unchanged. Teba Air Bank and Zonky are connected today, it is one company, but we are both. We know that Zonky has a strong position, it’s a well-known platform that allows people to borrow from each other, and so it makes sense to keep its character.

So is it possible for Moneta and Air Bank to stay side by side for the long term?
There is some probability here, but not for bank marks. Also, Home Credit, which is so much part of the deal, has a long tradition in the market, it’s a very robust feature and it’s very likely that we would want to keep it in the medium term.

Is the current macroeconomic instability not slowing down the transaction?
This should not have an impact, the results of the two companies show that they are healthy companies. The entire market will face the effects of inflation. Some customers may find it difficult to meet them and have sufficient liquidity. Their breeding will also change, and due to inflation, things are starting to take care of how to protect their disputes. They call vc spoit, they will think about how to invest. The cost of transactions is therefore a dispute of scale, which also makes the bank more resilient. adu vc will not give you twice. For example, the cost of the banking system is similar and you serve one or two million customers.

You are one of the top managers of the PPF group, which works in Russia, notably via Home Credit. Unlike other companies, you didn’t leave here for that?
You would have to inquire directly with the management of the PPF. I am responsible for Air Bank and our exposure to Russia is nil, nor can I participate in today’s debate.

Did you have to seize Russian citizens and companies because of the sanctions?
There are cases where, due to sanctions lists, it is not possible to send pensions to some of them. We had nothing to enter. It is also the case that Air Bank is focused on retail customers, we are not a bank for customers who seek private banking services only a standardized digital channel service system.

One of the main arguments in favor of the merger of Moneyy and Air Bank was the complementarity of customer segments. Simplified Eeno, younger generation at Air Bank and star clients at Monet. Don’t you risk not reaching any of the groups at the end?
Its a threat. But I think we have shown that we can change the banking market. It’s mostly based on dark abilities and we’d like to build on that. We will be available for customers and we can offer them new services that we do not currently have, like you. Instead of the current 32 branches, there will be 187 at a time and the number of ATMs will triple to over 900. A significant part of our business, Monety, also has domestic retail customers, which is a position other than another bank in the market. And so let’s say we don’t have owners. When we decide to do something, we don’t have to wait for mothers abroad to say.

Are you meeting the new group of customers, you entrepreneurs?
Moneta, now serving entrepreneurs, focuses on these men. We will continue to do so. However, we do not meet corporate clients and large companies. In Air Bank, our line of business is interested in two. Statistically, it can be assumed that a tenth of the customers have an active business, it can be a freelancer or a co-owner of the business. And business or business was one of the most popular services.

So you didn’t execute them?
we have waited, and we will grow. In addition, we have added services for current customers. It was more urgent for us to prepare and extend the mortgage provided we did not enter a new segment. But now we have become there.

We managed to build a rather predatory character. You represent a demanding bank. Don’t worry about going to Moneta with this feature?
Don’t worry about that. It’s not a question of size, but of darkness that will work on it. I even think it can be done in the dark. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world and no one will say it’s ediv and back.

But what makes your corporate culture the one that comes with the people at Moneta?
Both darknesses are about the same size, so I don’t think one culture can overpower the other. Culture comes from the people who are in the company and their behavior. It is obvious that the connection of the two teams will create something else, it will be a mouthful of change, we will just have to go where we want to go.

The Air Force will be associated with Moneta Konen during the chat room
The voice of the customer always plays a role. But it’s up to you to listen to everyone, and we know that the customer is entirely responsible for the practical steps that will bring about certain changes, and to act accordingly. It is good to listen to those customers who say in advance that they will finish. Above all, you share your worries. And now they are very afraid of what the change they did not choose will bring them. And that’s why you have to work with it.

New Brunswick Governor Ji Rusnok also told economists that due to high inflation, GDP growth will fall to zero this year. What will that mean?
We have a growth as a people program within ourselves, it is a vision of prosperity. When a year or two does not, it means, as an individual, as a company, that you have to limit your expenses. You can now spend more on technical items, such as electricity or heating. And disputes are sought mainly in future development investment, which will slow down the economy for a long time. The impact we can avoid, their depth and duration weigh heavily on the duration of the current situation.

What will this mean for the banking market and for vs?
The banks in the Czech Republic, they are capitalized. If I take it from a positive perspective, people are now thinking more about the security of their pensions, and banks can help them. Today, less than 10% of people have some form of investment, and Zpad is even a quarter higher. It is not for the banks to push customers towards investment products, people do not understand them, but to educate them more, to prepare the services available. The kind of area where banks need to be active is mortgages.

And how?
The growth in rates for years is not only worsening the supply of housing, but also the number of customers who will pay and pay more. And it’s up to the banks to help customers get this thing ready. For example, Air Bank does not cooperate with these parties in the field of distribution, we focus on existing customers. At a time when there is a lot of pressure on prices, this will allow the customer to have better conditions.

Banks provided a record volume of mortgage loans last year, and their volume has fallen. Where can they make up for this shortfall?
Mortgages are not among the most profitable products for banks. With the high volumes that have been here in recent years, it was interesting for the banks, but in terms of profitability per crown, it is not the most profitable. Banks see it as a long-term service. I see a lot of interest in the first investment and additional profits can also be paid for payment-related services.

Are there any fees for the transaction?
Definitely not. But payment is the same area that banks offer to retail customers. And if they are able to drink with added value, then there is potential for growth. People in our mobile app use you 30 times a month, check balances or help pay. And if banks are able to add services such as food or comparison goods, they have a better connection between entrepreneurs and small customers and they can go to the middleman. The goal is for the customer to get the added value.

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