And watch out. Jurečka was attracted by the state of emergency in the Chamber of Deputies. Benefits for Czechs

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) appeared before the Chamber of Deputies, which today comments on the extension of the state of emergency. He himself is burning for the extension of the state of emergency, among other things he justifies it by improving and speeding up the administration for our fellow citizens.

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“On behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, there is a clear reason why we must extend the state of emergency. The reason concerns the improvement and speeding up of administration for our citizens, the citizens of the Czech Republic, so that in this exceptional situation where the employment offices and especially the employees working there can speed up this process so that we do not have to follow standard administrative procedures to make decisions. fast for the benefit of the citizens of the Czech Republic,” Jurečka noted.

“After approving the lex Ukraine here, we no longer need expediting for citizens who come from Ukraine as war refugees. But we use the institute in this situation where administrative requests on the office of the increased for the benefit of Czech citizens. I mean here in the case of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs,” he mentioned.

According to him, we must also be aware of the situation in which we find ourselves today. “We are in a situation where Europe was not for 82 years. Europe was not in a situation where ten million people from one part of the country would have to leave their homes in almost two weeks. there was no such situation here, so we all have it for the first time. Of these ten million, more than three million people left Ukraine and went to countries connected with them, or in others, such as the Czech Republic. Again, it is the unprecedented movement of such a large wave of people fleeing war because of the threat to their lives, seven million of whom remain in the western part of Ukraine, especially around Lviv and Lviv. And it is our responsibility as people, as an act of humanity, to take care of anyone who comes, he takes care of his life, he has no shelter, he seeks safety, he cares for these people. I think we all sense that” , added Jurečka.

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“As some of us lived through, for example, the floods of 1997 and 2002, like we lived through the tornado last year, I just think the people who helped didn’t hesitate for a minute. they had to help and if they only helped to some reasonable extent they just went to help because helping in such an exceptional situation is just human and I’m glad that in the past the questions that Tomio Okamura has asked here were not asked by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example, because I don’t know how Europe would behave in World War II if he led debates in Britain and said: Dear Britons, isn’t that too much? Aren’t we bringing here unnecessarily those who come to us from across the canal? Shouldn’t we give a quota and ask how many of these people we’ll take? shall we include in our army? And that is not enough won’t it be okay if we just defend our island and don’t send our soldiers behind this channel towards these Europeans, French, Czechoslovaks and others? After all, it is beyond our comfort limit. We just have to worry about us, the British… no, he and other statesmen did not have such a debate,” he said, adding that if he there were politicians running those states at the time, they think, as Tomio Okamura said a moment ago, so maybe the whole fate of Europe in World War II would go to a completely different direction and maybe we wouldn’t be here today.

“We are in a situation where helping is our human quality and our duty. And I am proud of the citizens of the Czech Republic, of the Czech Republic, of all those who are helping today at different levels to help and how they are helping. In four weeks , we’ve handled a massive influx of people who have come to us asking for help, and when I talk to them, and I’ve been to many individual regional support centers, most of them are incredibly grateful – or everyone I have spoken to is grateful and determined when it is safe to return Ukraine, to their homeland, to their homes to restore their country.And I hope that unfortunately there will never be a situation where we we found ourselves in a similar situation, that any of our neighbors or other close friendly countries would provide the same support, the same refuge, the same level of solidarity as we do today. cient in this context and understand it in this way as well,” concluded Jurečka.

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