You artists made me! Michal Suchánek on embarrassing humor, hanging, a villain and Instagram dust

Animator, actor? “That’s what you did to me,” exaggerates Michal Suchánek, adding a little more seriously that no one knows what it is. He also falls out of the actor’s box more and more often, because, as he confesses in an interview for Prostor X, going to the Ostrava region with Višňový sad, dressing up and saying the same sentences every evening filled him and entertained him less and less. . The roles he plays have to be believable to him, so he prefers to play the ones he writes himself. He considers every word, because in addition to authenticity, he also inserts his handwriting. And in the case of the new National Handball series, of which he is the screenwriter and co-director, also some of his character traits. “When I do a movie or a series that I want someone to do, how good I am, maybe I’ll write how I cry, or I’m someone completely different,” says- he.

“I’m a product of myself. People love you for something, and that doesn’t change. It’s like when someone loved Horníček and will love him for thirty years,” Michal Suchánek reflects on the question to know how humor has changed since the days of Tele Tele. He doesn’t watch funny things, so he doesn’t really know. He could imagine that he would resurrect an entertaining format in which, with Richard Genzer, Josef Carda and Veronika Žilková, parodied other TV shows from 2000 to 2007 and whose former popularity is evidenced by winning the TV popularity poll TýTý, no we wouldn’t pay.” It just came to our knowledge at this that time. We’ve been shooting every day for all these years. Today it is so widespread that to be something better, it would have to be much more expensive. Despite the fact that it was in order. Subconsciously we all knew that Sunday night was this and that, Thursday was this and that. Today, each of these companies has several stations, so it would be necessary to be more precise. Making a parody of Villa Choisie would cost money,” it is clear.

Čestmir Strakaty
January 19, 2022 • 10:20 p.m.

On the most-watched commercial television, respectively. Voyo now returns to its video portal with the eight-part comedy series National Handball. “It’s only now, for years, that I’ve been performing at Nova and Prima at the same time. I’ve never done that in my life. I haven’t gone to see people on New Year’s Eve like the two more televisions, but no, I’m faithful to that. When I have a boyfriend and he messed up, I’m always going to report to him, “he refuses to calculate. For the last time, he supported Daniel Land so selflessly, he has long-standing friendships with him, they’ve been through a lot, including the revolution in which they kept the Drama Club when the Civic Forum was founded, and he’s therefore promised to participate in a demonstration for freedom and responsibility.

It was only later that he discovered that the organizers called it Open the Czechia and that opponents of compulsory vaccination and other anti-epidemic measures had met there. “I really tried to do my best, even though I didn’t like the government. When she said it should be, it should be, and I will. Holt, I’m here in this business, and I live there. When I got there, they told me I would speak on behalf of the culture, so I said, ‘I will not speak on behalf of any culture, or with anyone else. ‘. If I go, I will speak for myself.’ And I was already thinking that I’d rather not go, but Dan was still there, so I won’t be an asshole. Besides, I didn’t even go to Melantrich’s balcony in November, because it looked really terrible to me that what I was going to do there,” he describes the circumstances leading up to his speech to a crowd of demonstrators in the Old Center of the City.

This was followed by a wave of misunderstanding, accompanied by an antivax sticker. “Jarek Nohavica wrote to me that he wouldn’t be angry if I didn’t want to be vaccinated. At the same time, I didn’t say a word that I didn’t want?! I really wanted to, ”said he stops when faced with the reaction of the singer A woman with an exposed bust or a man on a horse appeared in the images of the event, and what anyone proclaimed on stage had no more meaning. “It bothered me and it was very unpleasant,” admits Suchánek, who he says has been able to be in his arms over the years. But he doesn’t. He still finds it difficult to bear The critics.

What paradoxes does he like in his personal life as a boy from Sobotka? What are the specificities of national handball and where to find a parallel with Czech nature? What does he have to do with serial handball player Horst Janatka? And what are his Instagram collaborations failing on? Michal Suchánek also talked about it in Space X.

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