Why clean ecologically, especially in homes with children? Children do not have such well-developed immunity, so they are more susceptible to bacteria and other pathogens

It is a priority for every parent that their children grow up in a safe and clean environment in which they not only feel good, but also prevent bacterial, infectious and other diseases or allergies. They can choose from a wide range of cleaning products for this purpose, however, on the market you will often find dangerous products containing harmful substances. It is important to realize that children do not have such well-developed immunity, so they are more susceptible to bacteria and other pathogens. Luckily, there is a way to avoid potential health issues – you may even be helping not only your children, but our planet as well.

The health of the child comes first. Although we naturally go for health and cleanliness of the environment in which we find ourselves, it is not always the best solution to remove all the dirt out of reach. You may be surprised, but children need to be exposed to certain types of bacteria in order to be able to resist them effectively in the future. In other words, when a child comes into contact with a common type of bacteria, they develop resistance to them. Therefore, parents should definitely keep their child clean, but that doesn’t mean they will be eagerly running after disinfection. It will be enough if you let him have fun with others outside in the sandbox and such. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep the house clean without endangering the health of the child and other household members using unwanted means.

Ecological cleaning has become a trend in recent years for many reasons – but this is mainly due to careful use and maximum safety, as they do not contain harmful substances such as phosphates, bleaches, l ammonia, synthetic fragrances.

A safer cleaning option

The child’s immune system is still developing, so it is not able to resist pathogens that pose a risk of disease. Although some non-ecological agents can rid the house of bacteria, they often contain harmful compounds that cause more or less serious illnesses or allergies.

You will often come across products that can even endanger the life of your child, which is not the case with the organic variants. “So-called ‘green’ products are virtually non-toxic and less irritating to the skin and respiratory tract, reducing the risk of chronic disease.” highlights the benefits of eco-resources Alexandr Řeháček, founder of AYETO Eco, ayetoeco.cz.

If, on the other hand, you use harsh and non-ecological cleaners, here is an overview of the most common health problems they cause in children:

Eczema – children’s skin is very prone to irritation, and volatile and other substances in synthetic cleaners often cause skin diseases. Researchers agree that some skin conditions can accompany a person throughout life, so it pays to not underestimate prevention.

Eye and respiratory tract irritation – fumes from non-ecological cleaners can irritate the respiratory tract and thus contribute to the development of asthma, allergies or other respiratory diseases. Your child’s eyes are also at risk – redness, tearing and burning are not uncommon.

Poison – young children often experiment and try the taste of all fragrant things around us. In fact, more than one million children under the age of 5 swallow one of the commonly found types of household cleaners each year. Organic products minimize the risk of poisoning and other side effects if ingested.

Teach your kids about sustainability

“The issue of sustainability is becoming more and more pronounced in the world, because it concerns each of us without exception. If you are not indifferent to the world that future generations will take over, you can also contribute to improving the situation. Organic products are widely available today, so don’t hesitate and commit to this “green” change right away, “ appeals to Řeháček from ayetoeco.cz.

Millions of parents around the world are setting an example for their children, some even actively teaching them about sustainability and explaining why it is important not only for them but also for the planet as a whole. If they have been brought up to believe that taking care of the environment is part of our daily lives, then they have no problem living ecologically, on the contrary, this way of life brings them joy. It’s never too late to change! Our planet will reward you.


AYETO Eco – Ecological household cleaner, concentrated powder 250 g (for 25 litres)

Effectively and gently removes dirt from all water washable surfaces.

Instructions for preparation: Fill an empty bottle (1000 ml) halfway with water at 40°C. Add two medium teaspoons of Ayeto powder (about 10g). After a while, the Ayeto powder will completely dissolve and no longer foam. Then fill the bottle completely with lukewarm water. Attach the applicator and shake the contents thoroughly. Now your environmental assistant is ready to clean up.

Use: The finished product is used to clean the whole house. It cleans dirt gently and thoroughly and you can use it universally. A great, smart helper that pays off and works.

250g | 1 liter = 16 CZK, 399 CZK

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