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Yevgeny Satanovsky | PHOTO: BY-SA 3.0 / A. Savin

Yevgeny Satanovsky, often referred to as a political scientist, is one of the radical ideologues of the current Putin regime. Telegram publishes a series of articles on the social network that have little to do with reality, but are mainly devoted to the irrational conflagration of the West and announce the victory of Russia.

In his Sunday article, he focused on Poland, which he said would end badly.

Satanovsky writes: “We lack understanding in this world. Simple understanding. The Polish president does not understand the attitude of the Hungarian president towards Russia. (Satanovsky probably has more firsts here and in the following, note. Red.) He understands the Ukrainian president, he understands the Czech president, he understands the American so well that if he could, he would go and work for him instead of the red PSAKI (White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki notes red.) and talks nonsense and would join his country to the United States as another state, but he cannot understand Orbán Dud. How could he ignore instructions from his superiors in the great and shiny city of Washington to destroy and sever relations with Moscow and excuse it in the name of national interests? (…) There is someone here who is ready to sacrifice any of his interests, especially that he wants to put the Russians in trouble. And it always seemed that way. Historical traditions, dog’s blood! They must be respected and passed on to their children and grandchildren, which the current Polish leaders are doing damn well and are about to step on the Russian rake again, as it has always been the case in Poland. »

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FORUM Nový Týdeník: Horrible number 86 and a report from Lviv, where “everyone wants to fight the Russians”

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Satanovsky has a better understanding of Orbán’s Hungary, which he says is rational:

“However, it is possible that the Hungarians, who are not so depraved by the purely Schlindrian disregard for material things inherent in the romantic Poles of their future, have simply adopted the German Jewish economic spirit that Poland despises in the centuries when they were part of the Habsburg Monarchy. . A true Polish hero will not allow himself to do such a thing…”

The author then accuses Poland of wanting to take Kaliningrad away from him, a Russian enclave isolated from Russia and surrounded only by the countries of the European Union and the sea. But Poland does not speak of any affiliation of this enclave. Only former commander of the Polish Land Forces Waldemar Skrzypczak in a Polish TV show SuperExpress he said the Kaliningrad region had been “under Russian occupation since 1945”. According to him, this territory was never Russian, but historically belonged to Prussia and Poland. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. It is worth recalling the Kaliningrad region which, in my opinion, is part of Polish territory. (…) We have the right to claim this territory, which is occupied by Russia.” At the same time, he believes that the Kaliningrad region “has no military significance.” The general apparently wanted to viciously suggest to Russia that, in terms of various historical claims, he might recall some of the neighboring of Russia.

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Polls show Russians want war

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The political scientist-ideologist then continues in the same style. He described political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinsky as an extraordinary viper and returned to the subject of Ukraine. Ukraine is said to be losing the last chance to save its own state “and what remains of its territory within the post-Soviet borders”.

But America is the main engine of evil: “In general, everyone understands and gets in the ass, which shows the indestructible unity of the American-centric ‘democratic’ world in the face of Russia and Putin, which is the main uniting factor of this band of pirate-thieves.Even the Ukrainian leaders, who have held the role of Russia’s main training partner (read: beaten), are optimistic about clinical idiots for all plans of its neighbors, even if they will be implemented at its expense. So far, military operations are taking place on Ukrainian territory, Ukrainian refugees are moving towards Europe, and the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian population suffered losses.”

Yevgeny Satanovsky publishes these views at a time when the Russian campaign in Ukraine is faltering and optimism seems to be an obligatory ritual in Kremlin circles.

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