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DOG EARS. You might not even notice it, so we better point it out right away. You’ll never find the name Bab** in this issue of Dog Ears, but you know who, the one whose name can be spoken, but there’s no reason to. In principle, this corresponds to its importance for society, it only took a moment for people to realize this. But we will bother you all the more with other phenomena, such as the now forgotten CSSD, etc. Let’s go to the machines.

  • Paraphrasing an old joke: this is how MEP Stanislav Polčák counts money. We have an MEP salary, lawyer fees, eight mega for Vrbětice, when it comes out… What are those ” At its output “Mr. Polcak? Uh, that didn’t work…

There is no need to dissect the essence of the whole matter – there is hardly a more crystalline example of conflict of interest than when legislator, politician and lawyer appropriately combine their individual coats, when the reward is eight million crowns. This is also why Polčák is no longer the vice-president of the STAN movement, which he also liked to understand in the end.

“I didn’t want to look ravenous in advance to tell them in advance that I might want 25%. I wanted to be rewarded for full legal service.”
(Stanislav Polčák explains why he did not inform the mayors around Vrbětice in advance about the possible amount of remuneration, News List, March 25)

After the election, there were estimates as to which ruling coalition parties would encounter scandals from the front pages of newspapers and servers and why the ODS. At that time, few people guessed a discrete STAN. After five months, it seems that if the YES movement and the opposition didn’t have Polčák, Michalik or Farský at all, they would probably paint them.

The article reflects the events of the past week in quotes and statements from politicians.

These aren’t enough on their own, so puts them in the right context at a fine distance.

  • When the good old white man breaks down, sometimes it hurts. This just happened to Czech radio moderator Aleš Cibulka, with whom he interviewed the weekly 5plus2 and reprinted the server. But that speaks for itself when participating editor Martin Brabec sets the scene for you with a brilliant question:

Many people admire the charm, nobility and kindness portrayed in old pre-war movies and lament that “today is different”. But aren’t we killing that kindness and nobility by fighting for some kind of gender equality in all aspects of life?

Cibulka didn’t disappoint, he swung and filled the offered space without any rest:

“My speech. You help the lady up the stairs and take off her coat and you risk being sued for harassment. Women must remain women and men remain boys. That’s how it is. Today a man slap on the ass of a beautiful girl and instead of doing well, he is already filing a complaint.”
(Aleš Cibulka,, March 27)

Why stick to the wall? What a slap on the ass? Put your hand directly in your crotch, grab your breasts, what about beautiful women, to make them feel good after a boy.


  • We still do not get tired of the electoral success of social democracy, especially after five months, it has such beautiful side effects as the talks between the former chairman of the party and the government Bohuslav Sobotka. He visited Fokus ČT24 last week and had some warm words about political oblivion.

“I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe in the turn. I know the point of view of Milos Zeman, who for years questioned the sanctions against Russia, relativized the occupation of Crimea for years. And together with other politicians, he pushed the Russians as a supplier in a tender to expand the Dukovany nuclear power plant. “
(Bohuslav Sobotka in Focus by Václav Moravec, ČT24, March 22)

Saturday really isn’t the only one, some smarter people have known for about eight years. It should be remembered that Miloš Zeman became president also thanks to the expressed support of the CSSD, which never managed to cut itself off from him as a whole.

“We ask citizens to consider supporting Miloš Zeman as a candidate in the second round of elections who is not affiliated with the current right-wing government coalition.”
(Bohuslav Sobotka,, January 12, 2013)

Sobotka must be partially defended, it is a fact that Zeman received a relatively free hand from his government in matters of Russia, together they dealt more with subordination to China, in which discipline they finally reached touching perfection. While Bohuslav Sobotka already has a self-questioning question, we would like to comment on the simplest act of post-November Czech foreign policy, the disgusting pro-China Declaration of the Four, under which it is signed with Zeman, so Senate leader Milan Štěch and Speaker of the House Jan Hamáček. Then he can order again.

  • We’ll end the conversation with a traditional section of statements that have matured like well-laid cheese, this time we’ll let go of our own backyard and a little about the previous topic.

You are welcome and quiet.

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