The art of flirting? We have tips for different situations!

Two years where the world only dealt with the coronavirus, where we went smoothly from one confinement to another, where theaters, cinemas, bars and restaurants were closed. Two years in which life, including love, has changed a lot. He not only flirts in live meetings but also via online broadcasts.

In addition, they can benefit from the British Council sex and relationship experts Tracey Cox. Flirting has spread to many areas, so don’t be afraid under any circumstances!

General rules for the online world

Coronavirus A number of meetings and negotiations moved to the online world and many remain there today. But don’t worry, you can still flirt through the computer. The base is a well-tuned camera, you should look it up, not down. Looking down doesn’t flatter anyone, for example, you run the risk double chin. There are also various filters that slightly smooth out wrinkles, give you better color, and more. But don’t overdo it, it’s important to make a first impression, but you probably don’t want your partner to feel like they’ve met someone else in a live meeting.

We all know that the basis of flirting is maintaining eye contact, and here it is no different. It’s just a little more complicated. After all, when you look directly at your counterpart through the monitor, it seems to your counterpart that you are looking everywhere. Don’t look at his image, but look directly into your camera. That’s the thing.

Online mass meeting

It’s a bigger meeting, but there’s a colleague you like. Try the following:

  • Sexy but discreetTry to look good, but don’t let them know how much time you’ve spent on it. You look so good like that. So makeup yes, but natural. Not a T-shirt with leftovers for breakfast, but also a sequined blouse and a gigantic neckline.
  • Neutral backgroundInstall it on your computer or make sure there is nothing disturbing behind you. You don’t want to attract attention with paintings on the wall or a view of your entire living room.
  • Bet on a sense of humorOf course, you’re in a business meeting, so you can’t play the role of a class clown, but as much as possible, be relaxed, throw in something informal here and there, tone it down.
  • Use his nameEven in the business meeting, say “I agree with Martin”, “As he said, Martin”, “I was interested in Martin’s proposal” and so on. Whenever we hear our name, we notice it and our attention is mainly on who said our name.

And then get it just for you. During the meeting, for example, send him a private message saying that you need to discuss something with him after the meeting. Once you’re alone, unpack one a weak excuse then confess with a smile. “Okay, I lied. I just wanted to talk, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”

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Flirting is better at the bar, something can be used in computer meetings

Online dating for two

Just you and him, but behind the camera and at work. Even so, there is more room for courage.

For example, in the case of the background, the exact opposite is true for mass meetings. Feel free to leave your book with a bold title in sight, yours picture in swimsuit holiday, perhaps carelessly and of course “accidentally” a bra thrown into a distant chair.

Body language will also help you a lot. Tilt your head to the side. It shows that you care about what he says, but you also reveal to him one of your own. erogenous zones. And bite your lips. “We do this when we’re thinking, but also when we’re turned on by someone. Your counterpart won’t know which of these two variations is the right one, which will increase the tension even more,” says Cox.

If you don’t fancy these gestures, be careful not to be curious, most people are flattered by the interest in them. So if you ask where he got the beautiful vase on the table behind him, he’ll be happy to talk to you.

At a work party

No camera, real life. Relaxed atmosphere, possibility of a slight reinforce with alcohol, music, laughter. “Start talking about yourself in the plural as soon as possible. Phrases like ‘We won’t have another drink’, ‘If we dance for a while, we won’t feel your feet tomorrow’, they connect you through conversation , but they also stimulate the idea of ​​another connection,” says Tracey Cox. .

In addition to eye contact, play with your mouth. Play with straw, teaspoon and others. Unconsciously thinking of the other as they would be if they could play with your mouth.

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Of course, the informal environment promotes more informal behaviors

For dinner with friends

Good food, pleasant conversation, people you love. An ideal environment for flirting.

Try to mirror his movements. “It just occurred to us then flirting tools. By adapting or imitating the movements of others, you are subconsciously saying that you are like them and on the same level, ”advises the expert.

And don’t forget the keys. First the “insignificant” when you gently touch the back of your hand and excuse yourself for a moment because you have to go to the bathroom. Or a happy pat on the shoulder, because the joke he made was so worth it. If he doesn’t seem to care, you might be bolder over time.

At the bar with friends

Not only can alcohol (with care) give you courage, but also that if you don’t want it, you will never have to see an unknown handsome man again.

First of all your body language Make it clear that you are open to knowledge. Don’t cross your arms or legs, or hold a drink or purse in front of you as if it were a protective shield. On the contrary, look at the person directly, keep eye contact, smile, be the body turned towards him. Invite him to your home!

Also keep in mind that you are there with a group of friends, that you have “your” people around you, and that it is very difficult for others to recognize if you are a couple with one of them. ‘them. So be alone once in a while, make it clear that you’re not there with your partner, create times when the person can approach you without several of your friends.

And bet completely easy conversation. “Most people think the first thing they say to someone has to be original, funny, smart, just memorable. Mistake. Say something you would say if a friend was standing next to you.” How many How long do you think it will take the bartender to notice us?” “God, it’s hot in here,” advises Cox. Pretty much anything that sparks a conversation fits into that environment and could be the start of something. pleasant.

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