Shadows in the fog. Jaroslav Plesl is the pervert of the forensic family

Jaroslav Plesl as Pavel Malý, the husband of the main heroine of the Shadows in the Mist series Czech television

March 28, 2022 4:58 p.m.

At first it looked like a low-key detective story, over time the audience fell in love with the main characters. Today Czech television broadcasts the last episode of Shadows in the Mist. The tension mounts as the side story escalates. It turns out who was released the freed prisoner Hrbek, a psychopath who tries to avenge the medical examiner Malé.

The stories are not just about the murders in and around Ostrava, the central characters live out their life dramas. And their work comes first. Thus Magda Malá, represented by Petra Špalková (47), is left by her husband Pavel, a violinist who finds affection for his much younger colleague.

The musician is played by Jaroslav Plesl (47) and is the “bad guy”, an infidel who breaks up a relatively cute family with a little girl. Has the actor disrupted the family in any of the roles in the past? He thought about our question for a moment.

“In the movie The Price of Happiness, I play a guy whose family breaks up because of his behavior. But it was more psychopathy. I’m quite happy to have different types of roles in my professional life. crazy about heroes. I feel like I didn’t trip, he wasn’t locked up,” said.

In the crime drama, they formed a very cohesive family with Petra Špalková and her real daughter Anděla Tichá, believable, happy at first. “She’s magical, she was fantastic, I consider her performance to be the best that’s ever appeared on this show. Really great!” sings Plesl ode to Amálka, performed convincingly by a little girl who, at the start of filming, at the age of six, could not even read the text yet. Her father Miloslav Tichý, husband of Petra Špalková, also an actress, read it to her.

He started when he was six years old and collected 5 CZK. You can’t guess what Jaroslav Plesl showed his parents

Jaroslav Plesl admitted to us that the strongest experience for him was the filming of The Last Race (in theaters since last week) and the character of Josef Rössler-Ořovský (1869-1933). The athlete and diplomat also contributed to the creation of the Czech Olympic Committee.

Minus 15 degrees and strong wind. This is how a film about a cross-country race ended, which ended in tragedy

“I’m not a skier, but the actor has to be able to play almost anything. It was rough, but nature met us with a whole range of shapes. From beautiful sunny days to the roughest we call Mordor. Outside, a 120 km/h wind was blowing and it was minus 20 degrees.

They saw filming as a common adventure. “I really wanted the film to go well and for what we experienced in the mountains to convey to the viewer. I was touched by this and consider it a great fortune and an honor to be able to take part in it,” said Plesl.

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