Hudáček caught up with the marathon: Rivalry with the Tigers? I haven’t read a newspaper for 12 years

He stood in goal for the first time in the playoff game in the 29th minute. Nevertheless, Sparta goalkeeper Július Hudáček made up for over 70 minutes in the fifth quarter-final of the playoffs, failed to score the goal and drew the Praguers to advance to the semi-finals. The Slovak ghost enjoyed the 5: 4 victory in the third extra time over Liberec, especially from a mental point of view. “I haven’t caught for a long time. I needed to get on it. I’m especially happy that I helped the boys, ”he said after the hockey marathon. He also appreciated the fans of Spartan “One of the best I’ve ever had in my career,” a well-known on-ice showman said with a smile.

Was your fifth duel with Liberec one of the toughest games of your career?
“So for me, I didn’t go until the middle of the game. (smiles) I went there cool, but it’s very hot in the O2 arena. I’ve played in many arenas and it was more hot and colder, but it’s extreme. The player is only exhausted from sitting on the bench. I was sweaty. Otherwise, I have to say it was a very difficult game. Nobody expected to a light series with Liberec, they played well. But I think we surprised them a bit in the first game with our speed. I would say that the comet they played against was not such a strong opponent. We re-sharpened them but then they prepared well for us and it was a really tough series from game 2. It went 4:1 but like I said every game was dramatic. I’m glad we’re done now. Now we’ll rest and prepare for the semi-finals.”

Is it difficult to concentrate in such a difficult match?
“For me personally, the first ten minutes were the hardest of the second half. I haven’t been to a game for over three weeks, most recently at home with Kladno. I needed to get into a wrestling pace and it was great to catch the first two pucks and then it got better I started to believe one hundred percent and I felt better and better all three of them Great overtime, j played such a game, but in recent years you played with rivals in the playoffs, like CSKA Moscow, SKA St. Petersburg. Now we were able to be a better team. Hats off to Petr Kváča. He scored five clear goals in the game. I focused mainly on myself and helping the boys win the game. I didn’t even score a goal, that’s great.”

Will you reveal what roughly happens in the cabin after the second overtime, when the forces are already waning?
“I was giving myself a gel and the boys were giving each other something too, but we believed each other. We thought a break, a chance. Liberec was slowly running out of energy, we saw that. I liked that we were throwing pucks and we were playing very easily. We had a lot of chances but in the end we lost it after he bounced to his feet. A really nice win for our psyche. We move on and he have to start like against Liberec.”

The marathon was also experienced by fans who lasted until the end, which must have pleased them, you know?
“Clearly. It must have been a long time for them. Besides, they go to work the next day, at school. We have time off, which I’m happy about, but I firmly believe that we rewarded them by winning to stay. . I have to thank them once again. They are some of the best viewers I have come across in my career. You can feel the Spartan heart.”

So Hudy’s progressive show must have been really nice, right?
(laughs) “Well, I didn’t even have anything ready when I was sitting on the bench, but that’s how it crystallized. I think those emotions are the most beautiful. I said, this game was very important for the psyche. I didn’t catch long. On the other hand, I think 95% of the success belongs to Machy (Matěj Machovský). He caught well from the first game “I just knocked him out. Turns out we have to be in the playoff two players, not just because of team time.”

You say you knocked him out when you started in the 30th minute, but in the end you made up over 70 minutes in the fifth quarter.
“Oh yeah. (smiles) Definitely good for me. There weren’t many chances. From my point of view, it was definitely a super weakened weakness. Liberec had a great chance. I’m glad the pucks didn’t fall on me and I was able to keep them. No stress, it was great.”

Do you plan to start the semi-finals with České Budějovice as number one?
“I don’t know. Peťa Přikryl is the goalkeeper coach, he determines that. There was a plan before the playoffs, but it changed a bit. (laughs) Like I said, Machy took it well Anyway, we know when there are two goalkeepers in the team for the playoffs, it doesn’t matter who is in goal. They both trust each other. It’s not just a sentence, but as and as the keeper catches, the whole team plays. Machy and I will try to help the boys have a chance to win every game. I think it will be good if it works out so far.”

You have picked up zero and are progressing. There was probably nothing more to help, you know?
“Oh yes. Sometimes there are such days. I’m happy for that, I went to the goal without any stress, I just wanted to help. A quick 4: 4 goal helped me personally. Then it didn’t only got better.”

How did you really perceive the rivalry between the two teams and also the quarrels between coaches Josef Jandač and Patrik Augusta?
“I don’t even know about it. When I was in Košice, we were criticized a lot, us goalkeepers. I didn’t take it the best way. I haven’t read the newspaper since I was about 12 years, so it’s beyond me. I don’t even open hockey websites, I have architects and other things that I watch.” (Smiles)

Longest matches overall

113:51 – C. Budějovice – Vítkovice (2:3p), March 7, 2013, 5th preliminary round, winning goal Peter Húževka
103:28 – Sparta – Liberec (5:4p), 28. 3. 2022, 5. quarter-finals, winning goal Tomáš Pavelka
96:15 – Zlín – Plzeň (3: 4p), 21 April 2013, 7th final, winning goal Martin Straka
94:22 – Vítkovice – Plzeň (1: 2p), 12 March 2017, 5th preliminary round, winning goal David Stach
88:28 – Třinec – Chomutov (3: 2p), 22/03/2017, 5th quarter-final, winning goal David Cienciala
86:11 – Liberec – Třinec (2: 3p), 26 April 2019, 5th final, winning goal Ondřej Kovařčík

Sparta – Liberec: Sparta is in the semi-finals! Pavelka decided the second longest game in the history of the extra-league, 5: 4

Sparta – Liberec: Kváča keeps the puck in line after Šmerha’s chance!

Sparta – Liberec: Great happiness of the people of Prague! After Filippi’s attack, the puck stopped at the post

Sparta – Liberec: Kváča kept the guests in the match with a fantastic intervention!

Sparta – Liberec: The Praguers equalize quickly! Polášek’s tied set ended with a goal, 4: 4

Sparta – Liberec: The guests turn the score! Šír led Machovský to the substitute with a shot, 3: 4

Sparta – Liberec: Filippi’s shot on the power play went behind Machovsky’s back, 3:3

Sparta – Liberec: Buchtele managed to reach the puck in the open goal even with a blocked stick, 3: 2

Sparta – Liberec: The guests missed defender Polášek. He equalized at 2:2

Sparta – Liberec: Dlouhy found a gap between the concretes of Machovsky, 1:2

Sparta – Liberec: Kváča only bounced the puck off Tomášek. He equalized, 1: 1

Sparta – Liberec: Klepis found a free Ordos who opened the scoring, 0:1

March 28 • 7:00 p.m.

HC Sparta Prague

HC Sparta Prague

Liberec White Tigers

Liberec White Tigers

Home made : 06:17. Tomasek, 1:06 p.m. A. Polášek, 24:27. Buchtele, 29:05. A. Polášek, 103: 28. T. Pavelka

Guests: 03:42. Ordoš, 06:52. R. Long, 28:07. Filippi, 28:38. J. Šír


Home made : Machovsky (29. J. Hudacek) – Matuskin, David Nemecek (A), A. Polasek, T. Pavelka, Moravcik, Tomas Dvorak, Jurcina – M. Forman, Tomasek, M. Repik (C) – Buchtele, Chlapik (A ) ), Z. Doležal – E. Thorell, R. Horák, Šmerha – J. Strnad, Vitouch, Dvořáček.

Guests: Kváča (J. Pavelka) – L. Šmíd (C), M. Ivan, M. Rosandić, Štibingr, Kolmann, Melancon, Aubrecht – Ordoš, Filippi (A), Klepiš – J. Vlach (A), J. Šír, Klapka – A. Dlouhy, Griger, M. Zachar – Rychlovsky, A. Najman, Fasko-Rudas.


Jeřábek, Šindel – Brejcha, Ondráček


Arena O2 (Prague – Vysocany)

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9,287 spectators

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